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Kara, Bayram – Online Submission, 2019
This study investigated the effects of reading graded readers on the reading comprehension scores of the prep students at university. 30 EFL students from School of Foreign Languages (SOFL) in Selcuk University participated in the study. Two groups, control and experimental group, each consisting of 15 students were formed at the beginning of the…
Descriptors: Reading Comprehension, Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, English (Second Language)
Butcher, Neil; Hoosen, Sarah; Levey, Lisbeth; Moore, Derek – Online Submission, 2016
The Impact of Open Licensing on the Early Reader Ecosystem examines how to use open licensing to promote quality learning resources for young children that are relevant and interesting. Research in early reading tends to focus on traditional publishing value and supply chains, without taking much consideration of new approaches and solutions…
Descriptors: Early Reading, Online Vendors, Electronic Learning, Electronic Publishing
Atmaca, Hasan; Günday, Rifat – Online Submission, 2016
Today, it is discussed that the use of literary texts in foreign language classroom as a course material isn't obligatory; but necessary due to the close relationship between language and literature. Although literary texts are accepted as authentic documents and do not have any purpose for language teaching, they are indispensable sources to be…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Second Language Instruction, Grammar, Literature
Jacobs, George M. – Online Submission, 2016
How can teachers motivate students to read extensively in a second language? One strategy is for teachers to read aloud to students to promote the joys of reading generally, to build students' language skills and to introduce students to specific authors, book series, genres, websites, etc. This article begins by discussing why teachers might want…
Descriptors: Motivation Techniques, Teaching Methods, Reading Instruction, Second Language Instruction
Valladolid, Violeta C. – Online Submission, 2015
The role of classroom teachers in the early detection of learning difficulty/disability in school children cannot be ignored. When it comes to young children's literacy learning, there is substantial consensus that the teacher is the primary assessment agent (Johnston & Rogers, 2002). But classroom teachers also have a lot of responsibilities…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Curriculum Based Assessment, Reading Difficulties, Disability Identification
Mora, Raúl Alberto; Castaño, Melissa; Gómez, Nathalie; Ramírez, Natalia; Mejía-Vélez, María Camila; Pulgarín, Carla – Online Submission, 2015
This paper shows the results of a study that described how people in Medellín, Colombia are using English as a communicative resource. Relying on an ethnographic approach, the research team discovered that English appears as an element that helps enrich the complexity of the messages that one finds in urban spaces in the city. These findings…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Second Language Learning, English (Second Language), Language Usage
Daisey, Peggy – Online Submission, 2014
(Purpose) The purpose of this study was to describe how secondary preservice teachers of diverse subject areas shared their reading with an individual student in school. A second purpose was to describe the barriers (if any) that they faced sharing their reading. A third purpose was to report their beliefs about the positive aspects of sharing…
Descriptors: Secondary Education, Sharing Behavior, Reading Habits, Reading Attitudes
Solak, Ekrem – Online Submission, 2014
This research aims to determine the preference of prospective English teachers in performing computer and paper-based reading tasks and to what extent computer and paper-based reading influence their reading speed, accuracy and comprehension. The research was conducted at a State run University, English Language Teaching Department in Turkey. The…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Teaching Methods, Computer Assisted Instruction, Conventional Instruction
Tabak, Gurkan; Topuzkanamis, Ersoy – Online Submission, 2014
This research was conducted with an aim to analyze the writing dispositions of the 6th grade students in terms of different variables. The research was carried out based on the descriptive survey model. The participants of the research are composed of a total of 672 students as 342 male students and 330 female students from Ankara, Balikesir,…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Grade 6, Elementary School Students, Reading Attitudes
Jacobs, George M. – Online Submission, 2014
This article offers guidance to teachers and students in selecting materials for extensive reading (ER). First, the article explains characteristics of ER and reviews some of the potential gains for students who do ER. Second, the article considers criteria for teachers to bear in mind when selecting ER materials. Third, the article then suggests…
Descriptors: Reading Material Selection, Reading Materials, Reading Instruction, Teaching Methods
Swanson, Mary; Parrott, Martha – Online Submission, 2013
In a new era of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), teachers are expected to provide more rigorous, coherent, and focused curriculum at every grade level. To respond to the call for higher expectations across the curriculum and certainly within reading, writing, and mathematics, educators should work closely together to create mathematically…
Descriptors: State Standards, Literacy, Mathematics Instruction, State Policy
Carey, Jenna L.; Howard, Cameron C.; Leftwich, Rebecca J. – Online Submission, 2013
The purpose of this action research project report was to increase engagement during independent reading for 32 fourth-grade students and 26 seventh-grade science students. At Site A, data was collected from August 27, 2012 through December 14, 2012. At Site B, data was collected from September 24, 2012 through December 14, 2012. Students'…
Descriptors: Reading Difficulties, Student Behavior, Elementary School Students, Grade 4
Liton, Hussain Ahmed – Online Submission, 2013
The focus of this study is to explore EFL teachers' perceptions, evaluations and expectations about English language courses as EFL in Saudi tertiary level. In other words, this article aims at creating a new avenue for effective EFL teaching-learning curriculum techniques and syllabus in the Saudi tertiary context. Saudi universities offer credit…
Descriptors: Prior Learning, Reading Materials, Questionnaires, English (Second Language)
Jacobs, G. M. – Online Submission, 2013
This article advocates that students and teachers create some of their own extensive reading materials. Learning communities act as a means of motivating and sustaining student and teacher production of extensive reading materials. The article begins by explaining learning communities. The bulk of the article has two parts. The first part focuses…
Descriptors: Reading Materials, Student Developed Materials, Teacher Developed Materials, Second Language Learning
Amer, Aly Anwar – Online Submission, 2012
Literature has long been used as a source for reading materials in English as a first language (L1). In recent years, there has been a growing interest in utilizing literature in second language (L2) classrooms. The present article assumes that using literature in L2 reading can have the same effect as in L1. Integrating literature into L2…
Descriptors: Literature, Reading Materials, Second Language Learning, English (Second Language)
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