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Saxe, Adele R. – 1977
This manual is designed to aid elementary and secondary teachers in creating programs to teach about aging. Goals of this program are to (1) provide young people with a better understanding of the aging process, (2) provide a perspective of the meaning of education in one's own life, (3) establish cross-generational understanding and cooperation,…
Descriptors: Adult Development, Affective Objectives, Bibliographies, Cognitive Objectives
Johnson, Paul G., Ed. – 1978
These nine instructional units form the second part of a two-part plan for providing direction for junior high studies in economics. The units cover the first nine of 14 concepts outlined in part one, the concept paper (see SO 011 415). Suitable for both junior high and high school level, each unit comprises a one-week course. All nine units can…
Descriptors: Bibliographies, Capitalism, Concept Teaching, Consumer Education
Callahan, J. Thomas – 1978
Designed to help the high school industrial arts instructor in teaching power technology, this curriculum guide concentrates on seven subject areas: exploratory power technology, electricity, electronics, small gas engines, automotive repair, transportation, and alternate energy sources. The general course objectives are identified as enabling the…
Descriptors: Auto Mechanics, Bibliographies, Career Awareness, Class Size
South Carolina State Dept. of Education, Columbia. Office of Vocational Education. – 1978
This booklet presents in eight sections competencies, content areas, learning activities, and resources intended to serve as examples of strategies for incorporating free enterprise education in the office occupations education curriculum. Section 1 includes the rationale for studying free enterprise and describes the format and procedures of this…
Descriptors: Accounting, Audiovisual Aids, Business Education, Business Skills
Georgia Univ., Athens. Coll. of Education. – 1977
This is the teacher's guide for a learning module designed to integrate environmental education into ninth- and tenth-grade social studies classes. This module and a parallel module designed for chemistry classes were pilot tested in Gwinnett County, Georgia in 1975-76. The module is divided into four parts. The first part alerts students to the…
Descriptors: Course Content, Curriculum Guides, Ecology, Environmental Education
Georgia Univ., Athens. Coll. of Education. – 1977
This is a teacher's guide for a module designed to integrate environmental education into ninth- and tenth-grade chemistry classes. The module, pilot tested in Gwinnett County, Georgia in classes of students, many of whom had learning disabilities, emphasizes activity learning and considerable review. The module is divided into four parts. Part…
Descriptors: Course Content, Curriculum Guides, Environmental Education, Experiential Learning
Kirk, Robert H.; Hamrick, Michael H. – 1977
Developed to capitalize on the interests and concerns of secondary students, this curriculum guide covers ten topics in health education, including disease, family life, nutrition, safety and accident prevention, and harmful substances. A list of concepts is given for each topic. The concepts are further developed by providing suggested content,…
Descriptors: Course Content, Curriculum Guides, Environmental Influences, Health Education
Seiferth, Berniece B.; Bennett, Barbara – 1977
This teaching unit was developed to highlight the role of women in American history. Written for the junior and senior high school level, the unit examines how women's role has changed, what contributions were made by women in the almost 400 years of our history, effects of the women's rights and suffragist movement of the 19th century, and…
Descriptors: Course Content, Course Objectives, Curriculum Development, Curriculum Guides
West Chester School District, PA.
Ten economics units are outlined for junior and senior high school use. Taken together the units comprise a one-semester (18 week) course. General objectives include understanding the differences between a free-enterprise economy, a mixed economy, and a planned economy; explaining how the government of a country controls the use of paper money;…
Descriptors: Banking, Consumer Economics, Course Content, Course Objectives
The five units on American Urban Studies presented in this curriculum guide are designed to examine the development, present conditions, and alternatives for the future of urban areas. Major emphasis in these units is on contemporary urban problems and possibilities for their solution. The major objectives covered in this course outline are: (1)…
Descriptors: American Studies, Course Content, Course Objectives, Curriculum Guides
Virginia State Dept. of Education, Richmond. Div. of Vocational Education. – 1977
Designed as a model for use in preparing business education programs of study, this guide presents occupational programs and single course offerings recommended to meet business student and community needs. The programs are job-cluster oriented and cover the following occupational areas: business data processing and related occupations; clerical…
Descriptors: Accounting, Business Education, Cooperative Education, Course Content
Michael J. Owens Technical Coll., Perrysburg, OH. – 1973
A pre--Post secondary curriculum for preparing eleventh and twelfth grade students contemplating postsecondary education in the health occupations is presented in the document. The curriculum would assist high school students in their choice of health careers and in entering postsecondary education smoothly. The pre--post secondary curriculum…
Descriptors: Allied Health Occupations Education, College Preparation, Course Content, Curriculum Guides
Gordon, Alice K.; And Others – 1975
The junior high school curriculum was designed to serve the dual purposes of career development and occupational exploration in marketing and distribution. The guide contains: a field-test summary, detailed introduction to the teacher (including purposes, outcomes and goals, instructional strategies, structure of the curriculum, the conceptual…
Descriptors: Career Development, Career Exploration, Career Opportunities, Career Planning
Smith, Robin; Kozacik, Mary – 1975
The document contains 48 Adult Basic Education (A.B.E.) instructional units, designed to help the A.B.E. learner read the newspaper with more facility and interest. The 48 units represent the newspaper's entire range of content. Specific reading skills, stressed in some units, are geared toward the student whose reading ability ranges from above…
Descriptors: Adult Basic Education, Adult Reading Programs, Course Content, Curriculum Guides
Oregon State Board of Education, Salem. Div. of Community Colleges and Career Education. – 1970
The document consists of a course outline for a one semester health occupations career exploration course for grades 7-10 and a description of an exploratory course module. The course outline presents proposed content with corresponding activity suggestions in three sections designed to (1) define health and health care, (2) identify jobs and job…
Descriptors: Advisory Committees, Allied Health Occupations Education, Career Exploration, Career Opportunities
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