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Whinnery, Erin; Pompelia, Sarah – Education Commission of the States, 2019
For many students, developmental education is the largest obstacle to college success, hindering progress before they ever enroll in a college-level course. Postsecondary practitioners and researchers have been re-examining and challenging many traditional elements of developmental education from placement strategies to the sequence of courses…
Descriptors: Developmental Studies Programs, Educational Policy, Postsecondary Education, College Students
Pickford, Jocelyn – American Enterprise Institute, 2018
Traditional liberal arts colleges employ a variety of initiatives to connect students to work opportunities--internship programs, co-ops, and work study, to name a few. These initiatives often provide students with some additional income or expose them to a potential career, but they do not necessarily go so far as to fully integrate employment…
Descriptors: Education Work Relationship, Liberal Arts, Work Study Programs, Models
Lumina Foundation, 2018
This brief tells the story of Lumina Foundation's and states' efforts to promote an equity agenda for higher education, featuring the 2015 Equity Policy Academy-- which focused on improving educational equity for students from historically underserved groups--as a turning point. Based primarily on interviews with Lumina staff and key state leaders…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Higher Education, Educational Improvement, Disproportionate Representation
Fulton, Mary – Education Commission of the States, 2017
Guided pathways are emerging as a strategy to help students complete a credential in a timely manner by encouraging or requiring them to select a program, and develop a degree plan or map, on a specified timeline. At a minimum, institutions may ask students to identify a meta-major, which is a broad area of academic programs with related courses…
Descriptors: Graduation, Strategic Planning, Time to Degree, Majors (Students)
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Graham, Kate J.; McIntee, Edward J.; Raigoza, Annette F.; Fazal, M. Abul; Jakubowski, Henry V. – Journal of Chemical Education, 2017
A cohort program to increase retention of under-represented groups in chemistry was developed at the College of Saint Benedict/Saint John's University. In particular, this program chose to emphasize early career mentoring and early access to research. This goal was chosen because research has been repeatedly shown to increase scientific identity…
Descriptors: STEM Education, School Holding Power, Disproportionate Representation, Chemistry
Rutschow, Elizabeth Zachry; Taketa, Jessica – MDRC, 2017
While a college degree offers the opportunity for increased income, a degree alone does not guarantee a student's successful entry into the workforce. Work-based learning, such as internships and apprenticeship programs, has become an increasingly popular way to help students build workforce skills and experience and gain real-world exposure to a…
Descriptors: Career Readiness, Internship Programs, Education Work Relationship, College Students
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Meehlhause, Kellie – Communications in Information Literacy, 2016
For almost 40 years, the Minute Paper has been a quick and easy means of learning assessment, both in the college classroom and in library instruction. More recently, the use of social media, particularly selfies, has gained popularity by connecting with students through the technology with which they are most familiar. This article makes the case…
Descriptors: Information Literacy, Student Evaluation, College Students, Library Instruction
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Engelke, Nicole; Karakok, Gulden; Wangberg, Aaron – PRIMUS, 2016
"WeBWorK" CLASS combines the best features of online homework and digital whiteboards to create a system that provides instructors with information on students' problem-solving processes, as well as their final answer. The system's utilization of tools that can sort students based on correct and incorrect homework and quiz answers and…
Descriptors: Mathematics Instruction, College Mathematics, Technology Uses in Education, Educational Technology
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Petchauer, Emery – Urban Education, 2015
One fundamental breakthrough in the field of hip-hop education in recent years is the shift from understanding hip-hop solely as content to understanding hip-hop also as aesthetic form. In this article, I chart the roots of this shift across disciplines and focus on what it might mean for the future of hip-hop education, pedagogy, and research in…
Descriptors: Popular Culture, Urban Education, Teaching Methods, Aesthetics
Whitehead, Dawn Michele – Liberal Education, 2015
Today's college students must become adept both at interacting, cooperating, and engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds and at grappling successfully with the kinds of unscripted problems and challenges that characterize life and work in the complex world they will enter upon graduation. Accordingly, global learning is widely…
Descriptors: College Students, Higher Education, Global Approach, Liberal Arts
Sullivan, William M. – Liberal Education, 2014
A major discovery, or rediscovery, of this time is that an education that matters--an education that enhances capacities and expands outlooks--is one that engages the whole student. Research in learning has shown that making sense of the world and learning to use knowledge and skills in responsible and engaged ways--long the developmental goals of…
Descriptors: General Education, Liberal Arts, Vocational Education, Higher Education
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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McDowell, Anise Mazone; Higbee, Jeanne L. – Contemporary Issues in Education Research, 2014
This paper describes the engagement of a student committee in redesigning an entire floor of a university union to accommodate student cultural centers and provide space in a fair and equitable manner. The reorganization focused on the process as well as the task of allocating space, with an emphasis on the opportunity to foster the development of…
Descriptors: College Students, Student Unions, Cultural Centers, Educational Facilities Design
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Walters, Giovanna – Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council, 2014
As an educator, the author has been drawn to rubrics at times and repelled at other times. After working with students at various levels for many years, she has come to learn the value of rubrics that are well-crafted. A well-crafted rubric is difficult to create, and it might be easier to dismiss the entire notion of rubrics than to devote the…
Descriptors: Scoring Rubrics, Honors Curriculum, Student Evaluation, Imagination
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Carmichael, Tami; Norvang, Rebecca – International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, 2014
Technology and social media, often seen as counter productive to student learning, can provide intriguing new ways to extend and enhance learning across international borders. This article explores one successful learning project, based on the Nobel Peace Prize, that connected students from Norway, South Africa, and the United States through…
Descriptors: Social Networks, Foreign Countries, Peace, Communities of Practice
Peer reviewed Peer reviewed
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Treinen, Kristen – Communication Teacher, 2014
The power of stories is well documented. Scott Russell Sanders (1997) maintained that stories have the power to build community and help us see the world through others' eyes. Furthermore, Sanders (1997) asserted that "stories teach us that every gesture, every act, every choice we make sends ripples of influence into the future" (p. 3).…
Descriptors: Oral History, Gender Differences, Communications, Story Telling
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