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Corbin, John – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1981
Discusses the development of a legal collection in the public library in terms of the breadth of the collection, ethical considerations involved in public access to legal materials, establishing a core collection, organizing the collection, and bibliographic aids. Fifteen references are listed. (CHC)
Descriptors: Access to Education, Citations (References), Community Information Services, Community Resources
Darling, Pamela W. – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1981
Discusses problems created by the deterioration of both book and nonbook library materials made of chemically unstable materials. Explores current trends in preservation, including environmental control, new standards for more durable papers, and professional training in techniques and procedures for retarding deterioration. Six references are…
Descriptors: Change, Climate Control, Futures (of Society), Library Automation
Davis, Mary B. – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1992
Outlines goals and guidelines for developing Native American collections in libraries. Prominent publishers of relevant materials are identified and titles for a core collection are discussed, including reference and Native American subject area materials. (EA)
Descriptors: Adolescent Literature, American Indian Culture, Art Products, Folk Culture
Lawrence, Deirdre – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1992
Presents a brief overview of the evolution of documentary material of Native American cultures and problems confronted by researchers in locating relevant information. Bibliographic sources for research are discussed and a directory of major repositories of Native American art documentation is provided. (EA)
Descriptors: American Indian Culture, Anthropology, Archives, Art Products
Topping, Russ; Hole, Carol – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1992
Intended for libraries contemplating the purchase of a bookmobile, this guide suggests evaluating the population it will serve and the programing that will be offered; collecting staff and public input; and having a consultant develop technical specifications, just as one would have an architect design a building. (four references) (LAE)
Descriptors: Bids, Bookmobiles, Consultants, Equipment Evaluation
Polly, Jean Armour – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1992
Describes resources available through INTERNET that are of interest to librarians, including electronic newsletters and serials, online library catalogs, bulletin boards, remote access to software or text files, utilities to help navigate the network, sources for learning more about the INTERNET, discussion list guides, and INTERNET library…
Descriptors: Electronic Mail, Electronic Publishing, Internet, Library Catalogs
Simon, Matthew – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1992
Suggests ways to use library buildings and space to attract users and to showcase collections and services. Ideas for a marketing strategy using windows, promenades and walkways, the entrance of lobby, and the interior are offered. Increasing use by making libraries a place for fun and entertainment is also recommended. (MES)
Descriptors: Library Facilities, Library Role, Library Services, Marketing
Johnson, Debra Wilcox – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1990
Summarizes reasons for evaluating library literacy programs and the role of evaluation in the planning process. What to measure is discussed, and sample measures for library collections, support services, and direct instruction are listed. Issues to be considered in developing program objectives and evaluation strategies are also addressed. (10…
Descriptors: Evaluation Criteria, Library Planning, Library Services, Literacy
Beiser, Karl – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1988
Reviews five CD-ROM catalogs: (1) Auto-Graphics Impact; (2) Brodart LePac; (3) GRC LaserGuide; (4) Library Corporation Intelligent Catalog; and (5) MARCIVE Pac. General guidelines for selecting a CD-ROM catalog are discussed, and vendor addresses and telephone numbers are listed. (MES)
Descriptors: Computer Software, Library Automation, Microcomputers, Online Catalogs
Williams, Gene – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1986
Describes how to identify microcomputer problems and determine whether the services of a technician are required by troubleshooting, or using a process of elimination, without needing a technical background or special tools. Prevention methods and the use of diagnostic programs are also explained. (EM)
Descriptors: Computer Software, Equipment Maintenance, Microcomputers, Prevention
Boyce, Judith; Boyce, Bert – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1988
Recommends a planning process for purchase of a bookmobile which includes the following stages: (1) determination of the criteria for selection; (2) review of the alternatives to arrive at a statement of specifications; (3) requests for bids; and (4) a scheme for evaluating bids. A directory of 12 manufacturers is included. (2 references) (MES)
Descriptors: Bookmobiles, Evaluation Criteria, Library Planning, Purchasing
Hayes, Sherman; Brown, Donald – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1992
Describes several strategies for obtaining funding for library automation, including convincing management of the importance of automating; buying computer parts individually; upgrading gradually; subscribing to a CD-ROM service that includes equipment; identifying equipment by function (e.g., database search units); trading off less important…
Descriptors: Budgeting, Financial Support, Library Automation, Library Equipment
Crowley, Bill – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1992
Discusses problems with access to local government information faced by libraries and by the public. Local government information policies are discussed, information management practices are considered, library services to disseminate government information are suggested, and a checklist for a model local government information policy is included.…
Descriptors: Access to Information, Check Lists, Government Publications, Information Management
Holloway, Mary – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1990
Describes the implementation of CD-ROM catalogs in two secondary school media centers. Hardware, software, and network details are presented. Database building is discussed, and factors to be considered in retrospective conversion are listed. Guidelines for student and faculty training are offered. (MES)
Descriptors: Computer Software, Learning Resources Centers, Library Automation, Microcomputers
Phenix, Katharine; And Others – Wilson Library Bulletin, 1990
Five articles discuss information technology in libraries: (1) "Software for Libraries" (Katharine Phenix); (2) "Online Update: European Online Services" (Martin Kesselman); (3) "Connect Time: Online Pricing Breakthroughs" (Barbara Quint); (4) "Microcomputing: Micro Biology Computer Viruses" (James LaRue);…
Descriptors: Computer Software, Foreign Countries, Information Technology, Library Automation
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