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Nadeau, Pamela A. – Arts & Activities, 2012
When the author was training to be an art educator, she was employed as a sixth-grade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher. When the author moved into the art teacher position at the very same school, she borrowed her cooperating teacher Kim Donovan's ELA project, in which students will design an 1800s-style "wanted poster," and transformed it into…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Portraiture, Freehand Drawing
Blackwell, Elizabeth – Arts & Activities, 2012
Wanted: Clay project that will include the basics of well-crafted construction, a variety of decorative surface treatments, wide-ranging creative possibilities, a high level of success for students, a connection to historical beginnings, and result in a functional product. All of these attributes exist in a project that the author calls "Character…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Ceramics, Grade 6
Cunningham, Kathy – Arts & Activities, 2011
What if we hosted a banquet for famous artists and they came dressed in their own work? With this idea in mind, the author gathered materials on different artists from books, magazines, and the Internet. To simplify things somewhat, she only used artists from the mid-1800s to the present. The sixth graders made the artists' masks, placemats, and…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Artists, Art History, Art Activities
Skophammer, Karen – Arts & Activities, 2011
Creativity--where does it come from? When nurturing creativity, it is necessary to have an open mind. By nurturing a creative mind, one finds that artists' ideas flow freely, so students need to look deeper into the artworks, the artists' lives, and what was behind the inspiration for the work. Imagining themselves as one of the artists they have…
Descriptors: Creativity, Artists, Art History, Studio Art
Cahn, Jeanne – Arts & Activities, 2011
For several years, the author has taught a six-week ceramics course to students in grades six through eight. This is an elective class, so only interested and passionate students sign up. In past years, she has given three different assignments using slab, coil, and pinch construction techniques, which allowed for individual creative expression.…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Ceramics, Grade 6
Sartorius, Tara Cady – Arts & Activities, 2011
This article discusses Al Souza's "Orlando City Maps," which was created not by adding colored ink to paper, but by cutting the printed paper away. Seven layers of pages are stacked upon one another and, except for the intact bottom layer, oval-shaped holes are cut through each page to reveal the layers below. When designing "Orlando City Maps,"…
Descriptors: Artists, Art Products, Integrated Curriculum, Art Education
Sartorius, Tara Cady – Arts & Activities, 2011
When artists are inspired to travel in Europe to study art and history of the Western world, Italy is a good place to start. With its ancient architecture, rich cultural heritage, and superb works of art, Italy has been the quintessential center of Western art history for centuries. It was the good fortune of Alabama-based artist and teacher…
Descriptors: Art History, Foreign Countries, Artists, Freehand Drawing
Dakos, Sofia Marangos – Arts & Activities, 2011
After reading "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, this author was excited to introduce the story to her art-club students in grades five through seven, and to incorporate the message into an art lesson. She was inspired to use the story because it causes students to become globally aware of other people and…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Art Activities, Studio Art, Grade 5
Laird, Shirley – Arts & Activities, 2010
In this article, the author describes a texture and pattern project. Students started by doing an outline contour drawing of an animal. With the outline drawn, the students then write one of their names to fit "inside" the animal.
Descriptors: Animals, Freehand Drawing, Studio Art, Middle School Students
Cunningham, Kathy – Arts & Activities, 2010
Miriam Schapiro (b. 1923) is that rarity: a famous, living woman artist. In trying to reinforce the idea of contemporary women in art, the author chose to introduce her sixth-graders to Schapiro's work. In this article, the author describes how her students created dancing figures which were inspired by Schapiro's series of "Rondo" dancers.
Descriptors: Artists, Art Products, Grade 6, Studio Art
Bates, Janet – Arts & Activities, 2010
Sometimes, the inspiration for an art idea comes from the strangest and most unexpected places! The author wanted to provide students in grades 5-7 in a fine-arts module an opportunity to be creative in a unique and inexpensive way, while incorporating a three-dimensional element. Since she personally enjoys thumbing through "Architectural…
Descriptors: Architecture, Middle School Students, Studio Art, Grade 5
Laird, Shirley – Arts & Activities, 2010
The author likes to have her middle school students work with pens, patterns and textures. Because she was tired of the usual texture project she had been using, Shirley Laird began looking for a new approach. While searching for an inspiration, she ran across some old calendars that had excellent photos of teddy bears dressed up in different…
Descriptors: Middle School Students, Grade 6, Freehand Drawing, Art Activities
Tomash, Lisa – Arts & Activities, 2010
In this article, the author describes a landscape project using Grant Wood's paintings as an example. As part of the project, the students are required to include a barn in their picture. This project is a great opportunity to study an Iowa artist who did landscape painting and to study perspective. This is also an excellent project for teaching…
Descriptors: Painting (Visual Arts), Buildings, Studio Art, Artists
Petersen, Hugh – Arts & Activities, 2010
The Aztec Sun Stone is a revered Mexican artifact. It is said to be perhaps the most famous symbol of Mexico, besides its flag. It primarily depicts the four great disasters that led to the migration of the Mexica people to modern-day Mexico City. The Aztec Sun Stone also contains pictographs depicting the way the Mexica measured time, and was…
Descriptors: Grade 6, Middle School Students, Art Activities, Studio Art
Leenhouts, Robin – Arts & Activities, 2010
This article describes a clay project for students studying Greece and Rome. It provides a wonderful way to learn slab construction techniques by making small clay column capitols. With this lesson, students learn architectural vocabulary and history, understand the importance of classical architectural forms and their influence on today's…
Descriptors: Architecture, Art History, Studio Art, Art Activities
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