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Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Yau, Joe C. K; Hui, Lucas C. K.; Cheung, Bruce; Yiu, S. M. – Internet Research, 2003
Presents a mechanism, the Secure e-Course eXchange (eCX) designed to protect learning material from unauthorized dissemination, and shows how this mechanism can be integrated in the operation model of online learning course providers. The design of eCX is flexible to fit two operating models, the Institutional Server Model and the Corporate Server…
Descriptors: Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Security, Computer Software Development
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Mannaert, H.; De Gruyter, B.; Adriaenssens, P. – Internet Research, 2003
Presents a Web portal for multicast communication management, which provides fully automatic service management with integrated provisioning of hardware equipment. Describes the software architecture, the implementation, and the application usage of the Web portal for multicast delivery. (Author/AEF)
Descriptors: Computer Software Development, Information Services, Information Technology, Programming
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Prevelakis, Vassilis; Keromytis, Angelos – Internet Research, 2003
Proposes the use of a special purpose drop-in firewall/VPN gateway called Sieve, that can be inserted between the mobile workstation and the network to provide individualized security services for that particular station. Discusses features and advantages of the system and demonstrates how Sieve was used in various application areas such as at…
Descriptors: Computer Networks, Computer Security, Computer Software Development, Computer System Design
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Maule, R.; Schacher, G.; Gallup, S. – Internet Research, 2002
Describes a knowledge management system that was developed to help provide structure for dynamic and static data and to aid in the analysis of complex experimentation. Topics include quantitative and qualitative data; mining operations using artificial intelligence techniques; information architecture of the system; and transforming data into…
Descriptors: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Interfaces, Computer Software Development, Data Analysis
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Finkel, David; Wills, Craig E.; Ciaraldi, Michael J.; Amorin, Kevin; Covati, Adam; Lee, Michael – Internet Research, 2001
Defines anonymous distributed computing systems and focuses on the specifics of a Java, applet-based approach for large-scale, anonymous, distributed computing on the Internet. Explains the possibility of a large number of computers participating in a single computation and describes a test of the functionality of the system. (Author/LRW)
Descriptors: Computation, Computer Software Development, Internet
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Delicato, Flavia Coimbra; Pirmez, Luci; Rust da Costa Carmo, Luiz Fernando – Internet Research, 2001
Suggests the use of intelligent agents for the personalized filtering of WWW (World Wide Web) pages and describes the development of a system to satisfy the user's need for information while reducing the amount of information the user has to deal with through relevance feedback. (Author/LRW)
Descriptors: Computer Software Development, Information Needs, Relevance (Information Retrieval), World Wide Web
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Martins, Rosane Maria; Chaves, Magali Ribeiro; Pirmez, Luci; Rust da Costa Carmo, Luiz Fernando – Internet Research, 2001
Discussion of the need to filter and retrieval relevant information from the Internet focuses on the use of mobile agents, specific software components which are based on distributed artificial intelligence and integrated systems. Surveys agent technology and discusses the agent building package used to develop two applications using IBM's Aglet…
Descriptors: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Software Development, Information Retrieval, Internet
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Taylor, Mark J.; England, David; Gresty, David – Internet Research, 2001
Examines the results of a research exercise involving case studies in 20 United Kingdom organizations aimed at investigating: the skills and knowledge required for Web site development work, how such skills and knowledge are used in actual practice, and the mechanisms by which such skills and knowledge can be acquired and improved. (Author/AEF)
Descriptors: Case Studies, Computer Software Development, Foreign Countries, Internet
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Sproule, Susan; Archer, Norm – Internet Research, 2000
Software agents are computer programs that run in the background and perform tasks autonomously as delegated by the user. This paper blends models from marketing research and findings from the field of decision support systems to build a framework for the design of software agents to support in e-commerce buying applications. (Contains 35…
Descriptors: Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Simulation, Computer Software Development, Decision Making
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Maule, R. William – Internet Research, 2000
This project established a metacognitive research and development framework (MRDF) and production process for the development of Web-based instructional science programming for early elementary and at-risk students. Mapped cognitive variables to metacognitive learning strategies for those variables, to metadata for the instructional design of the…
Descriptors: Cognitive Mapping, Computer Assisted Instruction, Computer Software Development, Courseware
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Hofmann, Holger D.; Muench, Volker; Stynes, Jeanne – Internet Research, 1999
Explains componentware, a new paradigm in software development that is based on the concept of a software component, a self-contained unit of software which can be distributed over large networks. Discusses the need for new, Internet-based search and retrieval mechanisms, and the architectural requirements and mechanisms of componentware.…
Descriptors: Computer Networks, Computer Software Development, Information Retrieval, Internet
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Brasethvik, Terje – Internet Research, 1998
Explores problems in information sharing; discusses the concept of metadata; illustrates its use on the World Wide Web, as well as other related approaches; and presents an approach to information sharing that uses a semantic modeling language (referent model language) as the basis for expressing semantics of information and designing metadata…
Descriptors: Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Software Development, Information Dissemination, Information Science
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Boley, Daniel; Gini, Maria; Hastings, Kyle; Mobasher, Bamshad; Moore, Jerry – Internet Research, 1998
Describes WebACE, the architecture of a client-side agent that explores and classifies Web documents in clusters automatically and discusses the details of the algorithms within its key components. Highlights principal direction divisive partitioning (PDDP), a scalable hierarchical clustering algorithm; compares it to other clustering methods; and…
Descriptors: Algorithms, Automation, Classification, Cluster Grouping
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Franckson, Marcel; Hall, John; Helmerich, Alfred; Canadas, Rafael; Dehn, Martin – Internet Research, 1998
Describes the Application Development for the Distributed Enterprise (ADDE) project, a methodological set that supports the design of distributed business processes and information and communication technologies. Discusses principles behind ADDE, guidance on definition and planning of application development, guidance on distributed application…
Descriptors: Business, Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Software Development, Decision Making
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
Lu, Ming-te; Yeung, Wing-lok – Internet Research, 1998
Proposes a framework for commercial Web application development based on prior research in hypermedia and human-computer interfaces. First, its social acceptability is investigated. Next, economic, technical, operational, and organizational viability are examined. For Web-page design, the functionality and usability of Web pages are considered.…
Descriptors: Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Software Development, Computer System Design, Design Requirements
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