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Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2003
Brief reviews of six notable education books selected by the editors of "American School Board Journal." Includes books such as Rachel Simmons's "Odd Girl Out: The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls," Jonathan Schorr's "Hard Lessons: The Promise of an Inner City Charter School," Peter Irons's "Jim Crow's Children: The Broken Promise of the…
Descriptors: Books, Elementary Secondary Education, Leaders Guides
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2002
Since the Supreme Court ruling in "Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier," a dramatic upswing has occurred in the number of student newspapers, yearbooks, underground publications, and Web sites being censored and confiscated. School attorneys say prior review of a school-sponsored publication is legal. What's not legal is to limit expression of political views,…
Descriptors: Administrator Responsibility, Censorship, Court Litigation, High Schools
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2002
Reviews notable education books of 2001: "Not in Front of the Children" (Marjorie Heins); "The other Boston Busing Story" (Susan E. Eaton); "Another Planet" (Elinor Burkett); "Parents Under Siege" (James Garbarino and Claire Bedard); "Radical Equations" (Robert P. Moses and Charles E. Cobb, Jr.); "School" (Sheila Curran Bernard and Sarah Mondale);…
Descriptors: Access to Education, Book Reviews, Books, Censorship
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2002
Describes how several school districts not under court-ordered desegregation are combating resegregation through various means that avoid race-based policies, such as the use of socioeconomic status (SES) integration plans and a combination of SES and test scores. (PKP)
Descriptors: Constitutional Law, Court Litigation, Cultural Pluralism, Elementary Secondary Education
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2001
Reviews nine notable education books of 2000, including Jeannie Chall's "The Academic Achievement Challenge," Jonathan Kozol's "Ordinary Resurrections," Chester Finn's "Charter Schools in Action," Neil Howe and William Strauss's "Millennials Rising," Meredith Maran's "Class Dismissed," Paul T. Hill's "It Takes a City," and Diane Ravitch's "Left…
Descriptors: Book Reviews, Books, Charter Schools, Competition
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2001
Presents advice from researches and practitioners on how schools can cultivate parent involvement that improves student achievement: Redefine parent involvement, train teachers to work with parents, reach out to parents, stay in touch, encourage parents to advocate for their children, and invest in family involvement. (Contains 10 online…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Child Advocacy, Educational Research, Elementary Secondary Education
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2001
The Boy Scouts of America's anti-gay and anti-atheist youth policies are forcing school districts to reconsider sponsoring troops and allowing meetings on campus. To most school boards, banning Boy Scouts organizations seems unthinkable. The meeting-space question boils down to existence of anti-discrimination policies. (MLH)
Descriptors: Boards of Education, Elementary Secondary Education, Homophobia, Homosexuality
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2001
Researchers say the best way to prevent suicide is to find and treat kids with depression and substance-abuse problems. Schools should also develop a suicide-prevention policy, make curriculum decisions wisely, train staff as detectives, notify parents, make sure affected children get help, and attend to survivors. (Contains 13 references.) (MLH)
Descriptors: Adolescents, Agency Cooperation, Depression (Psychology), Drug Abuse
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2000
Researchers advise school boards to make academic standards everyone's business; narrow standards' grade- and school-level focus; make standards-based decisions; invest in highly qualified teachers; demand helpful, well-aligned assessments; approach accountability cautiously; and intervene to help struggling students. Online resources are listed.…
Descriptors: Academic Standards, Accountability, Change Strategies, Community Involvement
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2000
To reduce liability risks, there are no substitutes for knowing law and policies, consulting with an attorney beforehand, providing adequate staff training, and documenting efforts. School law hot spots include negligence, religion, discipline policies, sexual harassment, magnet school diversity policies, and high-stakes testing. (MLH)
Descriptors: Court Litigation, Discipline, Diversity (Student), Elementary Secondary Education
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 2000
Recent reports criticize today's glitzy, coffee-table textbooks as shallow, dumbed-down products that waste taxpayers' money and students' learning potential. Districts should encourage more textbook research, clarify expectations, have someone read texts under consideration, refuse to purchase inferior textbooks, and watch for online…
Descriptors: Change Strategies, Educational Trends, Elementary Secondary Education, Error Correction
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 1996
Filing a lawsuit against a school district often means challenging the core values of a community. Cases discussed include a suit to prevent the broadcasting of morning prayers in school ("Herdahl"), a suit over the singing of a religious song ("Bauchman"), and drug-use testing for student athletes ("Acton"). (MLF)
Descriptors: Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Court Litigation, Drug Use Testing
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 1997
Offers tips for avoiding sports-related injuries: (1) expect more of coaches; (2) develop an athletic-safety plan; (3) consider hiring an athletic trainer; (4) check facilities and equipment regularly; (5) recognize athletes' limitations; (6) take precautions beyond the playing field; and (7) check liability coverage and obtain informed consent.…
Descriptors: Accidents, Athletics, Elementary Secondary Education, Injuries
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 1998
Bus disaster drills have been held all over country for years. A drill in Blairsville, Pennsylvania, taught officials important lessons: (1) keep roster of students and stops in designated area on bus, and ensure emergency workers know where location; (2) send at least three school officials to accident scene; (3) provide school officials with…
Descriptors: Accident Prevention, Crisis Management, Elementary Secondary Education, Emergency Programs
Jones, Rebecca – American School Board Journal, 1997
In spring 1996, Drug Strategies, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization published results of an evaluation of 47 substance-abuse prevention programs. The evaluation used criteria based on empirical research findings. This article outlines the elements of effective drug-prevention programs and highlights the six programs that earned As in…
Descriptors: Drug Abuse, Drug Education, Drug Use, Early Intervention
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