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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Halstead, Diane; Becherer, Richard C. – Internet Research, 2003
Examines the Internet auction phenomenon as it relates to the marketing mix of online auction sellers. The data indicate that, while there is great diversity among businesses that utilize online auctions, distinct cost leadership and differentiation marketing strategies are both evident. These two approaches are further distinguished in terms of…
Descriptors: Marketing, Questionnaires, Surveys, Tables (Data)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Ryan, Gerard; Valverde, Mireia – Internet Research, 2003
Reviews 21 papers based on 13 separate empirical studies on waiting on the Internet, drawn from the areas of marketing, system response time, and quality of service studies. The article proposes an agenda for future research, including extending the range of research methodologies, broadening the definition of waiting on the Internet, and…
Descriptors: Attitudes, Downloading, Interdisciplinary Approach, Literature Reviews
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Vijayasarathy, Leo R. – Internet Research, 2002
Discussion of electronic commerce and online marketing focuses on an empirical study that investigated differences between Internet shopping intentions for products categorized by cost and tangibility. Highlights include hypotheses; respondent characteristics; results that showed that intentions to shop using the Internet differ by tangibility of…
Descriptors: Beliefs, Costs, Hypothesis Testing, Internet
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Korgaonkar, Pradeep; Wolin, Lori D. – Internet Research, 2002
Discusses Web sales and explores the differences between heavy, medium, and light Web users in terms of their beliefs about Web advertising, attitudes toward Web advertising, purchasing patterns, and demographics. Suggests marketers need to target Web advertising to particular Web users. (Author/LRW)
Descriptors: Advertising, Attitudes, Demography, Marketing
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Eid, Riyad; Trueman, Myfanwy; Ahmed, Abdel Moneim – Internet Research, 2002
Presents a comprehensive review of B2B (business-to- business) international Internet marketing and identifies 21 critical success factors in five categories: marketing strategy, including management support, strategic goals, and collaboration; Web site factors, including Web site design; global factors, including multilanguage sites and cultural…
Descriptors: Administrator Role, Business Administration, Cooperation, Cultural Differences
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Goldsmith, Ronald E.; Lafferty, Barbara A. – Internet Research, 2002
Describes a study of undergraduates that tested four hypotheses regarding the effects of viewing Web sites on Internet advertising. Highlights include attitudes toward ads in marketing communications and advertising research; recalling brand names seen on the Internet; perceived advantages and disadvantages of online advertising; and recalling ads…
Descriptors: Advertising, Higher Education, Hypothesis Testing, Internet
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Papadopoulou, Panagiota; Andreou, Andreas; Kanellis, Panagiotis; Martakos, Drakoulis – Internet Research, 2001
Discussion of the need for trust in electronic commerce to build customer relationships focuses on a model drawn from established theoretical work on trust and relationship marketing that highlights differences between traditional and electronic commerce. Considers how trust can be built into virtual environments. (Contains 50 references.)…
Descriptors: Business, Marketing, Models, Trust (Psychology)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Rowley, Jennifer – Internet Research, 2001
Argues that the Internet demands a significant review of approaches to marketing communications, or promotion, as both the strategic and tactical levels. Highlights include electronic business and electronic commerce; comparing organizational and consumer markets; service development; objectives of marketing communications; and questions for…
Descriptors: Comparative Analysis, Internet, Marketing, Objectives
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Raymond, Louis – Internet Research, 2001
A survey of 54 Canadian travel agencies identified various factors determining the assimilation of electronic commerce by small enterprises in the form of informational, transactional, and strategic implementation of a Web site. Results indicate informational implementation and transactional implementation are determined by the environmental…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Marketing, Organizational Development, Small Businesses
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Jiang, Pingjun – Internet Research, 2000
Suggests that the concept of mass customization should be seen as an integral part of market segmentation theory which offers the best way to satisfy consumers' unique needs and wants while yielding profits to companies. Proposes a new concept of "segment-based based mass customization," and offers a series of propositions which are…
Descriptors: Business, Marketing, Merchandising, Merchants
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Mols, Niels Peter – Internet Research, 2000
Examines various aspects of the motives, perceptions, and expectations connected with the introduction of Internet banking in Danish retail banking. Responses from questionnaires and results from a factor analysis and a hierarchical cluster analysis indicate a belief that Internet banking will become more important in the future. (Author/LRW)
Descriptors: Banking, Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, Foreign Countries
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Fink, Dieter; Laupase, Ricky – Internet Research, 2000
Compares the perceptions of Malaysians and Australians for four Web site design characteristics--atmospherics, news stories, signs, and products and services--as part of the integrated Internet marketing model. Hypothesizes that the predominant culture is not generalized to another culture, discusses validity and reliability, and suggest further…
Descriptors: Comparative Analysis, Cultural Differences, Foreign Countries, Hypothesis Testing
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kolesar, Mark B.; Galbraith, R. Wayne – Internet Research, 2000
Applying a body of theory and empirical research in the study of customer loyalty drivers in the services sector, this paper sets out a number of marketing and Web site design implications for e-retailers. It then suggests several means by which e-retailers can manage customer perceptions to increase sales and develop greater customer loyalty.…
Descriptors: Design, Internet, Marketing, Online Systems
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Bontis, Nick; De Castro, Akemi – Internet Research, 2000
Summarizes some key findings of academic papers presented at the First World Congress on the Management of Electronic Commerce (January, 2000, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada). Outlines two meta-management issues that surfaced: taking a strategic approach to Internet ventures and considering infrastructure design during implementation. Highlights…
Descriptors: Administration, Business, Business Education, Conferences
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Wang, Fang; Head, Milena; Archer, Norm – Internet Research, 2000
Discusses the effects of the Web on marketing practices. Introduces the concept and theory of relationship marketing. The relationship network concept, which typically is only applied to the business-to-business market, is discussed within the business-to-consumer market, and a new relationship-building model for the Web marketplace is proposed.…
Descriptors: Business, Interaction, Marketing, Models
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