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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Sun, Wei-qiang; Li, Jin-sheng; Hong, Pei-lin – Internet Research, 2003
Multicasting is a necessity for a broadband metro-area-network; however security problems exist with current multicast protocols. A stateful multicast access control mechanism, based on MAPE, is proposed. The architecture of MAPE is discussed, as well as the states maintained and messages exchanged. The scheme is flexible and scalable. (Author/AEF)
Descriptors: Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Networks, Computer Security, Computer System Design
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Bouras, C.; Ganos, P.; Karaliotas, A. – Internet Research, 2003
The current version of the IP protocol, IPv4, is the most widely used protocol in computer networks. This article describes mechanisms that can be used to facilitate the transition to the new version of the IP protocol, IPv6, and examines usability, usefulness and manageability. Describes how some of these mechanisms were applied to the Greek…
Descriptors: Computer Networks, Computer System Design, Design Requirements, Information Networks
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Horn, G.; Kroselberg, D.; Muller, K. – Internet Research, 2003
Presents an overview of the security architecture of the IP multimedia core network subsystem (IMS) of the third generation mobile system, known in Europe as UMTS. Discusses IMS security requirements; IMS security architecture; authentication between IMS user and home network; integrity and confidentiality for IMS signalling; and future aspects of…
Descriptors: Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Networks, Computer Security, Computer System Design
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Miladinovic, Igor; Stadler, Johannes – Internet Research, 2003
Introduces an extension of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for closed multiparty conferences; the extension expands SIP for discovery of participant identities in a conference, and ensures that each participant is notified before a new participant joins. Verifies this extension by applying it to two SIP conference models. Concludes with an…
Descriptors: Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Networks, Computer Security, Computer System Design
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Stuer, Gunther; Broeckhove, Jan; Arickx, Frans – Internet Research, 2003
Presents the design and implementation of a reliable multipeer protocol (RMPP), which is written in Java and is suitable for applications in the area of distributed virtual environments (DVEs). Discusses motivation, protocol classification, design goals and the error recovery algorithm and lists implementation issues. Presents two possible…
Descriptors: Computer Networks, Computer Simulation, Computer System Design, Design Requirements
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Prevelakis, Vassilis; Keromytis, Angelos – Internet Research, 2003
Proposes the use of a special purpose drop-in firewall/VPN gateway called Sieve, that can be inserted between the mobile workstation and the network to provide individualized security services for that particular station. Discusses features and advantages of the system and demonstrates how Sieve was used in various application areas such as at…
Descriptors: Computer Networks, Computer Security, Computer Software Development, Computer System Design
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Garofalakis, John; Kappos, Panagiotis; Makris, Christos – Internet Research, 2002
Considers the problem of improving the performance of Web access by proposing a reconstruction of the internal link structure of a Web site to match quality of the pages with popularity of the pages. Provides a set of simple algorithms for local reorganization of a Web site, which results in improving users' access to quality pages in an easy and…
Descriptors: Access to Information, Computer System Design, Electronic Text, Hypermedia
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Thelwall, Mike – Internet Research, 2001
Discusses business use of the Web and related search engine design issues as well as research on general and academic links before reporting on a survey of the links published by a collection of business Web sites. Results indicate around 66% of Web sites do carry external links, most of which are targeted at a specific purpose, but about 17%…
Descriptors: Computer System Design, Hypermedia, Information Services, Information Sources
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Roy, Marie Christine; Dewitt, Olivier; Aubert, Benoit A. – Internet Research, 2001
Describes a study where 66 subjects were asked to perform some predefined book purchasing task in a series of Web sites with varying interface quality. A strong relationship between interface quality and trust was found and some components of user interface quality were more important than others. Discusses implications for Web site design.…
Descriptors: Computer Interfaces, Computer System Design, Purchasing, Retailing
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Spink, Amanda; Jansen, Bernard J.; Ozmultu, H. Cenk – Internet Research, 2000
Examines the use of query reformulation and particularly the use of relevance feedback by users of the Excite Web search engine. Discusses results that show limited use of query reformulation and relevance feedback; identifies the most common pattern of searching; and discusses implications for Web search system design. (Contains 16 references.)…
Descriptors: Computer System Design, Feedback, Information Retrieval, Man Machine Systems
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Evans, M. P.; Furnell, S. M. – Internet Research, 2000
Explains the background to experimental work intended to measure aspects of the World Wide Web, which inadvertently caused two perceived security breaches on remote systems. Describes the nature of these incidents and considers why, when over 700,000 addresses were sampled, only two sites considered the activity to be an attempt to breach their…
Descriptors: Computer Oriented Programs, Computer Security, Computer System Design, Internet
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Lo, Alfred; Bloor, Chris; Choi, Y. K. – Internet Research, 2000
Describes parallel computing and presents inexpensive ways to implement a virtual parallel computer with multiple Web servers. Highlights include performance measurement of parallel systems; models for using Java and intranet technology including single server, multiple clients and multiple servers, single client; and a comparison of CGI (common…
Descriptors: Comparative Analysis, Computer System Design, Cost Effectiveness, Measurement Techniques
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Finkel, David; Wills, Craig E.; Brennan, Brian; Brennan, Chris – Internet Research, 1999
Describes a system for using the World Wide Web to distribute computational tasks to multiple hosts on the Web that is written in Java programming language. Describes the programs written to carry out the load distribution, the structure of a "distriblet" class, and experiences in using this system. (Author/LRW)
Descriptors: Computation, Computer Software, Computer System Design, Programming Languages
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Shon, Tae-Hwan; Swatman, Paula M. C. – Internet Research, 1998
Examines Internet payment systems (IPS): third-party, card, secure Web server, electronic token, financial electronic data interchange (EDI), and micropayment based. Reports the results of a Delphi survey of experts identifying and classifying IPS effectiveness criteria and classifying types of IPS providers. Includes the survey invitation letter…
Descriptors: Comparative Analysis, Computer System Design, Delphi Technique, Evaluation Criteria
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Lu, Ming-te; Yeung, Wing-lok – Internet Research, 1998
Proposes a framework for commercial Web application development based on prior research in hypermedia and human-computer interfaces. First, its social acceptability is investigated. Next, economic, technical, operational, and organizational viability are examined. For Web-page design, the functionality and usability of Web pages are considered.…
Descriptors: Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Software Development, Computer System Design, Design Requirements
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