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Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
After the fatal shootings at Virginia Tech last April, colleges went shopping for hardware. They bought sirens, mass-messaging systems, surveillance cameras, and door locks. Some colleges armed their police departments for the first time. Others added assault rifles to their arsenals. "Active shooter" drills happened everywhere. As administrators…
Descriptors: Emotional Problems, School Security, Police, Depression (Psychology)
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
This month a company in Spokane, Washington, plans to release "Shots Fired on Campus," an instructional DVD with strategies for preventing and surviving a gun rampage. About 50 colleges have ordered the video, and its creators expect to sell several hundred more this fall. Since the massacre at Virginia Tech last year, colleges everywhere have…
Descriptors: Colleges, Campuses, School Safety, Educational Environment
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
A gentleman does not steal horses, spit food across the table, or pee on peoples' shoes. By that definition, John "Bluto" Blutarsky is not a gentleman, but something more extraordinary. The fictional antihero of "National Lampoon's Animal House," Bluto is a slovenly symbol of irreverence, a bloated personification of the id. Bored by the past and…
Descriptors: Laws, Films, Popular Culture, Fraternities
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
For the group Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), the drinking age recently questioned by college presidents, is not a topic for debate. In August the organization publicly berated the Amethyst Initiative, a group of 100 presidents and chancellors who signed a statement urging legislators to revisit the law and to examine its effectiveness. The…
Descriptors: Legislators, Drinking, Young Adults, Public Opinion
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2007
This article discusses a fight at Guilford College engaging athletes and students and the continued argument about what to call the incident. In their appeals for patience, officials have cited the college's Quaker traditions, including the "testimony of integrity," which is associated with honesty, fairness, and the search for truth. This…
Descriptors: Injuries, Student Behavior, Antisocial Behavior, Racial Relations
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2007
Jean M. Twenge, an associate professor of psychology at San Diego State University, says gadgets and online social-networking sites have stoked the self-loving tendencies of modern students. Twenge revealed her findings from a study that describes this wired and coddled generation, known as Millennials, as the most narcissistic in recent history.…
Descriptors: Self Esteem, Personality Traits, College Students, Student Behavior
Hoover, Eric; Lipka, Sara; Wasley, Paula – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2007
As seniors throughout the nation prepare to graduate this spring, they are cramming for finals, finishing theses, and saying goodbye to friends. At many colleges, they are also looking forward to participating in graduation rituals--and scrambling to complete lists of things they must do before they leave their campuses behind. These rites of…
Descriptors: Graduation Requirements, College Seniors, Ceremonies, Social Values
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2007
The University of Delaware spent years refining its residence-life education program. One week of public criticism unraveled it. Late last month, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a free-speech group, accused the university of promoting specific views on race, sexuality, and morality in a series of discussions held in dormitories.…
Descriptors: Cultural Awareness, Student Diversity, Dormitories, Sexual Identity
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2007
Under-age drinkers will do almost anything to stay out of trouble. Sometimes they won't even call 911 in an emergency, says Meghan Hanrahan, a junior at Ohio University. That's why she believes administrators should waive judicial punishments when intoxicated students seek medical help for themselves or their friends. Ms. Hanrahan, a student at…
Descriptors: Resident Advisers, College Students, Health Personnel, Alcohol Abuse
Fogg, Piper; Hoover, Eric; Mangan, Katherine S. – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2006
Nearly five months after Hurricane Katrina swept them off their campuses in and around New Orleans, thousands of college administrators, faculty members, and students began a new semester in January 2006. Students came back with a new spirit of determination to adapt to the new realities of New Orleans, and to campuses that are forever changed,…
Descriptors: Campuses, College Faculty, College Students, Natural Disasters
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2003
Describes the increasing interest in high school debate teams among minority group students. Participation in debate, no longer the province of white students alone, can result in increased college admissions, thanks in part to the Urban Debate League. (SLD)
Descriptors: College Admission, College Students, Debate, High School Students
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2003
Discusses a national survey suggesting that college students could be a key demographic force in the 2004 elections. (EV)
Descriptors: College Students, Elections, Higher Education, Presidential Campaigns (United States)
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2003
Animals owned by college students are particularly vulnerable to neglect, mistreatment, and abandonment, given the fact that pets are usually prohibited from college dorms and student apartments. Some students, however, persist in keeping pets on campus. (SLD)
Descriptors: College Students, Higher Education, Housing, Pets
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2003
Describes how college students are among the reservists whose lives have been put on hold by recent military activation. (EV)
Descriptors: Armed Forces, College Students, Higher Education, Military Service
Hoover, Eric – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2002
Discusses how, as Harvard's Henry Wechsler continues to warn that a "sea of alcohol" threatens many campuses, some health experts wonder whether he is doing more harm than good. (EV)
Descriptors: Alcohol Abuse, Alcohol Education, College Faculty, College Students
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