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Abdallah, Mahmoud Mohammad Sayed – Online Submission, 2019
"TEFL/TESOL Methodology 2: Advanced Language Teaching/Learning Strategies (2nd Edition)" is a language methodology course with a modern touch. In other words, it is a combination of the most commonly used language teaching approaches, strategies and/or techniques in modern schools nowadays. In particular, it is intended to be used both…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Second Language Instruction, Second Language Learning, English (Second Language)
Weih, Timothy G. – Online Submission, 2015
Student-centered discussion strategies are described in this article in pursuance of insuring that ALL student voices have a chance to be heard in the classroom. Discussion strategies that are presented include the following: The 10 Second Rule, Think-Pair-Share, Quick Writes, Recorder-Reporter, and K-W-L.
Descriptors: Group Discussion, Educational Strategies, Educational Practices, Teaching Methods
Abdallah, Mahmoud M. S. – Online Submission, 2015
"Special education" has become a prominent field that needs some attention in pre-service teacher education programmes offered by educational and teacher training institutions (e.g. Egyptian colleges of education at university). Like normal students, students with special educational needs (e.g. physical and mental disabilities, learning…
Descriptors: English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, Special Needs Students
Rulloda, Rudolfo Barcena – Online Submission, 2011
School violence has mushroomed into a devastating epidemic and is deteriorating the basic foundation of education. In this article, the author will present several teaching strategies for preventing school violence from becoming an arduous enigma within the classroom and school environments, and focus on assessment and reflection in order to…
Descriptors: Violence, Teaching Methods, Academic Achievement, Prevention
Gleason, Katherine – Online Submission, 2011
Today's youth are in a social environment where being the brunt of jokes and harassment of their peers is an accepted and encouraged norm. It is not exactly clear what teachers do to deal with bullying in their classrooms. Much of the research on bullying has focused on elementary and middle school level students. Little is known about bullying at…
Descriptors: High School Students, Bullying, Social Environment, Identification
McBain, Robert – Online Submission, 2011
Too much speaking and indiscipline in class is an on-going problem for any teacher, it is at its least disruptive and at most it destroys a good positive classroom atmosphere. This article recognizes this and continues this debate and suggests key clues to support teachers in their efforts to maintain a positive classroom atmosphere and discipline…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Speech Communication, Student Motivation, Student Behavior
Mart, Cagri Tugrul – Online Submission, 2011
Motivation, one of the leading problems in education, is an ongoing issue for teachers. Motivation is important because it highly contributes to achievement. Teachers have to be certain that their students are being motivated in order to develop a positive outcome. This article suggests some strategies to sustain students' classroom motivation.
Descriptors: Student Motivation, Classroom Techniques, Classroom Environment, Teacher Role
Obiozor, Williams Emeka – Online Submission, 2010
This article discusses the teaching of life skills to urban American youths who are highly fascinated with the hip-hop culture--songs, raps, miming, lyrics, dressing and musical rhythms, especially individuals with emotional disabilities in the public schools. This is an instructional curriculum strategy to encourage positive and active…
Descriptors: Classroom Techniques, Music, Attendance, Individualized Instruction
Johnson, Genevieve M.; Andrew, Howell J. – Online Submission, 2005
Pre-service teacher education is concerned with producing graduates who move into the field able, in terms of both skills and attitudes, to implement research-based conclusions that may not always coincide with the attitudes of previously trained teachers. We sought to assess attitudes and attitude change regarding contemporary issues in education…
Descriptors: Preservice Teachers, Student Attitudes, Attitude Change, Inclusive Schools
Clarren, Sandra G. Bernstein – Online Submission, 2004
"Teaching Students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: Building Strengths, Creating Hope" is Book 10 in the Programming for Students with Special Needs series; a revision and expansion of the 1997 Alberta Learning teacher resource, "Teaching Students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Possible Prenatal Alcohol-Related Effects."…
Descriptors: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Special Needs Students, Instructional Effectiveness, Educational Strategies
Watkins, J. Foster – Online Submission, 1982
The chapter was prepared for inclusion in a resource book for beginning teachers in Alabama. The author takes a "multiple roles" approach in analyzing the demands on and expectations for the beginning teacher. It is research-based and closes with a "Ten Prescriptions for Success in the Classroom." The author found it to be a…
Descriptors: Teacher Role, Beginning Teachers, Role Perception, Classroom Techniques