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Lamsis, Pablo H., Jr. – Online Submission, 2010
The study aimed to correlate the performance of Pohnpei Campus freshman students in the College of Micronesia-Federated States of Micronesia during the fall semester 2009 to students' socio-demographic characteristics, parents'/guardians' socio-demographic characteristics, and school characteristics. The Student Survey Questionnaire gathered data…
Descriptors: Health Services, Student Attitudes, Grade Point Average, Faculty Evaluation
Ferjani, Kaouther – Online Submission, 2010
Managing to communicate one's thoughts and ideas coherently and fluently remains a challenging task for native and non-native student writers alike. This challenge corresponds to the very nature of the writing act, which calls upon multiple and sophisticated cognitive operations. The major aim of this study was to investigate the writing…
Descriptors: Writing Skills, Teaching Methods, Questionnaires, English (Second Language)
Schippers, Margriet – Online Submission, 2008
As yet little research into the perspectives of Chinese students studying in mainland China's Higher Education Institutions has been undertaken. This paper explores the issue of students' support needs and presents the findings of a study carried out in 2005-2007 at a public university in North East China. The Action Research method used…
Descriptors: Career Development, Educational Quality, Student Attitudes, Action Research
Beylerian, Nvair Kadian – 1993
An 18-year old's freshman year in college is not only a test of his or her intellect, but also a test in social skills, adaptability to new living situations, and other conditions. This study examined the link of emotions to compulsive eating and its use as a coping mechanism for female college students. It explores the stresses of the transition…
Descriptors: Affective Behavior, Body Weight, College Environment, College Freshmen
Lent, John – 1991
This study examines the treatment given to libraries, librarians, and library usage in freshman English textbooks. The study follows criteria established by Virginia Tiefel ("Libraries and Librarians as Depicted in Freshman English Textbooks," College English 44, September 1982) in a study of texts published between 1952 and 1980. Tiefel found…
Descriptors: Academic Libraries, College English, College Freshmen, Content Analysis
Wehrle, Phyllis M. – 1985
To determine how much prior knowledge affects students' performance on a reading comprehension test, a study was undertaken to examine the prior knowledge factor in a reading competency test developed for college freshmen in New Jersey. The passages used in this test are based on common, everyday topics. Subjects were students in two sections of a…
Descriptors: College Freshmen, Higher Education, Prior Learning, Reading Comprehension
Steinhaus, Kurt A. – 1981
A 12-week study of two groups of 14 college freshmen music majors was conducted to determine which group demonstrated greater achievement in learning auditory discrimination using computer-assisted instruction (CAI). The method employed was a pre-/post-test experimental design using subjects randomly assigned to a control group or an experimental…
Descriptors: Auditory Discrimination, Behavioral Objectives, Cognitive Style, College Freshmen
Dunn, Jane A. – 1983
A study compared the mean reading abilities of one college's entering freshmen students with the readability levels of several freshman-level mathematics and English textbooks assigned to them. The mean student reading ability was ascertained through an analysis of reading test scores, while text readability levels were determined through the use…
Descriptors: College English, College Freshmen, Comparative Analysis, Higher Education
Fisher, Gwen Laura – 1996
There has been concern over the validity of the Algebra Diagnostic Test (ADT) used to determine the actual level of student preparation for the first quarter of calculus as taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara. It has been hypothesized that performance-based questions, along with the more traditional multiple choice questions,…
Descriptors: Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, College Freshmen
Barnetson, Robert James – 1997
This thesis proposes a segmentation of the University of Calgary's (Canada) freshman class based on benefits sought from attendance and provides descriptions of each benefit segment that includes the impact of institutional characteristics. A motivational typology for university participation is presented and the marketing implications of this…
Descriptors: Attitude Measures, College Bound Students, College Choice, College Freshmen
Gersten, Susan G. Liss – 1989
A study was conducted to determine if visual linguistic numeric, auditory linguistic numeric, and tactile concrete learners have statistically significant different study habits, study attitudes, and study orientation than their low visual linguistic numeric, low auditory linguistic numeric, and low tactile concrete counterparts. Data were…
Descriptors: Cognitive Processes, Cognitive Style, College Freshmen, Educational Attitudes
Cooper, C. Crys – 1993
The experiences of novice users (freshman students at Ohio University) searching OCLC's FIRSTSEARCH set of databases were studied. The 13 subjects were asked to complete a search on the FIRSTSEARCH databases; and data were collected through observations, administration of a questionnaire, and a thinking-aloud protocol. Data were analyzed to…
Descriptors: Access to Information, College Freshmen, Databases, Gateway Systems
Dikitanan, Rosefren C. – 1994
Noting that the existence of learning disabilities after high school is considered problematical, a study determined the presence of learning disabilities among freshmen at Kean College of New Jersey and whether a specific set of learning characteristics exist which interfere with the successful completion of the college curricula. Subjects, 404…
Descriptors: Cognitive Style, College Freshmen, High Risk Students, Higher Education
Covner, Thelma Crockin – 1982
To learn more about the relationship between personality type and the writing skills of college freshmen composition students, a study was conducted to explore the hypothesis that essays written by students who were N (intuitive) preference types would be judged better in overall quality than those written by S (sensing) preference types.…
Descriptors: College Freshmen, Etiology, Higher Education, Personality Measures
Rollin, Maria Farias – 1985
Noting that there are students with limited writing ability who belong neither in regular English composition classes nor in classes for speakers of other languages (ESOL), this paper reports on a study conducted at the University of Texas, EL Paso to produce a profile of 30 limited English writers. Following an introduction to the family…
Descriptors: College Freshmen, Discourse Analysis, English (Second Language), Error Analysis (Language)
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