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Peterkin, Caitlin – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2013
With goals of fostering an intellectual atmosphere, building relationships, and increasing students' involvement on campus--and, ultimately, their rates of retention--universities around the country, including Elon, Michigan State, and Southern Methodist, are looking to residence life. House systems, residential neighborhoods, and living-learning…
Descriptors: College Environment, College Housing, Academic Persistence, Intellectual Development
Rhodes, Frank H. T. – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2006
In this article, the author describes how institutions of higher education have changed over the course of 40 years, and notes some changes in higher education. In 1966 the total U.S. population was 196,560,338; this fall it hit 300 million. In about the same time, the number of colleges and universities rose from 2,329 to well over 4,000,…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational History, Educational Trends, Student Characteristics
Toor, Rachel – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2005
Author presents observations related to college students' informal manner of addressing authors when writing critically about literary works composed in the first person. Topics analyzed include students' relationship with the author depending on the literary work, and students' familiarity when addressing their elders and authority figures in the…
Descriptors: Familiarity, College Environment, College Students, Authors
McMurthie, Beth – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2001
Explores how, for Muslim students on American campuses, life consists of frequent conflicts and occasional compromises with the secular culture. (EV)
Descriptors: College Environment, College Students, Islamic Culture, Muslims
McMurthie, Beth – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2001
Discusses how many Middle Eastern students, pressured by their parents and in the face of growing hostility on American campuses, are abandoning their studies to return to their home countries. (EV)
Descriptors: Arabs, College Environment, College Students, Dropouts
Suggs, Welch – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1999
A study of over 2,000 college athletes and 1,600 coaches and administrators reveals that abuse is common in team initiations. Nearly two-thirds of athletes admitted participating in "questionable" behavior, and over one-quarter had participated in dangerous or criminal behavior. Female athletes are almost as likely as males to participate. Only…
Descriptors: Administrator Attitudes, Athletes, Athletic Coaches, College Administration
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1997
Women are enrolling in college in greater numbers than men, but the imbalance is particularly acute at private liberal arts colleges. Administrators are concerned about implications for campus social life, athletic opportunities, and academic programs. Some colleges are trying new strategies to attract men. Critics are concerned about lowered…
Descriptors: Academic Standards, Admission Criteria, College Administration, College Environment
Reisberg, Leo – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1998
Despite campus tensions and varying student attitudes, gay students are coming out increasingly within the fraternity system. An anthology of personal accounts of gay students in fraternities around the country indicates the diversity of experiences and reasons for joining fraternities. (MSE)
Descriptors: College Environment, College Students, Educational Trends, Fraternities
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1999
In recent months, police on a number of college and university campuses have investigated hate crimes that made headlines, only to discover that the crimes had been made up. While some feel the hoaxes are by individual students during difficult times in their lives, others feel leftists may be faking the crimes to influence the campus movement…
Descriptors: College Environment, College Students, Cultural Pluralism, Emotional Problems
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1995
Drug law violations have risen sharply on college campuses, but officials disagree on the reason. Some students feel administrators are invading their privacy. The trend is attributed to several factors, including changes in how violations are counted, reduced tolerance of increased drug use by non-drug-using students, and more vigorous…
Descriptors: Administrative Policy, College Administration, College Environment, College Students
Shea, Christopher – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1994
A survey of 17,592 college students on 140 campuses indicates considerable alcohol abuse, which is adversely affecting the social and academic environment for nonabusers. Results also show variation by region, student age, and institution. The study suggested that students' drinking was not affected by differences in school policies. Some schools…
Descriptors: Administrative Policy, Age Differences, Alcohol Abuse, Black Colleges
Shea, Christopher – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1992
The fact that student protests over racial issues have arisen early in the academic year and at a time when most college administrators affirm protesters' goals (improved minority recruitment and services) may be partly attributable to students' rising expectations. Some protests are a result of overt racial incidents, often in fraternities. (MSE)
Descriptors: Activism, Black Students, College Environment, College Faculty
Wilson, Robin – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1990
Alcohol abuse, racial tensions, dilapidated student unions, and diverse needs of commuter students are sources of concern to 380 college presidents surveyed. The administrators say institutions must make a greater effort to strengthen the sense of community on campuses. Breakdown in the traditional student-faculty relationship is also seen as a…
Descriptors: Alcohol Abuse, College Environment, College Faculty, College Students
Magner, Denise K. – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1989
While the number of overtly racist White students committing racist acts on campus may be small, the indifference of many other Whites is seen as creating an atmosphere in which racism is tolerated. Indifference also exacerbates the isolation felt by Blacks on predominantly White campuses. (MSE)
Descriptors: Alienation, Apathy, Black Students, College Environment
Winkler, Karen J. – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1985
Student affairs administrators are developing a new approach to their work that emphasizes not just how to help students adapt to the college environment but also how to adapt the environment to the students. (MLW)
Descriptors: College Environment, College Students, Counseling Services, Ecology
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