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Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2006
Students at many public universities often have a substantial say in what they will pay for the construction of non-academic facilities usually through referenda in which they vote to enact fees to cover the debt service on the building. However, some students are reluctant to vote in any new fee, given that tuition regularly increases at…
Descriptors: Universities, Educational Finance, Public Colleges, College Students
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2000
Reports on steps elite higher education institutions are taking to prevent student suicides. Notes that students are coming to highly selective colleges with more mental health problems than ever before and are overwhelming university counseling centers. Notes a recent Harvard University report calling for the hiring of more psychologists and…
Descriptors: College Students, Counseling Services, Higher Education, Selective Colleges
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2000
Reports on the increasing problem of gambling by college students. Notes that gambling is widely available through Internet gambling sites, illegal sports gambling, state lotteries, and even day trading on the stock market. Suggests that while some students may outgrow the habit with maturity, others might be developing long-term problems. (DB)
Descriptors: College Students, Higher Education, Money Management, Trend Analysis
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1999
Colleges and universities face an annual challenge to distribute housing to students. Initial student numbers usually exceed housing potential, but no-shows and early departures often even the numbers in the first few weeks of the year. Complicating factors include families' increasing ability to pay for dormitory housing, better campus housing…
Descriptors: College Housing, College Planning, College Students, Cost Effectiveness
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1997
Women are enrolling in college in greater numbers than men, but the imbalance is particularly acute at private liberal arts colleges. Administrators are concerned about implications for campus social life, athletic opportunities, and academic programs. Some colleges are trying new strategies to attract men. Critics are concerned about lowered…
Descriptors: Academic Standards, Admission Criteria, College Administration, College Environment
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1999
In recent months, police on a number of college and university campuses have investigated hate crimes that made headlines, only to discover that the crimes had been made up. While some feel the hoaxes are by individual students during difficult times in their lives, others feel leftists may be faking the crimes to influence the campus movement…
Descriptors: College Environment, College Students, Cultural Pluralism, Emotional Problems
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1995
Drug law violations have risen sharply on college campuses, but officials disagree on the reason. Some students feel administrators are invading their privacy. The trend is attributed to several factors, including changes in how violations are counted, reduced tolerance of increased drug use by non-drug-using students, and more vigorous…
Descriptors: Administrative Policy, College Administration, College Environment, College Students
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1998
Protesters at the University of California at Berkeley are calling for the expulsion of a sophomore who failed to report a murder. However, the student's behavior does not violate the university's code of conduct, which is restricted to campus behavior. Some institutions are expanding the geographic reach of their codes to discipline students for…
Descriptors: Behavior Standards, College Environment, College Role, College Students
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1996
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (New Hampshire) includes among its counseling services "rites of passage" ceremonies in retreats for men and women students. The events encourage both introspection and some emotional exchange, and are designed to teach lessons of maturity while providing adult support. The program has raised interest at…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Adult Development, American Indian Culture, College Students
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1999
Although the president of the University of Chicago (Illinois) has resigned, the controversy over his planned changes for the institution has not abated. Proposed changes include reducing the number of core curriculum courses and expanding the size of the undergraduate population. Faculty, students, and prominent scholars are calling for improved…
Descriptors: Administrator Role, Change Strategies, College Administration, College Curriculum
Gose, Ben – Chronicle of Higher Education, 1995
Deaths from meningitis-type illnesses among college students are worrying health officials. Concerns include behaviors of students that may put students at risk, risk characteristics of dormitory housing, ethical concerns about disclosing the names of infected students, and possible need for immunization programs. (MSE)
Descriptors: Behavior Patterns, College Environment, College Housing, College Students