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Centre for Information on Language Teaching, London (England). – 1977
The guide is addressed to the colleagues of the foreign language assistant in the languages departments since the assistant's work, to a large extent, depends on a successful relationship with them. The foreign language assistant is defined as a native speaker of a foreign language, e.g. French, German, Spanish, Italian, who serves in a British…
Descriptors: Conversational Language Courses, Higher Education, Language Instruction, Language Programs
Meeker, Sharon K. – 1978
This paper describes a technique for giving ESL (English as a second language) students with rather limited English ability an opportunity to talk on a regular basis. The technique takes into consideration: (1) the time limitations of the classroom; (2) the tendency of some students to dominate discussion and the need for giving others…
Descriptors: Class Activities, Classroom Techniques, Communicative Competence (Languages), Conversational Language Courses
Sasaki, Ruth A. – 1978
A set of specific and practical ideas for teaching language skills are presented, centered around the use of charts or "squares" of pictures that represent ideas that can be expressed in basic English. The focus is a story square, a system of pictures tied together by a plot and presented to the class as a puzzle. Squares for pronunciation can be…
Descriptors: Communication Skills, Communicative Competence (Languages), Educational Media, English (Second Language)
Dissemination and Assessment Center for Bilingual Education, Austin, TX. – 1978
The teacher's manual, written in Spanish, is a detailed guide for using the reader and workbook of the same title. Taken together, the three books comprise the second level of a series of supplementary materials to teach reading in Spanish to second grade students. The teacher's guide contains an introduction explaining the series in its entirety,…
Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Course Objectives, Diagnostic Tests, Educational Games
Dissemination and Assessment Center for Bilingual Education, Austin, TX. – 1978
The Spanish language teacher's guide is part of the third level of a series of supplementary materials designed for teaching second grade reading in Spanish. The manual is a detailed guide to the use of the reader and workbook of the same title. It contains an explanatory introduction and an extensive list of objectives, for each of the five to…
Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Course Objectives, Educational Games, Educational Objectives
Dissemination and Assessment Center for Bilingual Education, Austin, TX. – 1978
The teacher's guide, written in Spanish, and the reader and workbook of the same title, form the fourth level in a series of supplemental instructional materials designed for teaching reading in Spanish to second grade students. Following an introduction and a detailed list of objectives for each of the five to eight lessons per unit, there are…
Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Course Objectives, Educational Games, Educational Objectives
Dissemination and Assessment Center for Bilingual Education, Austin, TX. – 1978
Instructions for use of "Escaparate," the third of eight Spanish reading and language instruction units developed by Edgewood School District's Bilingual Program, San Antonio, Texas, are given in this teacher guide. Originally intended for grades four through six, the program may be used from fourth grade to secondary school in Spanish reading and…
Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Childrens Literature, Cultural Education, Discussion (Teaching Technique)
Popper, Walter; McClain, Thomas W. – 1978
Divided into three chapters, this manual suggests career-related activities designed to be infused in the standard school curriculum, K-12. Chapter 1 provides an overview of career education, including a rationale and outline of the eight basic elements accepted by the federal Office of Education. Chapter 2 explains what is meant by career…
Descriptors: Annotated Bibliographies, Art Education, Career Awareness, Career Education
Center for Applied Linguistics, Arlington, VA. – 1977
The sound systems of Vietnamese and English have very little in common and therefore the Vietnamese learner of English will have great difficulty with pronunciation. This guide points out the specific problem areas and gives pronunciation exercises to deal with each problem. Twenty-eight pronunciation lessons are included, preceded by two…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Adult Students, Contrastive Linguistics, English (Second Language)
Zappala, Stephen – 1976
This instructor's manual accompanies the student text, "Italian (Programmed), Volume 1," which covers virtually the entire sound system of the Italian language and introduces the basic grammatical categories (gender, number, unit noun markers, person, and tense). The manual contains the instructions on how to use the materials and the following…
Descriptors: Grammar, Guides, Instructional Materials, Italian
Stanislawczyk, Irene E.; Yavener, Symond – 1976
This volume deals with different methods for teaching foreign languages, and is intended as an instrument to foster creative thinking and teaching. The first chapter, "The Need for Liberation," discusses the need to progress beyond structure drills towards meaningful language use. Chapters 2-5, "The Beginning Phase,""The Lower-Intermediate…
Descriptors: Audiolingual Methods, Audiovisual Aids, Communicative Competence (Languages), Creativity
Paulston, Christina Bratt; Bruder, Mary Newton – 1975
This book is meant to serve as a guide to more efficient language teaching. Although it is based on theories both from standard audiolingual theory and cognitive-code learning, the basic objectives remain those of the audiolingual approach. The book focusses on the teaching of grammar and on the most efficient way to use drills in the classroom in…
Descriptors: Audiolingual Methods, Communicative Competence (Languages), Form Classes (Languages), Grammar
Siegrist, David Stephen – 1977
This manual attempts to provide practical and useful linguistic information for classroom teachers and classroom aides in bilingual programs, K to 12. It stresses the importance of teamwork in any bilingual program, a team consisting of teachers, aides, volunteers and student tutors. The goal of the manual is to help teachers and aides become more…
Descriptors: Bilingual Education, Bilingualism, Educational Resources, Elementary Secondary Education
Hallman, Clemens L., Ed. – 1976
This list of minimal competencies for foreign language teachers is broken down into the following categories: (1) practical command of the foreign language, (2) language analysis, (3) culture, (4) teaching-learning process, and (5) professional. Each category has three parts: competence, indicator (a brief description of the activity or ability by…
Descriptors: Cultural Awareness, Job Skills, Language Instruction, Language Skills
Lister, Susan, Comp. – 1977
This volume is a collection of articles, activities and resources in the foreign language field from both state and national sources. The collection deals with teaching methods, trends in the field, instructional materials, learning activities and creative student work. Various kinds of resources for foreign language teachers, including…
Descriptors: Audiovisual Aids, Educational Media, French, German
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