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Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2011
The workers of the 21st Century will be expected to do more reading and writing than has been done in the past. In order to be successful, one author, Langer, stated that students need to possess "high literacy." According to the literature, it is evident when reading is truly a priority and supported by all stakeholders because there are high…
Descriptors: Reading Materials, Literacy Education, English Instruction, Reading Strategies
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2010
Being clear about the reason for academic intervention programs is essential prior to establishing programs. Saturday School and tutoring are two approaches that can be helpful in student retention and increasing graduation rates but only if they are set up to meet the specific needs of the school's students. There are no common measures of the…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, School Holding Power, Tutoring, Intervention
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2010
Traditionally class rankings have been used by high schools to determine valedictorians and salutatorians. These rankings have also been used by colleges to make admission decisions and for awarding scholarships. While there is no direct link between college rank and college admission, there is evidence that not using class rank can reduce stress…
Descriptors: Class Rank, College Admission, Scholarships, High Schools
Walker, Karen – Principals' Partnership, 2010
Much has been written about student preparation for standardized tests such as: get enough sleep, do not eat sugary food or drinks, eat a well-balanced meal, wear comfortable clothing, bring appropriate supplies especially extra #2 pencils, answer every question, write neatly and legibly, deduce wrong answers immediately and use all of the time…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Testing, Standardized Tests, Test Items
Walker, Karen – Principals' Partnership, 2010
Even though it often feels like standardized testing is a relatively recent phenomena, it has been around at least since the 1800s, when in China, those that wanted a government job were required to take a test on their expertise of Confucian philosophy and poetry. During the Industrial Revolution, standardized tests were a quick way to test large…
Descriptors: Aptitude Tests, Testing, Standardized Tests, Graduation
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2009
There are many kinds of classroom assessment--from informal observation of students to more formal exams and standardized tests. Two categories have been identified--formative assessments and summative assessments. Formative assessments are used by teachers to provide feedback to students and to guide improvement of instruction. For example, if a…
Descriptors: Student Evaluation, Educational Strategies, Teaching Methods, Standardized Tests
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2009
What does the research indicate are the effects of medicating or not medicating adolescents with ADHD? Many parents and health care providers are rethinking and questioning the long-term effects of medication on children. Whether or not to medicate adolescents with ADHD is a conundrum that many parents face. Some parents believe their child will…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Developmental Delays, Drug Abuse, Attention Deficit Disorders
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2009
Suspension from school is directly related to student learning. When students are suspended from school they are deprived of instructional time. Often the students that are suspended most frequently are those behind academically. Principals have worked with their staff to identify several alternatives to school suspension. First and foremost, is…
Descriptors: Suspension, Student Behavior, Intervention, Parent Participation
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2009
Despite the numerous advantages of a year-round schedule, there are significant political hurdles to its implementation. The most successful year-round schools are those where leaders worked closely with staff and families to maximize the benefits, minimize the costs, and build support for modifying the traditional school calendar. The research on…
Descriptors: School Schedules, Year Round Schools, Politics of Education, Socioeconomic Influences
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2008
Although technology affects everyone's lives in a many ways, effective utilization of it has been slow to enter America's classrooms. The expectations of Millennial students (those born between 1980-2000) are different from those from previous generations. They expect immediate feedback, are skilled multitaskers and use various technological…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Educational Opportunities, Electronic Learning, Distance Education
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2008
What is service-learning and how can students and community benefit from it? With the pressure of covering all of the content, passing tests, meeting standards and making AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress), how is it realistically feasible to make learning more meaningful so that students are able to take it and utilize it in real life? There is no…
Descriptors: Educational Improvement, Social Responsibility, Community Benefits, Service Learning
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2008
Students need to be competent in science because of its impact on everyday decision-making, the rapid pace of change and the increasing interdependent global economy (Lawton, 2007; U.S. Department of Education, 2000; Lederman, 1998). According to the National Research Council, "Teachers of science should develop communities of science learners…
Descriptors: Science Instruction, Science Teachers, Social Values, Global Approach
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2008
Meeting the needs of every student so that they can be successful in the real world and life is one of the primary goals of education. In this era of high stakes standardized testing and No Child Left Behind, it is expected that all students should achieve at the same academic levels. Yet, no two students are identical so it makes logical sense…
Descriptors: Disabilities, Academic Achievement, Standardized Tests, Special Needs Students
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2007
While fiscal resources continue to dwindle, the mandates of NCLB have placed restraints on those who can be hired and schools are expected to continue to do more to meet the intellectual, social and emotional needs of students, what can be done to realistically help meet the increasing demands? Developing and maintaining partnerships with a…
Descriptors: Partnerships in Education, Stakeholders, School Community Relationship, Guides
Walker, Karen – Education Partnerships, Inc., 2007
In 2002, the United States Supreme Court confirmed that in the school's role of in loco parentis, drug testing of students who were involved in athletics and extracurricular activities was constitutional. In a state of the union address, George W. Bush stated that drug testing in schools had been effective and was part of "our aggressive…
Descriptors: Extracurricular Activities, Drug Abuse, Drug Use Testing, Testing Programs
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