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Alford, Joanna – Arts & Activities, 2012
James Rosenquist's giant Pop-art panels included realistic renderings of well-known contemporary foods and objects, juxtaposed with famous people in the news--largely from the 1960s, '70s and '80s--and really serve as visual time capsules. In this article, eighth-graders focus on the style of James Rosenquist to create their own Pop-art panel that…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Art Expression, Artists
Laird, Shirley – Arts & Activities, 2012
Every year, the author's eighth-graders do some projects on color mixing and color schemes. In this article, the author gives a twist to the basic color wheel. Using rough-draft paper the same size as the paper they would eventually work on, students were to figure out a way to divide it into six spaces. They were not limited to basic rectangles,…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Color, Grade 8
Vance, Shelly – Arts & Activities, 2012
In this article, the author describes how her students constructed a three-dimensional sculpture of a dragon using plaster wrap and other materials. The dragons were formed from modest means--using only a toilet-paper tube, newsprint, tape and wire.
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Sculpture, Art Materials
Cahn, Jeanne – Arts & Activities, 2011
For several years, the author has taught a six-week ceramics course to students in grades six through eight. This is an elective class, so only interested and passionate students sign up. In past years, she has given three different assignments using slab, coil, and pinch construction techniques, which allowed for individual creative expression.…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Ceramics, Grade 6
Sartorius, Tara Cady – Arts & Activities, 2011
This article discusses Al Souza's "Orlando City Maps," which was created not by adding colored ink to paper, but by cutting the printed paper away. Seven layers of pages are stacked upon one another and, except for the intact bottom layer, oval-shaped holes are cut through each page to reveal the layers below. When designing "Orlando City Maps,"…
Descriptors: Artists, Art Products, Integrated Curriculum, Art Education
Sartorius, Tara Cady – Arts & Activities, 2011
When artists are inspired to travel in Europe to study art and history of the Western world, Italy is a good place to start. With its ancient architecture, rich cultural heritage, and superb works of art, Italy has been the quintessential center of Western art history for centuries. It was the good fortune of Alabama-based artist and teacher…
Descriptors: Art History, Foreign Countries, Artists, Freehand Drawing
Vance, Shelly – Arts & Activities, 2010
Creating an appreciation of art history in her junior-high students has always been one of the author's greatest challenges as an art teacher. In this article, the author describes how her eighth-grade students re-created a famous work of art--piece by piece, like a puzzle or a stained-glass window--out of construction paper. (Contains 1 resource.)
Descriptors: Art History, Studio Art, Art Activities, Art Appreciation
McCreight, Elena – Arts & Activities, 2010
Art teachers are constantly seeking innovative ideas, approaches and media to incorporate into fresh and inspiring lessons. In this article, the author describes how her class created relief or mosaic-like self-portraits by gluing or attaching multiples of any chosen objects or materials onto a surface.
Descriptors: Portraiture, Design Crafts, Art Products, Art Activities
Skophammer, Karen – Arts & Activities, 2010
This printmaking unit will get students excited about geography and history. In this article, the author describes how her eighth-grade students created a report and a linoleum print of a famous "landmark."
Descriptors: Grade 8, Graphic Arts, Visual Arts, Art Activities
Yonker, Kim – Arts & Activities, 2010
In this article, the author describes a silk-painting project with a sea-creature theme for eighth-grade students. Other themes can be used such as geometric quilt designs, tropical rain forest, large flowers, Art Nouveau motifs, portraits and more. (Contains 2 resources.)
Descriptors: Grade 8, Art Activities, Studio Art, Painting (Visual Arts)
Schultz, Kathy – Arts & Activities, 2010
The fun of creating collages is there are unlimited possibilities for the different kinds of materials one can use. In this article, the author describes how her eighth-grade students created an owl using mixed media.
Descriptors: Art Products, Art Activities, Studio Art, Art Materials
Baker, Rita – Arts & Activities, 2010
Many different cultures created and used the basket not only for utilitarian purposes, but also for ceremonial uses. In this article, the author describes an eighth-grade project inspired by the basket making of the Gullah people, who live along the coast of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.
Descriptors: Art Activities, Studio Art, Grade 8, Folk Culture
Tomash, Lisa – Arts & Activities, 2010
In this article, the author describes a landscape project using Grant Wood's paintings as an example. As part of the project, the students are required to include a barn in their picture. This project is a great opportunity to study an Iowa artist who did landscape painting and to study perspective. This is also an excellent project for teaching…
Descriptors: Painting (Visual Arts), Buildings, Studio Art, Artists
Tamplin de Poinsot, Nan – Arts & Activities, 2010
Graphic art can be a tough subject approach with seventh- and eighth-graders, but by mixing a little language arts into the studio lesson, they can have fun with the art of words in a whole new way. In this article, the author describes how students created a graphic design using a word. The purpose of the graphic art is to educate--to teach an…
Descriptors: Graphic Arts, Grade 7, Grade 8, Form Classes (Languages)
Daseler, Jack C. – Arts & Activities, 2010
Recently, the teachers at the author's school completed a group project with their eighth-graders in which they recreated a mural version of the famous painting by Pablo Picasso, "Guernica." This activity was aimed at: (1) studying the rise of Fascism in Spain and Germany during the Spanish Civil War prior to World War II; (2) learning…
Descriptors: World History, War, Foreign Countries, Artists
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