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Ciminero, Sandra Elser – Arts & Activities, 2012
To celebrate a milestone in eighth-graders' lives--leaving middle school and moving on to high school--the author assigns them the "Coming of Age" project, which examines the big idea of identity and promotes the move from self-reflection to self-expression. The project also includes writing components that correspond to each of the nine…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Middle School Students, Student Projects
Klopack, Ken – Arts & Activities, 2011
The author's art program includes students from kindergarten through eighth grade. In pondering the "nearly impossible," he wondered how the entire student population could work together on one art project that could be exhibited at the same time. He wanted each of his 700 students to create an original artwork that would display individual and…
Descriptors: Portraiture, Studio Art, Art Activities, Student Projects
Snyder, Jennifer – Arts & Activities, 2011
Color wheels are a traditional project for many teachers. The author has used them in art appreciation classes for many years, but one problem she found when her pre-service art education students created colored wheels was that they were boring: simple circles, with pie-shaped pieces, which students either painted or colored in. This article…
Descriptors: Color, Studio Art, Art Activities, Art Appreciation
Klein, Lisa Lundgren – Arts & Activities, 2011
Art teachers are always looking for new ways to bring reading opportunities into the classroom--without just reading chapters in a textbook. This assignment helps broaden the knowledge of students in areas that teachers may not have time to explore during art classes. It also gives students something to work on if they have finished their project.…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Reading Assignments, Integrated Curriculum
Skophammer, Karen – Arts & Activities, 2011
The technique of what people today call "collage" is not new. In Victorian times, elaborate art was created from bristly horsehair as a type of collage. The modern collage dates to the early 1900s when Picasso pasted newspaper on a drawing. In 1919 Karl Schwitters, a German artist, developed collage into an art form that was as important as…
Descriptors: Art Products, Studio Art, Art Activities, Artists
Shaw, Annita – Arts & Activities, 2011
Most students enjoy the printing process. Some may have experimented with printing in the past using found objects or cutouts made of cardboard. In this article, students create a design on a pie-shaped piece and then repeat it to make a radial design.
Descriptors: Visual Arts, Graphic Arts, Studio Art, Art Activities
Patrick, Jane – Arts & Activities, 2011
With ancient roots, basket making has been practiced since the earliest civilizations, and according to textile experts, probably pre-dates pottery. This is partly conjecture since few baskets remain. It is through evidence found in clay impressions that the earliest baskets reveal themselves. Basically, basketry construction is like flat weaving.…
Descriptors: Handicrafts, Studio Art, Art Activities, Middle School Students
Winters, Laurel A. – Arts & Activities, 2011
In this article, the author describes an art project inspired by the wearable sculpture art created by artist Marjorie Schick. Students used wallpaper paste and newspapers to create papier-mache for a mountain hat, a cherry-pie mask/hat, a "dress" shoe and a Cubistic mask. Cardboard was used in many of these things, in addition to being used as…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Sculpture, Artists
Carter, Mary C.; Beaty, Ben – Arts & Activities, 2011
Julie Taymor's costumes and masks for the stage version of "The Lion King" were stunning in the way they combined the dual images of human and animal forms. Taymor visually incorporated the human form of a dancer into the simplified form of the animal character so both are equally visible. This visible duality of human form and animal…
Descriptors: Art Activities, Studio Art, Clothing, Theater Arts
Greenwood, Nate – Arts & Activities, 2011
With all the noise in the world, the flotsam and jetsam sensory input from the media, from friends, from family, from life, it is an arduous task to have students slow things down and focus on the simple, raw elements of their world. Specifically related to art class, the challenge is how to help students digest the work of Minimalist artists. In…
Descriptors: Art Expression, Art Activities, Studio Art, Junior High School Students
Skophammer, Karen – Arts & Activities, 2011
In this article, the author discusses how she combines science lesson with a hands-on art project. She used the wonderfully creative suns shown on the Sunday edition of "The CBS Morning Show" to give the students fodder for thought. She describes how to create an assemblage. An assemblage is like a collage, but it moves past the two-dimensional…
Descriptors: Art Activities, Studio Art, Science Instruction, Astronomy
Cunningham, Kathy – Arts & Activities, 2011
What if we hosted a banquet for famous artists and they came dressed in their own work? With this idea in mind, the author gathered materials on different artists from books, magazines, and the Internet. To simplify things somewhat, she only used artists from the mid-1800s to the present. The sixth graders made the artists' masks, placemats, and…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Artists, Art History, Art Activities
Skophammer, Karen – Arts & Activities, 2011
Creativity--where does it come from? When nurturing creativity, it is necessary to have an open mind. By nurturing a creative mind, one finds that artists' ideas flow freely, so students need to look deeper into the artworks, the artists' lives, and what was behind the inspiration for the work. Imagining themselves as one of the artists they have…
Descriptors: Creativity, Artists, Art History, Studio Art
Cahn, Jeanne – Arts & Activities, 2011
For several years, the author has taught a six-week ceramics course to students in grades six through eight. This is an elective class, so only interested and passionate students sign up. In past years, she has given three different assignments using slab, coil, and pinch construction techniques, which allowed for individual creative expression.…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Ceramics, Grade 6
Sartorius, Tara Cady – Arts & Activities, 2011
This article discusses Al Souza's "Orlando City Maps," which was created not by adding colored ink to paper, but by cutting the printed paper away. Seven layers of pages are stacked upon one another and, except for the intact bottom layer, oval-shaped holes are cut through each page to reveal the layers below. When designing "Orlando City Maps,"…
Descriptors: Artists, Art Products, Integrated Curriculum, Art Education
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