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Mazur, Matt – Arts & Activities, 2013
Inspired by a beautiful bookmark one of the author's students made for him as a gift, he began a lesson exploring the vibrant bark paintings popular all over Mexico. The majority of his students have Mexican ancestry, so exploring the arts of Mexico is always popular and well received. Amate paintings can also be a great way to introduce the…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Painting (Visual Arts), Freehand Drawing
Speelman, Melissa – Arts & Activities, 2012
A great start for the semester, this pinwheel project provides a good dose of art history, and a variety of media and techniques. It also teaches students how to clean up and store things properly. Five artists are introduced, each with a different art medium and technique. In this activity, students are expected to: (1) study works by five famous…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Artists, Art History
Nadeau, Pamela A. – Arts & Activities, 2012
When the author was training to be an art educator, she was employed as a sixth-grade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher. When the author moved into the art teacher position at the very same school, she borrowed her cooperating teacher Kim Donovan's ELA project, in which students will design an 1800s-style "wanted poster," and transformed it into…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Portraiture, Freehand Drawing
Bates, Janet – Arts & Activities, 2012
Once, in the author's continual quest for unique and varied art projects, she was inspired by a colorful Kleenex[R] box which was covered with faces in a variety of sizes, ages, shapes and colors. What a fun idea to have her class create their own portraits using only construction paper, glue and one's fingers. As she shared an examplar rip-art…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Portraiture, Art Materials
Guhin, Paula – Arts & Activities, 2012
Making paper can be good for the planet, as well as an adventure for one's students. The costs of the activity of making the pulp from recycled paper are low and it is very eco-friendly. To begin, the author showed her middle-school students several examples of handmade paper in which outdoor scenes had been developed using an additive technique.…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Paper (Material), Recycling
Burtner, Erin – Arts & Activities, 2012
What excites the author the most is finding something new and turning it into a lesson her students will enjoy and learn from. Lately, she has been most inspired by the work she finds on one website. The lesson began with a brief PowerPoint based on an artist's website. This particular artist--Jennifer Schmitt--does reduction prints using several…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Visual Arts, Graphic Arts
Lane, Susan L. – Arts & Activities, 2012
The fear of embarrassment in middle- and high-school students often inhibits their attempts at drawing realistically. Many find it difficult to reproduce what they see accurately, and as a result, complain, act out or refuse to do the task in order to save face. In this article, the author describes a lesson that does three things: (1) it attempts…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Freehand Drawing, Middle School Students
Overby, Alexandra – Arts & Activities, 2012
Tired of hearing grumbling and moaning when it is time for critiques? It has been the author's experience that students do not do well in critiques because of two main things: (1) being shy about displaying their work; and (2) not knowing the right vocabulary to use to support their like (or dislike) of others' work. In this article, the author…
Descriptors: Art Education, Art Criticism, Teaching Methods, Vocabulary
Flynt, Deborah – Arts & Activities, 2012
Garden gnomes: magical or tacky? Well, art is in the eye of the beholder, and for the author's advanced seventh-grade art class, garden gnomes are magical. Gnomes have a very long history, dating back to medieval times. A fairytale describes them as brownie-like creatures that are nocturnal helpers. In this article, the author describes how her…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Grade 7, Sculpture
Blackwell, Elizabeth – Arts & Activities, 2012
Wanted: Clay project that will include the basics of well-crafted construction, a variety of decorative surface treatments, wide-ranging creative possibilities, a high level of success for students, a connection to historical beginnings, and result in a functional product. All of these attributes exist in a project that the author calls "Character…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Ceramics, Grade 6
Alford, Joanna – Arts & Activities, 2012
James Rosenquist's giant Pop-art panels included realistic renderings of well-known contemporary foods and objects, juxtaposed with famous people in the news--largely from the 1960s, '70s and '80s--and really serve as visual time capsules. In this article, eighth-graders focus on the style of James Rosenquist to create their own Pop-art panel that…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Art Expression, Artists
Laird, Shirley – Arts & Activities, 2012
Every year, the author's eighth-graders do some projects on color mixing and color schemes. In this article, the author gives a twist to the basic color wheel. Using rough-draft paper the same size as the paper they would eventually work on, students were to figure out a way to divide it into six spaces. They were not limited to basic rectangles,…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Color, Grade 8
Skophammer, Karen – Arts & Activities, 2012
Many painters use lines to express powerful emotions. Both Vincent van Gogh and Jean-Michel Basquiat had difficult lives filled with hardship, and died at a young age. They both used art to deal with their emotions. It seems like the stronger the feelings were in them, the faster the strokes were put down in their work. In this article,…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Middle School Students, Psychological Patterns
Vance, Shelly – Arts & Activities, 2012
In this article, the author describes how her students constructed a three-dimensional sculpture of a dragon using plaster wrap and other materials. The dragons were formed from modest means--using only a toilet-paper tube, newsprint, tape and wire.
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Sculpture, Art Materials
Skophammer, Karen – Arts & Activities, 2012
Vocabulary can become tedious and a chore if it is approached as such. By making art terms and vocabulary meaningful, students will remember and use them for years to come. In this article, the author describes two vocabulary review projects that work wonderfully and create great works of art: (1) cursive creature rubbings; and (2) bubbling bodies…
Descriptors: Studio Art, Art Activities, Vocabulary, Visual Arts
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