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Korucu, Agâh Tugrul; Yücel, Ahmet; Gündogdu, Mustafa M.; Gençtürk, Tarik – Online Submission, 2015
It has been essential to make use of technology in education as a result of the improvements in information and communication technology in the 21st century. Teachers, who are the organizers and the developers of learning environments, need to have a high level of consciousness with regard to digital competence. Thus, students can acquire digital…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Preservice Teachers, Technological Literacy, Likert Scales
Kana, Fatih – Online Submission, 2015
The aim of this study is to analyze the level of Turkish language pre-service teachers metacognitive reading strategy use by various variables. Relational screening model is used in the study. Participants are 342 Turkish language pre-service teachers studying in the Turkish Language Education Program of a university located in the Western part of…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Multivariate Analysis, Preservice Teachers, Metacognition
Kana, Fatih – Online Submission, 2015
The purpose of this study is to determine the levels of Turkish language pre-service teachers' communication skills. Descriptive survey model was used in this study. 218 pre-service Turkish language teachers, who are studying at Department of Turkish Language Teaching at a university in the west of Turkey, participated in the study. Criterion…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Preservice Teachers, Communication Skills, Turkish
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Balbuena, Sherwin E.; Lamela, Renee A. – Online Submission, 2015
Academic dishonesty in educational institutions is a cause for concern at present. In this paper, the prevalence and severity of various types of dishonest academic behaviors were determined based on the experiences and perceptions of college students. Self-reports on reasons for engaging in a type of cheating or plagiarism were also collected and…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Ethics, Student Behavior, College Students
Olaniyi, Olusola Ademola; Olaniyi, Olanike Oluwakemi; Olaniyi, Oluwasemire Ayotunji; Lowe-Nicolas, Serign Omar; Dumeh, Raymond Nwinkom; Omojowo, Adetokunbo Omotade – Online Submission, 2015
(Purpose) The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of math teacher program on students' performances in math teacher training programs in five selected colleges in North Carolina. (Methodology) This study collected 300 data (150 pre-tests and 150 post-tests) data of college students enrolled in the five selected colleges. The ANOVA and…
Descriptors: Mathematics, Mathematics Instruction, Mathematics Teachers, Academic Achievement
P. M., Majitha; Sajan, K. S. – Online Submission, 2015
The purpose of the study was to find out the difference in the mean scores of coping strategies of student teachers based on their subject of specialisation. A total of 558 student teachers were selected for the study. Results indicate that there exists a significant difference in the mean scores of Coping Strategies of student teachers of Arts…
Descriptors: Coping, Specialization, Differences, Scores
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Karakas, Ali – Online Submission, 2015
Based on the empirical data of my PhD research, this paper analyses the perceptions of 351 undergraduate students enrolled at English-medium universities towards English in terms of the language ideology framework. The students were purposively sampled from three programs at three Turkish universities. The data were drawn from student opinion…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, English (Second Language), Language of Instruction, Student Surveys
Ulum, Ömer Gökhan – Online Submission, 2015
With this study, to have a general understanding of academic needs for the development of speaking skill, the needs of preparatory class university students at an English Language Teaching Department were assessed. Based upon a descriptive research design, an adapted questionnaire with open-ended questions was administered to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th…
Descriptors: Needs Assessment, Second Language Instruction, English (Second Language), English for Academic Purposes
Önem, E. E. – Online Submission, 2015
This study aimed to find whether meditation can be effective in terms of anxiety and vocabulary learning in a foreign language learning context. To test this, an experimental pre-test and post-test study was designed. 61 students (14 male-47 female) from the English Language Teaching Department of a state university in Turkey were assigned into…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Intervention, Anxiety, Vocabulary Development
Kaya, Çinar – Online Submission, 2015
The attitude toward seeking professional psychological help is an important concept in the literature related to psychological help-seeking behaviors. The present study aimed to investigate the attitudes of pre-service teachers toward seeking psychological help. Data was collected from 143 university students from the Faculty of Education.…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Preservice Teachers, Help Seeking, Student Attitudes
Blaškovic, Jelena – Online Submission, 2015
Extracurricular music activities are those performed outside regular and obligatory school programme. Students' aesthetic education is the goal of art extracurricular activities. The point and purpose of these activities is to uphold favourable conditions for the realisation of various cultural-art activities through which the insight into…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Preschool Teachers, Preservice Teachers, Preservice Teacher Education
Horber, Dot; Langenau, Erik E.; Kachur, Elizabeth – Online Submission, 2014
Teaching and assessing doctor-patient communication has become a priority in medical education. This pilot study evaluated resident physicians' perceptions of teaching and assessing doctor-patient communication skills related to pain management using a web-based format. Fifty-nine resident physicians completed four doctor-patient clinical…
Descriptors: Physician Patient Relationship, Patients, Physicians, Medical Education
Büyükyavuz, Oya; Çakir, Ismail – Online Submission, 2014
Writing in a language, whether the target or native, is regarded as a complex activity operating on multiple cognitive levels. This study aimed to uncover the factors which motivate teacher trainees of English to write in English in an EFL context. The study also investigated the differences in the ways teacher trainees are motivated in terms of…
Descriptors: English (Second Language), Second Language Instruction, Second Language Learning, Preservice Teachers
Diallo, Abdoulaye – Online Submission, 2014
The growing numbers of ELLs (English language learners) makes the search for new effective and efficient instructional methods a priority. While several teaching methods and tools are used to help ELLs succeed in becoming proficient English speakers, technology has gained substantial attention due to the abundance of new technology tools, which…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, English Language Learners, Technology Uses in Education, Teaching Methods
Adhami-O'Brian, Soolmaz – Online Submission, 2014
The present study was conducted to explore the impact of explicit collocation instruction on the ESL learners' writing ability. Furthermore, this study was an attempt to find if there is any significant difference between male and female learners on their use of collocations in writing tasks. In so doing, 63 advanced English as a Second Language…
Descriptors: Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, English (Second Language), Control Groups
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