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Mbaziira, Alex Vincent – ProQuest LLC, 2017
Cybercriminals are increasingly using Internet-based text messaging applications to exploit their victims. Incidents of deceptive cybercrime in text-based communication are increasing and include fraud, scams, as well as favorable and unfavorable fake reviews. In this work, we use a text-based deception detection approach to train models for…
Descriptors: Crime, Information Security, Models, Networks
Vigil-Hayes, Morgan Ashlee – ProQuest LLC, 2017
The Internet as a networked system has been rendered more complex than ever before as human endpoints are grafted into the system via increasingly pervasive and personalized networked devices. According to the United Nations, the Internet is a transnational enabler of a number of human rights, and as such, access to the Internet has been…
Descriptors: Internet, Computer Networks, Social Networks, Access to Information
Praphamontripong, Upsorn – ProQuest LLC, 2017
Web application software uses new technologies that have novel methods for integration and state maintenance that amount to new control flow mechanisms and new variables scoping. While modern web development technologies enhance the capabilities of web applications, they introduce challenges that current testing techniques do not adequately test…
Descriptors: Internet, Web Sites, Computer Software, Computer Software Evaluation
Albahli, Saleh M. – ProQuest LLC, 2016
The World Wide Web enables an easy, instant access to a huge quantity of information. Over the last few decades, a number of improvements have been achieved that helped the web reach its current state. However, the current Internet links documents together without understanding them, and thus, makes the content of web only human-readable rather…
Descriptors: Internet, Semantics, Information Retrieval, Web Sites
Pappa, Sara T. – ProQuest LLC, 2016
The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) can cause some types of cancer and is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the US. Because most people turn to the internet for health information, this study analyzed HPV information found online. A content analysis was conducted on 69 web search results (URLs) from Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask. The…
Descriptors: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Immunization Programs, Content Analysis, Web Sites
Lopez Rivera, Ibrahim – ProQuest LLC, 2016
Developing online trust is crucial for e-commerce vendors in order to attract consumers and develop long-term relationships with existing ones. We intended to investigate if consumers from different generational cohorts differ on how they develop online trust when utilizing e-commerce websites. Through the analysis of empirical data collected from…
Descriptors: Internet, Business, Trust (Psychology), Consumer Economics
Kang, Ruogu – ProQuest LLC, 2015
The online communication landscape has changed significantly from the early days of the Internet. In most developed countries, people are constantly connected through the Internet to almost everyone else in their lives, everywhere they go. The Internet makes their lives more convenient, but unintentional exposure of personal information to…
Descriptors: Internet, Privacy, Information Management, Censorship
da Silveira, Pedro Rodrigo Castro – ProQuest LLC, 2014
This thesis describes the development and deployment of a cyberinfrastructure for distributed high-throughput computations of materials properties at high pressures and/or temperatures--the Virtual Laboratory for Earth and Planetary Materials--VLab. VLab was developed to leverage the aggregated computational power of grid systems to solve…
Descriptors: Computers, Computer Simulation, Science Laboratories, Astronomy
Taneja, Harsh – ProQuest LLC, 2014
The cross border availability of media content has raised speculations that content preferences would largely drive audience choices. In such a scenario, technologies and institutional structures would primarily shape patterns of global cultural consumption, sweeping away old allegiances based on cultural traits such as language and geography. On…
Descriptors: Mass Media Use, Internet, Use Studies, Audiences
Slonka, Kevin J. – ProQuest LLC, 2014
With the rapid growth of Facebook, the social networking website is becoming a lucrative target for malicious activity. Users of Facebook therefore should be aware of various malicious attacks and know how to identify them. This research analyzed Facebook users' level of understanding in the domain of malicious social engineering on Facebook. The…
Descriptors: Social Media, Web Sites, Ethics, Deception
Krajnik, Sheila R. – ProQuest LLC, 2014
The Internet provides immediate access to social contacts and health information, yet older adults remain one of the least likely groups to use the Internet in the United States. Older adults can gain significantly from health information through the Internet because they have more chronic health conditions compared to other age groups. Although…
Descriptors: Rural Areas, Older Adults, Information Sources, Health
Oh, Chong Keat – ProQuest LLC, 2013
Due to the popularity of Web 2.0 and Social Media in the last decade, the percolation of user generated content (UGC) has rapidly increased. In the financial realm, this results in the emergence of virtual investing communities (VIC) to the investing public. There is an on-going debate among scholars and practitioners on whether such UGC contain…
Descriptors: Internet, Social Networks, Web 2.0 Technologies, Peer Influence
Sevensma, Kara – ProQuest LLC, 2013
In today's digital world the Internet is becoming an increasingly predominant resource for science information, rapidly eclipsing the traditional science textbook in content area classrooms (Lawless & Schrader, 2008). The shift challenges researchers, educators, administrators, and policy makers to reconsider what it means to read and…
Descriptors: Science Education, Secondary School Science, Secondary School Students, Grade 9
Erickson, Lisa B. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
In today's connected world, the reach of the Internet and collaborative social media tools have opened up new opportunities for individuals, regardless of their location, to share their knowledge, expertise, and creativity with others. These tools have also opened up opportunities for organizations to connect with new sources of innovation to…
Descriptors: Electronic Publishing, Collaborative Writing, Web Sites, Group Experience
Zhao, Haifeng – ProQuest LLC, 2013
Social media provide a multitude of opportunities for knowledge contribution and sharing. However, the content reliability issue has caused comprehensive attention, especially on credible social media, such as Wikipedia. Despite Wikipedia's success with the open editing model, dissenting voices give rise to unreliable content due to two…
Descriptors: Conflict, Vandalism, Knowledge Representation, Cooperation
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