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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Tingling, Peter; Parent, Michael; Wade, Michael – Internet Research, 2003
Summarizes the existing practices of Internet research and suggests extensions to them (e.g., consideration of new capabilities, such as adaptive questions and higher levels of flexibility and control) based on a large-scale, national Web survey. Lessons learned include the use of a modular design, management of Web traffic, and the higher level…
Descriptors: Data Collection, Research Design, Research Methodology, Surveys
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Choo, Chun Wei; Marton, Christine – Internet Research, 2003
Presents findings of a research study on how women in information technology (IT) professions seek information on the Web as part of their daily work. Develops a behavioral model of Web information seeking that identifies four complementary modes of information seeking: undirected viewing, conditioned viewing, informal search, and formal search.…
Descriptors: Data Collection, Females, Information Dissemination, Information Networks
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Olla, Phillip; Patel, Nayna; Atkinson, Chris – Internet Research, 2003
Reports on a case study at an organization that created MADIC, an innovative approach to developing mobile applications developed by third party independent developer. Presents MMO2's, a conceptual wireless reference model used to define the various system constituents required to create effective mobile applications. (Author/AEF)
Descriptors: Case Studies, Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Networks, Information Networks
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Blake, Brian F.; Neuendorf, Kimberly A.; Valdiserri, Colin M. – Internet Research, 2003
This survey of 208 Internet users examined the factors underlying Internet usage and shopping. Data were gathered on Information shopping (IS) innovativeness, overall IS frequency, visit variety, purchase variety, network prevalence, education, age, gender, employment, extensiveness of Internet use, and non-shopping Internet applications. (MES)
Descriptors: Innovation, Retailing, Surveys, Tables (Data)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Doherty, Neil F.; Ellis-Chadwick, Fiona E. – Internet Research, 2003
This survey of senior marketing executives in the United Kingdom's largest retail organizations investigated the extent to which the adoption of e-commerce is influenced by the socio-demographic characteristics of their target customers. Results demonstrate that organizations are most likely to adopt the Internet if their typical customer is male,…
Descriptors: Administrators, Foreign Countries, Questionnaires, Retailing
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Halstead, Diane; Becherer, Richard C. – Internet Research, 2003
Examines the Internet auction phenomenon as it relates to the marketing mix of online auction sellers. The data indicate that, while there is great diversity among businesses that utilize online auctions, distinct cost leadership and differentiation marketing strategies are both evident. These two approaches are further distinguished in terms of…
Descriptors: Marketing, Questionnaires, Surveys, Tables (Data)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ryan, Gerard; Valverde, Mireia – Internet Research, 2003
Reviews 21 papers based on 13 separate empirical studies on waiting on the Internet, drawn from the areas of marketing, system response time, and quality of service studies. The article proposes an agenda for future research, including extending the range of research methodologies, broadening the definition of waiting on the Internet, and…
Descriptors: Attitudes, Downloading, Interdisciplinary Approach, Literature Reviews
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Yu, Hsiang-Fu; Chen, Yi-Ming; Wang, Shih-Yong; Tseng, Li-Ming – Internet Research, 2003
Discusses file transfer protocol (FTP) servers for downloading archives (files with particular file extensions), and the change to HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) with increased Web use. Topics include the Archie server; proxy cache servers; and how to improve the hit rate of archives by a combination of caching and better searching mechanisms.…
Descriptors: Downloading, File Transfer Protocol, Search Strategies, World Wide Web
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Mannaert, H.; De Gruyter, B.; Adriaenssens, P. – Internet Research, 2003
Presents a Web portal for multicast communication management, which provides fully automatic service management with integrated provisioning of hardware equipment. Describes the software architecture, the implementation, and the application usage of the Web portal for multicast delivery. (Author/AEF)
Descriptors: Computer Software Development, Information Services, Information Technology, Programming
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Tamimi, Nabil; Rajan, Murli; Sebastianelli, Rose – Internet Research, 2003
Benchmarks online retailing transactions against critical factors that impact online retailing. Findings suggest several areas that e-retailers should target for improvement, including the speed of home page loading, ability to translate into multiple languages, capabilities of search engines, security policies display, payment options, minimum…
Descriptors: Benchmarking, Design Preferences, Quality Control, Retailing
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kim, Sung-Eon; Shaw, Thomas; Schneider, Helmut – Internet Research, 2003
Discussion of electronic commerce focuses on Web site evaluation criteria and applies them to different industry groups in Korea. Defines six categories of Web site evaluation criteria: business function, corporate credibility, contents reliability, Web site attractiveness, systematic structure, and navigation; and discusses differences between…
Descriptors: Benchmarking, Content Analysis, Evaluation Criteria, Foreign Countries
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Li, Heng; Tang, Sandy; Man, K. F.; Love, Peter E. D. – Internet Research, 2002
Describes an intelligent Web-based construction project management system called which integrates project management, knowledge management, and artificial intelligence technologies. Highlights include an information flow model; time-cost optimization based on genetic algorithms; rule-based drawing interpretation; and a case-based…
Descriptors: Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Construction Management, Construction Programs
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Zahir, Sajjad; Dobing, Brian; Hunter, M. Gordon – Internet Research, 2002
Discussion of cultural influences on new technologies focuses on an analysis of full-service national Web portals from different countries that investigated whether the adoption of new technologies resulted in cultural convergence or divergence. Results showed differences in appearance and features offered that can be attributed to cultural…
Descriptors: Adoption (Ideas), Cross Cultural Studies, Cultural Differences, Cultural Influences
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ha, Louisa – Internet Research, 2002
Compares the use of enhanced television features and television commerce features on the Web sites of cable and broadcast television networks. Shows differences in strategies and site usability; proposes three enhanced television strategy models; and discusses implications on television revenue and viewership. (Author/LRW)
Descriptors: Comparative Analysis, Models, Television, Television Research
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
McLaren, Tim; Head, Milena; Yuan, Yufei – Internet Research, 2002
Discusses collaboration as a recent trend in supply chain management (SCM) that focuses on joint planning, coordination, and process integration between suppliers, customers, and other partners in a supply chain. Analyzes alternative information systems approaches for supporting collaborative SCM, including phone, fax, or email systems; Web-based…
Descriptors: Cooperation, Costs, Electronic Mail, Facsimile Transmission
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