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Tanrikulu, Ibrahim – Online Submission, 2015
This study aimed to examine the interplay between personality traits (online disinhibition, moral disengagement, narcissism and aggression) and cyber bullying perpetration motives (entertainment, revenge, harm and dominance). A structural equation model which was built in accordance with the "Uses and Gratifications Theory" was tested.…
Descriptors: Personality Traits, Bullying, Computer Mediated Communication, Structural Equation Models
Chan, Roy Yew-Hung – Online Submission, 2011
This comparative research examined the effects of student involvement and college environment on students' learning and living experience delivered by two aspiring world-class universities in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Few studies have shown how the levels of student involvement and college environment can benefit students at world-class institution.…
Descriptors: Program Effectiveness, Student Attitudes, Statistical Analysis, Interaction
Bement, Sarah A. – ProQuest LLC, 2010
Transfer of learning is defined as the ability to transfer previously learned skills into a new, similar or dissimilar situation. The transfer of learning has been a topic of debate amongst educational psychologists for decades. A variety of studies have been done to show evidence of the transfer of learning dating back to 1901. These studies have…
Descriptors: College Freshmen, Transfer of Training, First Year Seminars, Community Colleges
Ertl, Mark A. – Online Submission, 2007
The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of initial touch speed achievement of fifth grade keyboarding students on their touch keyboarding skill retention in seventh grade. This was a longitudinal study generating quantitative data. The subjects for this study were 132 seventh grade students from a suburban middle school in…
Descriptors: Statistical Analysis, Student Attitudes, Keyboarding (Data Entry), Timed Tests
Neitz, Lissa Joy – 2002
A six week study determined whether carefully chosen children's literature, as an ancillary component to the social studies curriculum, is more beneficial to students than teaching strictly from the social studies textbook. The study's null hypothesis states there is no difference between using the textbook and supplemental children's literature…
Descriptors: Childrens Literature, Citizenship Education, Classroom Research, Comparative Analysis
Christian, Maria E. – 2000
This study investigated how students over the age of 30--nontraditional students--performed in the university setting compared to traditional students (under age 30). Overall classroom performance was evaluated by teacher-made assessments for the two groups of students, who were enrolled in an undergraduate technical writing course during the…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Achievement Rating, Age Differences, College Students
Hockman, Amber Noel – 2000
This study focused on the use of journal writing and worksheets in the area of social studies within a suburban elementary school. The study was designed to determine if there was a difference in children's social studies test scores when they completed journal activities or when they completed worksheets. Subjects were 36 Tennessee fifth-grade…
Descriptors: Action Research, Comparative Analysis, Grade 5, Intermediate Grades
Smith, Kevin L. – 1996
The field of Religion and Literature has long been plagued by a lack of clear focus and identity. Both the American Academy of Religion and the American Library Association have felt this lack strongly enough to commission surveys of the field. This study applies the quantitative measures of bibliometrics to periodical literature within the field…
Descriptors: Authors, Bibliometrics, Citation Analysis, Content Analysis
Weide, Bruce W. – 1978
The use of statistical methods in the design and analysis of discrete algorithms is explored. The introductory chapter contains a literature survey and background material on probability theory. In Chapter 2, probabilistic approximation algorithms are discussed with the goal of exposing and correcting some oversights in previous work. Chapter 3…
Descriptors: Algorithms, Computer Science, Higher Education, Mathematics Education
Hambleton, Susan K. – 1978
In this Masters Thesis, the message effectiveness and cost effectiveness (in terms of costs and monetary benefits) of two interpretive audio messages were evaluated. Ninety-nine randomly selected visitors to a Central Ohio interpretive museum were exposed to one of two audio tape recorded messages. One message used interpretive technique; the…
Descriptors: Audiences, Environmental Education, Interpreters, Masters Theses
Molholt, Pat A. – 1978
Findings of the study described in this report indicate that the attitudes of library school students toward library automation were not changed significantly by a semester of relevant coursework. It has been hypothesized that these students would have a somewhat negative attitude toward automation, but that through relevant course instruction…
Descriptors: Attitude Measures, Library Automation, Library Schools, Masters Theses
Beatty, Michael Joseph – 1976
This study develops a self-report inventory of public speaking apprehension that establishes measures of content, construct, and predictive validity. An item pool was generated by students that were anxious about giving speeches, and the resulting instrument was then administered to the general student population and factor analyzed. Each factor…
Descriptors: Affective Behavior, Anxiety, Cognitive Measurement, Communication Research
LaFitte, Pat Chew – 1974
The master's thesis discusses values orientation and career choice of male and female non-Anglo American college students. A review of sociological literature related to value schemes of Black Americans, Mexican Americans, and Oriental Americans revealed that previous research is based almost entirely upon inferences made from studies relating…
Descriptors: Asian Americans, Attitude Change, Blacks, Career Awareness
Kalisch, Stanley James, Jr. – 1974
The four purposes of this study were: (1) To compare two versions of a tailored testing model similar to one suggested by Kalisch (1974); (2) To identify levels of the variables within the two versions, which produce an efficient tailored testing procedures; (3) To compare, within each version, the results obtained when employing relatively small…
Descriptors: Ability, Adaptive Testing, Branching, Comparative Analysis
Taylor, Calvin Lee – 1977
The reported study was conducted to determine the extent to which active participants of a Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) were representative of the general public in land and water resource attitudes. All 39 members of the Maumee River Basin Level B CAC and a random sample of 400 Basin residents were given a Likert-type scale to measure their…
Descriptors: Attitude Measures, Attitudes, Citizen Role, Citizens Councils
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