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Parasiz, Gökalp – Online Submission, 2018
The research aimed to improve vocalisation levels of music teacher's candidates on performance works for violin education moving from difficulties faced by prospective teachers. At the same time, it was aimed to provide new perspectives to violin educators. Study group was composed of six 3rd grade students studying violin education in a State…
Descriptors: Music Education, Musical Instruments, Music Techniques, Preservice Teachers
Yorulmaz, Yilmaz Ilker; Altinkurt, Yahya – Online Submission, 2018
The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of gender, marital status, subject matter, school type, educational status and seniority variables on teacher burnout. In this regard, a meta-analysis was conducted for the studies on teacher burnout in Turkey. The effect size analyses were performed with 100 studies for gender, 73 for marital…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Meta Analysis, Teacher Burnout, Gender Differences
Dom, Vannak; Yi, Gihong – Online Submission, 2018
The empirical study on 610 undergraduate students between the age of 16 to 25 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, was set to examine the relationship of gender and subject choice. The findings have revealed that women were overrepresented in non-science subjects and their gender identity has strong connection with subject choice (*** p < 0.001). The study…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Undergraduate Students, Correlation, Gender Differences
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Dalanon, Junhel; Diano, Liz Muriel; Belarmino, Ma Paciencia; Hayama, Rika; Miyagi, Mayu; Matsuka, Yoshizo – Online Submission, 2018
This 2016 cross-sectional inquiry used quantitative and thematic content analysis to determine the organizational climate (OC) with empirical and theoretical relation to the teachers' performance (TP) and management competencies (MC) of a rural, K-12, private school in the Philippines. Analyses from a focus group discussion (FGD) was done using…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Rural Schools, Organizational Climate, Educational Environment
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Cansiz, Nurcan; Cansiz, Mustafa – Online Submission, 2018
The purpose of this study is to translate and adapt the Sentiments Attitudes and Concerns about Inclusive Education Scale (SACIE) for use in the Turkish context. For this purpose, translated version of SACIE was administered to 304 and 368 preservice teachers (PTs) to perform exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis respectively. The result of…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Attitude Measures, Likert Scales, Questionnaires
Ceylan, Halil Ibrahim; Saygin, Ozcan – Online Submission, 2018
The aim of this study was to examine the acute effect of various exercise intensities on coincidence anticipation timing at different stimulus speeds. Fifteen male students who attend to Faculty of Sport Sciences at Mugla Sitki Kocman University, have been dealing with individual or team sports and having licenses for 5 or more years with no…
Descriptors: Statistical Analysis, Athletes, Exercise, Males
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Pekel, Feyzi Osman; Akçay, Süleyman – Online Submission, 2018
Teachers are expected to consider the implications of recommendations made in educational research. In-service teachers are primary actors who play a leading role in education, so their attitudes towards educational research and researchers are more important than those of pre-service or trainee teachers. This study aims to find out inservice…
Descriptors: Science Teachers, Science Instruction, Educational Research, Positive Attitudes
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Sabanci, Ali; Sahin, Ahmet; Özdemir, Izzet – Online Submission, 2018
The purpose of this study was to explore the correlation between interpersonal communication skills and conflict management strategies in the case of inspection groups constituted by a number of inspectors based on the geographical and demographic dispersion of the school population in Turkey. This research was conducted as a survey. The…
Descriptors: Correlation, Interpersonal Communication, Conflict Resolution, Interpersonal Competence
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Kristanto, Yosep Dwi – Online Submission, 2018
There has been strong interest among higher education institution in implementing technology-enhanced peer assessment as a tool for enhancing students' learning. However, little is known on how to use the peer assessment system in pre-instructional activities. This study aims to explore how technology-enhanced peer assessment can be embedded into…
Descriptors: Peer Evaluation, Technology Uses in Education, Student Attitudes, Intervention
Stoneberg, Bert D. – Online Submission, 2018
Idaho uses the English Language Arts and Mathematics tests from the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) for the Idaho Standard Achievement Tests. ISAT results have been reported almost exclusively as "percent proficient or above" statistics (i.e., the percentage of Idaho students who performed at the "A" level). This…
Descriptors: Language Arts, Mathematics, Standardized Tests, State Standards
Mardiana, Harisa – Online Submission, 2018
This research aimed to determine the qualifications of lecturers in the field of social science depended on the use of advance technology, especially the power points, the Internet, and social media site. The problem that some of the lecturers preferred to use the traditional way of teaching, such as whiteboard and marker, lectures. This study…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Technology Integration, Teacher Attitudes
Alpaslan, Muhammet Mustafa; Ulubey, Ozgur; Yildirim, Kasim – Online Submission, 2018
In this study, it was aimed to investigate the contributions of support and class belonging to teacher self-efficacy. A total of 357 teacher candidates from the different departments enrolled in the Pedagogical Formation Education Certificate Program at a state university in the Aegean Region of Turkey participated in the study. Teacher…
Descriptors: Preservice Teachers, Self Efficacy, Sense of Community, Classroom Environment
Deupa, Madan Singh; Pathani, Rajendra Singh – Online Submission, 2018
(Purpose) The purpose of this study was to compare the academic achievement and intelligence level of Secondary School students of science, management, and education streams to identify the enrollment trend of students in teacher education in Nepal. (Methods) In this study, 150 secondary school students belonging to eight schools were selected…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Academic Achievement, Intelligence, Secondary School Students
Yetkin, Ramazan – Online Submission, 2018
Assessment plays crucial roles in educational process, and assessment results are seen as one of the best predictors of success or failure of the teaching-learning process. However, teachers' or teacher candidates' conceptions of conducting assessment have been mostly overlooked so far. To this end, the present study seeks to reveal the…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Preservice Teacher Education, Preservice Teachers, Student Teacher Attitudes
Korkmaz, Özgen – Online Submission, 2018
Engineering education plays a prominent role in the development of technologies, society, nation, production, economy and employment. It is the art of applying scientific and mathematical principles, and experience to produce a technical product or system to meet out a specific need in the society. Based on the literature, it was thought that…
Descriptors: Active Learning, Student Projects, Cooperative Learning, Engineering Education
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