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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Wang, Fang; Head, Milena M. – Internet Research, 2001
Discusses the use of Web-based information systems (WIS) by electronic retailers to attract and retain consumers and deliver business functions and strategy. Presents an abstract model for WIS design in electronic retailing; discusses customers, business determinants, and business interface; and suggests future research. (Author/LRW)
Descriptors: Business, Futures (of Society), Information Systems, Models
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Carroll, John M.; Rosson, Mary Beth; Isenhour, Philip L.; Van Metre, Christina; Schafer, Wendy A.; Ganoe, Craig H. – Internet Research, 2001
Explains MOOsburg, a community-oriented MOO that models the geography of the town of Blacksburg, Virginia and is designed to be used by local residents. Highlights include the software architecture; client-server communication; spatial database; user interface; interaction; map-based navigation; application development; and future plans. (LRW)
Descriptors: Community Information Services, Computer Interfaces, Computer Networks, Computer Software
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Tian, Shicheng – Internet Research, 2001
Considers how to use the World Wide Web for education. Topics include computer-based education initiatives; assessment, including multiple choice questions; a prototype Web site design based on a client-server model; and future work, including distance education and providing better graphic user interfaces. (LRW)
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Distance Education, Evaluation Methods, Futures (of Society)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Chao, Han-Chieh – Internet Research, 2001
Notes that cellular is the inevitable future architecture for the personal communication service system. Discusses the current cellular support based on Mobile Internet Protocol version 6 (Ipv6) and points out the shortfalls of using Mobile IP. Highlights protocols especially for mobile management schemes which can optimize a high-speed mobile…
Descriptors: Communication (Thought Transfer), Futures (of Society), Information Systems, Information Technology
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Evans, Joel R.; Haase, Ilene M. – Internet Research, 2001
Discusses the potential for online business education. Highlights include a background of distance education for higher education; the interest of corporate America in distance education; and results of a survey of Internet users that focused on potential customers for online business education and considered demographics, service expectations,…
Descriptors: Business Administration Education, Demography, Distance Education, Futures (of Society)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Kardaras, Dimitris; Papathanassiou, Eleutherios – Internet Research, 2000
Reports on the results of a survey of 120 companies in Greece that evaluated the potential of business to customer (B2C) Internet applications and investigated how the Internet and e-commerce can offer new opportunities for businesses to improve their customers' satisfaction. Discusses electronic commerce problems and future technology. (Contains…
Descriptors: Business, Foreign Countries, Futures (of Society), Internet
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Cunliffe, Daniel – Internet Research, 2000
Discussion of in-house Web site development by organizations focuses on an informal development model synthesized from a review of development case studies and published Web research literature. Integrates a review of information gathering and usability methods, and discusses the importance of understanding user and information provider needs.…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Futures (of Society), Literature Reviews, Models
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Mols, Niels Peter – Internet Research, 2000
Examines various aspects of the motives, perceptions, and expectations connected with the introduction of Internet banking in Danish retail banking. Responses from questionnaires and results from a factor analysis and a hierarchical cluster analysis indicate a belief that Internet banking will become more important in the future. (Author/LRW)
Descriptors: Banking, Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, Foreign Countries
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Gattiker, Urs E.; Perlusz, Stefano; Bohmann, Kristoffer – Internet Research, 2000
Illustrates some of the challenges that electronic commerce practitioners and researchers face, focusing on business to business (B2B) transactions. Highlights include a conceptual framework of Web user behavior; purchasing context; socio-demographic characteristics; cultural factors; economic factors; attitudes toward information technology;…
Descriptors: Computer Attitudes, Computer Security, Cultural Influences, Demography
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Saunders, Gary; Weible, Rick – Internet Research, 1999
Discussion of the future of electronic courses for higher education focuses on the results of an email questionnaire survey sent to accounting chairpersons. Nearly 65 per cent of the respondents indicated that electronic courses are simply correspondence courses presented with new technology and do not see them as particularly beneficial. (LRW)
Descriptors: Accounting, Computer Assisted Instruction, Correspondence Study, Department Heads
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Gritzalis, Stefanos; Aggelis, George; Spinellis, Diomidis – Internet Research, 1999
Discusses downloadable executable content, or mobile code, on the World Wide Web; evaluates the security features offered by the Java and Safe-Tcl programming languages; and describes the basic mechanisms of each of the proposed security models. Presents current implementations, as well as upcoming extensions, and evaluates their efficiency and…
Descriptors: Computer Security, Evaluation Methods, Futures (of Society), Models
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Prevelakis, Vassilis – Internet Research, 1999
Presents a mechanism for organizing and manipulating groups of nodes and links in large World Wide Web sites. Topics include the Web as a hypertext system, information-retrieval problems, a model for organizing Web sites based on perspectives, a prototype system, versioning, configuration management, parallel activities, and future plans.…
Descriptors: Classification, Futures (of Society), Hypermedia, Information Retrieval
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Nel, Deon; van Niekerk, Raymond; Berthon, Jean-Paul; Davies, Tony – Internet Research, 1999
Investigates structures of commercial Web sites, and analyzes patterns that emerge, which may be of future use as guidelines to businesses intending to establish a Web presence. Discusses classifying Web sites, explains the theory of flow, and describes an experiment with college students who evaluated Web sites and measured flow. (Author/LRW)
Descriptors: Classification, Corporations, Evaluation Methods, Futures (of Society)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Mols, Niels Peter – Internet Research, 1998
Discusses two strategic distribution channel decisions facing banks, one regarding whether to target the Internet banking segment of customers versus the branch banking segment, and the other regarding the geographical area banks aim to serve. Future distribution channels, the change process, and local, national, and international strategies are…
Descriptors: Banking, Futures (of Society), Geographic Location, International Trade
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Willson, Jonathan – Internet Research, 1996
"Cyberpunk librarian," a metaphor for librarians operating in cyberspace, is defined. This article describes the properties and culture of the electronic frontier, discusses the social impact of cyberspace, examines the role of libraries and librarians in the future. Argues that librarians can help shape a vision of cyberspace that…
Descriptors: Educational Resources, Electronic Libraries, Futures (of Society), Information Management
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