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Schau, Candace Garrett; And Others – 1977
This study examines the effects of reading materials on children's gender stereotypes toward adult occupations. The study sample consisted of 355 first-, third- and fifth-grade middle class children randomized into 3 groups which received 10 stories each. One group received sex-role-reversed occupational stories, another sex-stereotyped stories,…
Descriptors: Change Strategies, Childhood Attitudes, Elementary School Students, Occupations
Kofke, Crystal L. – 1978
Prepared for those interested in providing nonsexist education, this guide offers information pertaining to sexism in textbooks and educational materials. Parts one and two contain a discussion of ways to identify forms of bias and provide guidelines for eliminating sex bias and for analyzing content and language usage in educational materials.…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Equal Education, Females, Guidelines
Chevat, Edith S. – 1975
The prevalence of sex role stereotyping in school readers, textbooks, workbooks, and reading materials used from kindergarten through college must first be recognized by students and teachers as well as by authors, illustrators, and publishers. Teachers should then work to foster environments and experiences in which females and males are equally…
Descriptors: Reading Materials, Sex Discrimination, Sex Role, Sex Stereotypes
Macmillan Co., New York, NY. – 1975
The guidelines in this booklet have been prepared to help authors, artists, and editors cope with problems inherent in presenting educational materials that give children an unbiased view of the full range of human potential. Contents are divided into three main sections. The guidelines for treatment of the sexes focus on general content, language…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Guidelines, Instructional Materials, Nondiscriminatory Education
Gunderson, Doris – 1975
Sex role stereotypes in children's reading materials limit life options. They prevent girls from realizing that all occupations and careers are open to them, and they present a man's role in the world as quite different from that of a woman. Sexual bias in reading material (both text and trade books) may be seen from the frequency of use of…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Instructional Materials, Reading Materials, Sex Discrimination
Cusick, Judy, Comp. – 1976
The pamphlet provides resources to help educators understand issues of sex discrimination and stereotyping and eliminate their occurrence in classrooms. An introductory section presents selection criteria for instructional materials which deal with issues of stereotyping and which promote individual student growth. Such materials should be…
Descriptors: Bibliographies, Child Development, Counseling, Elementary Secondary Education
Rowell, Elizabeth H. – 1977
The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of programs on sexism in reading materials, that were part of four Title IX workshops held in various areas of Rhode Island. Principals, teachers, counselors, and guidance directors were invited to the workshops. The session on sex-role stereotyping in reading materials consisted of a…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Instructional Materials, Program Effectiveness, Reading Materials
Sheridan, E. Marcia – 1977
This document discusses sex role stereotyping in classrooms, reading materials, and standardized tests and examines the implications of sexism in reading and communication skills classrooms. A section for teachers, intended for preservice or inservice sessions, contains materials, objectives, and procedures for general discussion on values…
Descriptors: Communication Skills, Elementary Secondary Education, Learning Activities, Reading Instruction
Land, James L. – 1974
The purpose of this study was to determine if sex role stereotyping occurs in elementary school readers and, if it does, to what extent. The study examined and classified the roles, relationships, activities, treatments, generalizations, future directions for life and work, and the relative importance assigned to male and female characters in…
Descriptors: Basic Reading, Doctoral Dissertations, Elementary Education, Reading Materials
Britton, Gwyneth E. – 1974
The purpose of this study was to provide documentation of facts regarding the issues of representation, sexism, and stereotyping of racial ethnic minorities in twenty different reading series. There were 5,242 stories analyzed from 244 different reading texts. Major character representation for racial/ethnic minorities showed 698 stories. The…
Descriptors: Basic Reading, Females, Instructional Materials, Males
Britton, Gwyneth E. – 1974
This investigation analyzes 16 current reading series in order to: (1) determine if sex stereotyping exists in reading materials for grades 1-10, (2) determine if a majority of the stories show one sex in a dominant role, (3) explore types of career roles shown for females and males, and (4) determine the number of different career roles depicted…
Descriptors: Career Choice, Content Analysis, Elementary Education, Reading Materials
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kingston, Albert J.; Lovelace, Terry L. – Journal of Reading Behavior, 1977
Explores characteristics and similarities of recommendations made by two professional societies and three publishers for avoiding sexist language and attitudes in written materials, and suggests that these recommendations (guidelines) constitute a form of censorship. (JM)
Descriptors: Censorship, Guidelines, Reading Materials, Sex Discrimination
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Acosta-Belen, Edna; Sjostrom, Barbara R. – NABE: The Journal for the National Association for Bilingual Education, 1979
This essay emphasizes the impact of instructional materials on the development of the individual's self-esteem. It provides guidelines and checklists for the evaluation of sexism and racism, as well as strategies for increasing awareness in the teaching-learning process to help counteract these biases. (Author/DS)
Descriptors: Attitudes, Evaluation Methods, Instructional Materials, Racism
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Stevens, Carolyn – Feminist Teacher, 1993
Maintains that information on the history of women and work has expanded dramatically since 1973. Provides an extensive bibliography organized in 30 themes appropriate for classroom use. Also presents an annotated bibliography of scholarly articles on women and work. (CFR)
Descriptors: Annotated Bibliographies, Blacks, Careers, Elementary Secondary Education
Michigan Women's Commission, Lansing. – 1973
Serving as the basis for the first administrative complaint alleging sex discrimination in textbooks to be filed under federal law, the findings presented in this report are based on an analysis, made by parents and citizens in a midwestern city, of 12 texts in the elementary reading program of a major publisher. Generally, the findings are stated…
Descriptors: Elementary Education, Females, Males, Reading Material Selection
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