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Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2019
Teaching stand-alone grammar lessons is not as beneficial as instructors think if they want their students to learn how to write. If teachers truly want their students to become better at writing grammatically correct papers they will provide practice in writing, lots of practice. It is only through the practice of writing can students improve…
Descriptors: Grammar, Writing (Composition), English Instruction, Secondary School Students
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2019
Each of us have our own way of writing. We all put words together differently, use different syntax, different vocabulary, and express our thoughts differently. This is our writing footprint. It is important that we empower our student writers to develop and expand their own writing footprint. Our students come to us with their writing footprints…
Descriptors: Writing (Composition), Student Empowerment, Language Usage, Student Characteristics
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2019
This report explores the benefits of having guest speakers, who also teach academic writing to undergraduate students, discuss the writing journey they take when they write. The purpose of the exercise was to continue to explore ways to enrich students' experiences in the writing classroom. When students were asked for their thoughts on whether…
Descriptors: Writing Instruction, Writing Teachers, Story Telling, Team Teaching
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2019
This discussion paper makes the case that the term counter-argument should be replaced with the term "alternative point of view," as the counter-argument, in an essay, implies that it is the opposite of the argument put forth by the writer, and, in fact, it isn't. It, also, looks at the root of the word counter and how that word is often…
Descriptors: Persuasive Discourse, Definitions, Discourse Analysis, Essays
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2019
Getting students to ask questions in class, about the content, can be a difficult undertaking especially once students get to university. The nature of the lecture format makes it problematic for students as they often feel like they can't ask questions. When children are small they ask questions all the time. Sometimes we get tired of them asking…
Descriptors: Questioning Techniques, Lecture Method, Teacher Student Relationship, Teaching Methods
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2019
The debate on the validity of teaching students how to identify their own preferred learning style is not going to go away anytime soon as evidenced by the number of articles still being written about the topic. One can find numerous research studies that say students have different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning and retaining…
Descriptors: Cognitive Style, Learning Strategies, Teaching Methods, Preferences
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2018
The purpose of this article was to look at some of the issues students have with reading and interpreting their instructors' post-secondary writing prompts. Every student, who attends a post-secondary institution, will at some point in their university/college career be asked to submit a writing assignment of some kind. The most common assignment…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Writing Instruction, Writing Assignments, Prompting
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2017
There has been increasing interest in both Canada and the United States in implementing all-day Kindergarten programs. Education policy makers stress the need for countries to take initiative in educating children so they are more successful once they begin their formal schooling process. But is a longer school day the only solution to the problem…
Descriptors: Kindergarten, School Schedules, Educational Benefits, Emergent Literacy
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2017
Learning how to teach writing is a skill just as learning how to write is a skill. Without a dedicated composition course in Education faculties pre-service teachers are not getting the training they require to be effective teachers of writing. In this report, a case is made for why teachers have to be more aware of how students learn to write and…
Descriptors: High School Students, Writing Instruction, Direct Instruction, Preservice Teacher Education
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2017
The purpose of this study was to discover some of the difficulties that first-year students have when they begin university. It was important to get the students to articulate those difficulties, in their own words, so that a better understanding could be attained. As expected, most of the difficulties centred on the institution itself. Students…
Descriptors: College Freshmen, Student Experience, Student Attitudes, Student College Relationship
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2016
The purpose of this article was to gain an understanding of the definitions of plagiarism, and cheating that are used in the literature, in institutions, and by students. The information was gathered from a literature review, from university and college websites, and from an informal sampling of students from five different first-year classes. The…
Descriptors: Cheating, Plagiarism, College Students, Literature Reviews
Soiferman, L. Karen; Straw, Stanley B. – Online Submission, 2016
The purpose of this study was to investigate what teachers in a Western Canadian province were doing when engaging their students with literature. Forty two teachers from Kindergarten through to Grade 12 were interviewed, which allowed us to get a broad perspective on the types of reader response activities that are being taught in the classroom…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Reader Response, Literature Appreciation, Teacher Attitudes
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2016
This paper is a commentary on how the student population of Canadian universities has changed with the arrival of international students. It discusses some of the issues that instructors have when teaching and interacting with their international students such as overcoming the language barrier, and being aware and respectful of cultural…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Universities, Student Diversity, Student Characteristics
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2016
The best method for teaching children how to read has been debated for decades. The two major approaches have been the vocabulary controlled approach (phonics), and the literature based approach which uses children's literature to teach reading. There are proponents for both methodologies. The literature on the issue is as varied as the authors…
Descriptors: Beginning Reading, Teaching Methods, Reading Instruction, Phonics
Soiferman, L. Karen – Online Submission, 2015
The purpose of the study was to gain an understanding of how students viewed the marking rubrics that they were expected to follow in the course ARTS 1110 Introduction to University. The research questions were "Can first-year students taking the Arts 1110 Introduction to University course articulate their understanding of the marking rubric?…
Descriptors: Scoring Rubrics, Student Attitudes, Introductory Courses, College Freshmen
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