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ASPBAE Journal, 1970
Continuing education as a means of securing economic and social development must reinforce decision making skills and leadership skills. The university as a social instrument must provide continuing education with community support. (Author/MS)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Adult Programs, Community Support, Continuing Education
See, Yvonne – ASPBAE Journal, 1971
Paper presented at a seminar on Education of Women and their Role in the Second Development Decade, New Delhi, Jan. 11-15, 1971. Discusses the high rate of illiteracy of women in various parts of the world and offers suggestions on how to reduce the rate. (RB)
Descriptors: Adult Basic Education, Adult Literacy, Developing Nations, Females
McCullough, Ellen – ASPBAE Journal, 1971
Discusses how the Yugoslav system of workers' universities differs from others. Its development, curriculum, special fields of instruction, experimentation and organization are examined. (RB)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Adult Programs, Adult Vocational Education, Industrial Training
Vizconde, Artemio C. – ASPBAE Journal, 1971
A multi-pronged approach that includes involvement of sponsoring groups and service organizations both governmental and non-governmental agencies in planning; sectoral approach with consideration of economic and social activities; team work of adult educators; recruitment and training of literacy teachers and preparation and distribution of…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Audiovisual Aids, Career Development, Citizenship
Dutta, S. C. – ASPBAE Journal, 1973
The role of adult education in developing countries is preparation of the people for accepting and inculcating change and helping to establish a pattern of social values enabling progress. Recommendations from the Asian Regional Seminar were a high degree of professionalism for adult educators and the establishing of a regional institute. (EA)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Adult Educators, Developing Nations, Foreign Countries
Turner, Trevor; Williams, Richard M. – ASPBAE Journal, 1973
The article's prime purpose is to describe the attemps of an informal association of prople to create educational activities which, in themselves, would be actions on the problems of international development. It is hoped the explanation will clarify some of the major issues in the new field of international education. (Author/AG)
Descriptors: Developing Nations, Educational Objectives, International Education, Learning Activities
Draper, J. A. – ASPBAE Journal, 1973
One of the paper's two main sections states certain principles of training and examines some of the implications of most of them in the context of life-long education. The second section discusses briefly the three areas of learning--(skills, attitudes, knowledge)--integral components of educational and training programs. (Author/AG)
Descriptors: Adult Educators, Attitudes, Educational Objectives, Educational Programs
Attygalle, Richard – ASPBAE Journal, 1972
Article describes excerpts of writings of the late Richard Attygalle who comments on the individual as he attempts to utilize his countries' resources and develop his educational and social awareness in an Asian community. (RK)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Developed Nations, Developing Nations, Economic Development
Dutta, S. C. – ASPBAE Journal, 1972
Author stresses that social changes are coming to developing countries in Asia, that this will lead to economic changes, and it is the job of adult educators to give direction to these changes. (Author/RK)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Developing Nations, Economic Development, Educational Development
Frandson, P. E. – ASPBAE Journal, 1972
Lists the ills attributed to today's university experience and the role adult education will play in the remedy of those ills. (RK)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Educational Change, Extension Education, Grades (Scholastic)
Kusuma, M. M. – ASPBAE Journal, 1972
Discusses an education process, designed to educate girls and women who have never been to school and to help them to deal more effectively with the realities of human life. (Author/RK)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Curriculum Design, Decision Making, Educational Development
Marshall, L. E. – ASPBAE Journal, 1972
Discusses guidance for the development of consumer and home making education with the emphasis on bringing the consumer who needs consumer education into the program. (Author/RK)
Descriptors: Advisory Committees, Community Programs, Consumer Education, Home Economics
Aquino, Conrado P. – ASPBAE Journal, 1970
Continuing education, a two-faceted activity", includes continuous education of professionals as a service to the community" and the same for professors as a campus activity. Such programs must be relevent to community needs and to the natural development goals" and thus through mass media persuasion" the community should…
Descriptors: Continuing Education, Educational Objectives, Lifelong Learning, Teacher Education
Odokara, Elijah O. – ASPBAE Journal, 1970
Purposes of this study were (1) to develop a conceptual scheme for viewing adult education in developing countries; (2) to employ the scheme in analyzing the county council sponsored adult education program in rural communities of Eastern Nigeria; (3) to make suggestions and recommendations for expanding and strengthening the programs in these…
Descriptors: Adult Education Programs, Program Evaluation, Research Methodology
Styler, W. E. – ASPBAE Journal, 1971
A diploma in the Teaching of Adults for part-time students was introduced in the University of Hull in 1966 as a fully recognized university diploma. Article discusses the three major parts of the course, examinations, and requirements. (RB)
Descriptors: Adult Education, Adult Educators, Course Descriptions, Professional Education
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