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Halfond, Jay A. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2019
America has long had abundant capacity in its colleges and universities, which have increasingly welcomed those from countries where quality higher education is a scarce resource. This coincided nicely with America's pivotal role in the growing globalization of the world's economy. An American degree has become a valuable rite of passage for an…
Descriptors: Foreign Students, College Students, Higher Education, Global Approach
Suarez, Stephanie – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2019
New England faces a concerning dip in its higher education enrollment, due in significant part to declines in the region's birth and high school graduation rates that are both projected to continue through 2029. Despite these trends, New England's postsecondary institutions continue to attract a large number of international students to the…
Descriptors: Foreign Students, College Students, Enrollment, Economic Impact
Harney, John O. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
From 2012 to 2017, nearly 15,000 New England residents participated in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. DACA students are ineligible for federal financial aid programs, but state and institutional aid can flow to undocumented students. As of March 2017, 20 states, including Connecticut and Rhode Island, offered in-state…
Descriptors: Undocumented Immigrants, Student Financial Aid, State Aid, Tuition
Gittell, Ross; Hieronymus, Bob – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
New England colleges and universities are often presented as a source of economic advantage in the New England states for providing a strong talent pool for regional employers. Yet, many state officials and others are questioning the efficacy of colleges and universities in serving regional labor market needs, as employers across New England are…
Descriptors: Career Counseling, Coaching (Performance), Talent Development, College Students
Corral, Jason – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
As an immigration attorney for the past 14 years in both private practice and legal services, the author feels confident in saying there is not a "single" kind of immigrant or one kind of immigration story. There are multifarious individuals and families of diverse global origin bearing a cornucopia of ideas, perspectives, hopes and…
Descriptors: Lawyers, Counseling, Undocumented Immigrants, College Students
Hilowitz, Harv – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
Today, many higher education institutions face declining enrollment, increasing tuitions, and calls to infuse their degree tracks with more practical experiences for students that lead to meaningful careers. College students are seeking programs offering practical, academically rigorous work-related experiences that tie into their social…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Entrepreneurship, Social Problems, Business
D'Alessio, Kathleen A.; Osterholt, Dorothy A. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
An increasing number of college students are coming forward to speak out against school violence, and there is increased attention placed on helping students seeking support if an incident occurs and exercising their right to speak out against those who perpetuate such behaviors. The skill of self-advocacy is not only useful for supporting changes…
Descriptors: Self Advocacy, College Students, Violence, School Safety
Strong, Alexandra Coso; Lynch, Caitrin – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
Each year, colleges around the nation select a common reading book for their incoming students or, in the case of Olin College of Engineering, for the entire college community. In 2017, the institution selected "Hidden Figures" as a reading meant to provide a common intellectual experience, illustrate the vigor and breadth of the…
Descriptors: College Students, Summer Programs, Reading Materials, African Americans
Harney, John O. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
The "New England Journal of Higher Education" ("NEJHE") Executive Editor John O. Harney had the chance to catch up with Lasell College President Michael Alexander about the small Newton, Massachusetts, college's plans to challenge the higher education business model. The interview is presented in this article.
Descriptors: College Presidents, Higher Education, Value Judgment, College Students
Parnia, Alex – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
The future looks very bleak for many small and medium-sized colleges and universities in the U.S. Amid all the gloom and doom, though, there is one strategic opportunity for small to medium-sized universities: incorporating carefully designed international student recruitment into the overall recruitment plan for the next five to seven years.
Descriptors: Small Colleges, Foreign Students, Student Recruitment, Foreign Countries
Gross, Karen – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2018
The events surrounding Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court will have an effect of college campuses--and not just in the near term. Campuses will be brimming over with concerns about how people treat each other, how people engage with each other, how people of different views can respond to each other and how we form attachments to…
Descriptors: Courts, Judges, Political Issues, Campuses
Núñez, Elsa – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2017
The latest policy pronouncements on immigration reaffirm the need for comprehensive immigration reform in this country. It is time for Congress to decide how to balance securing our borders with the need for a path to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented people already in the U.S. Known as "Dreamers," there is an entire generation…
Descriptors: Immigration, Undocumented Immigrants, Federal Legislation, Educational Opportunities
Dennis, Sophie Lampard – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2017
When students are offered choices within assignments it increases buy-in and, therefore, motivation toward the task--and ultimately for the class itself. As a professor in an academic setting in which many millennials seem to be suffering from a persistent lack of motivation, it was a no-brainer for the author to consider creating a way to offer…
Descriptors: Student Motivation, Selection, College Students, Learner Engagement
Harney, John O. – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2017
On June 28, the New England Board of Higher Education (NEBHE) convened members of the Commission on Higher Education and Employability (CHEE) in Providence to discuss concrete ways New England employers, education leaders and policymakers can work together to ensure a successful, equitable workforce future. The Commission comprises high-powered…
Descriptors: Job Skills, Employment Qualifications, Employers, Administrators
Gross, Karen – New England Journal of Higher Education, 2017
How to foster wise decision-making generally and among young people in particular has been the subject of numerous studies. Professionals working in the field of student life struggle to accomplish two goals on campus: foster quality decision-making and curb irresponsible behavior. Given the range of choices confronting college students, it is no…
Descriptors: Decision Making, College Students, School Safety, Administrator Responsibility
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