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Gentry, Ruben – Online Submission, 2013
Tenure provides professors with a unique level of job security and utmost respect in the academy (Shea, 2002). Receiving tenure and progressing through the academic ranks are among the most visible and valued accomplishments for college and university faculty (Perna, 2001). Faculty who achieve excellence in teaching, research, and service readily…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Tenure, Job Security, Salaries
Gentry, Ruben; Lackey, Tracy Knight – Online Submission, 2011
For years, scores on IQ tests and standardized achievement tests were the principal means for determining whether or not persons were gifted. Early literature often referred to them as fluent, flexible, original, and elaborate thinkers; as persons who were extremely curious, sensitive, attracted to aesthetic values; and as individuals who could…
Descriptors: Achievement Gap, Multiple Intelligences, Undergraduate Study, College Students
Gentry, Ruben – Online Submission, 2010
To expect an "easy life" as a professor of special education is to expect what never was nor never will be. But when the playing field is uneven for minorities, or even worse, when it is not even recognized that the playing field is uneven, there is cause for action. For example, Bonner (2004) stated that minority faculty face tremendous…
Descriptors: Tenure, Diversity (Faculty), Special Education, Special Education Teachers
Gentry, Ruben; Wiggins, Ruby – Online Submission, 2010
A major concept in special education is "people first language." It connotes that the person's name should precede the disability. For example, it is unacceptable to say "an autistic child." It is more acceptable to say "a child with autism." However, some authors in the field question the need for using a label at…
Descriptors: Disabilities, Labeling (of Persons), Language Usage, Change
Gentry, Ruben; Buck, Jessica L. – Online Submission, 2010
With whom does the American education system get high grades? For race and ethnicity, disparities are ever so prevalent. For socioeconomic status and family income, poor people never seem to get a fair share. For geographical location, inner city students are almost always underserved. Perhaps the one entity on which the system can boast is…
Descriptors: Females, Graduation Rate, Dropout Rate, Educational Improvement
Gentry, Ruben; Windfield, Glenda – Online Submission, 2010
Previous efforts at leveling the learning field for all students have not met with success. In 1955 Johnny allegedly could not read because of the "look-and-say method" of teaching reading; 26 years later he still could not read because most elementary schools continued to use the aforementioned unproductive system. Perhaps now is…
Descriptors: Educational Needs, Early Intervention, Reading, Learning Disabilities
Gentry, Ruben – Online Submission, 2009
"Do nothing and all things will be done," or "Wait, time heals all wounds" may have been sound advice of the past for some distant, sparsely populated island. But failing to address economic issues and not providing health care for the sick were putting America on the verge of financial collapse and making it a land where people had to choose…
Descriptors: Presidents, Social Change, Role of Education, Educational Change
Gentry, Ruben – Online Submission, 2009
Appropriate special education is unquestionably beneficial for children with "real" disabilities. It offers them an individualized education plan to help develop their potential. But special education for children without specific disabilities, as more often the case of minorities, is unjustifiable. For the latter children, special…
Descriptors: Disabilities, Individualized Instruction, Special Education, Disproportionate Representation
Gentry, Ruben – Online Submission, 2008
Now may be a fine time for professors to ponder the number of hearts that are touched or the number of lives that are changed as a result of the various aspects of their teaching. Typically, at the beginning of the semester professors disseminate to their teacher education candidates a course syllabus delineating the nature of the course and…
Descriptors: Preservice Teacher Education, Field Experience Programs, Preservice Teachers, Student Attitudes
Gentry, Ruben – Online Submission, 2008
War is so devastating that if at all possible, it should be avoided. But if reasoning and negotiation fail to yield peace between nations and countries and war results, the loss to children must be minimized. In the last decade, two million children have been killed in wars and conflicts, 4.5 million have been disabled and 12 million have been…
Descriptors: Quality of Life, Children, Social Services, War