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Goddu, Roland – 1976
This set of standards for evaluating teacher education programs is organized into seven categories: (1) targets (social, institutional, role, and learner expectations); (2) mission, goals, and purposes; (3) objectives; (4) resource allocation; (5) programs; (6) outcomes; and (7) evaluation. The set of standards is based on the assumption that…
Descriptors: Curriculum Evaluation, Educational Assessment, Evaluation Criteria, Evaluation Methods
Goddu, Roland – 1975
Management and supervision in a management by objectives system do not focus on the quality or efficiency of a list of activities. Rather, the manager and supervisor validate progress in reaching agreed outcomes. The implementation of a management and supervision by results approach requires (a) agreement on a statement of mission; (b) agreement…
Descriptors: Accountability, Evaluation, Evaluation Needs, Management by Objectives
Goddu, Roland – 1975
Capacity building for dissemination in a State requires the development of a completely responsive linkage system. The State Department of Education (SDE) capacity building effort should focus on people delivering kinds of service, not kinds of information. The service will depend on ready and immediate access to information, but the humanizing…
Descriptors: Information Dissemination, Information Networks, Information Services, Information Systems
Goddu, Roland; And Others – 1975
This workbook is designed to provide the professional educator with an insight and some practical understanding of the management by objectives (MBO) process. It contains four sections, the first of which is an introduction. The next section gives an overview of MBO. It states that MBO is a process whereby two persons in an organization (a)…
Descriptors: Behavioral Objectives, Management by Objectives, Management Systems, Objectives
Goddu, Roland – 1976
This document outlines the steps necessary for the development and implementation of a five-year plan for an educational system. It first presents a framework for a five year program plan which includes a yearly statement of the goals of the organization, review or evaluation of the program, a yearly statement of priorities, determination of…
Descriptors: Educational Administration, Educational Development, Educational Planning, Educational Strategies
Goddu, Roland – 1975
This handbook is intended to provide local school personnel, teachers, and parents with guidelines for developing a partnership for improved programs. It is divided into seven sections. Section 1 discusses the range of concepts in school-community partnerships. This section, as well as the next two sections, includes rating scales, worksheets, and…
Descriptors: Change Agents, Group Behavior, Group Experience, Models
Goddu, Roland – 1975
This guide is a product of two teams of teachers who worked together to develop teaming techniques for open space schools. The purpose of the guide is to outline suggested steps to follow as various team teaching possibilities are implemented. The guide is organized in the following sections: (1) team building, (2) team operations, (3) team…
Descriptors: Evaluation Needs, Inservice Teacher Education, Open Plan Schools, Program Development
Goddu, Roland – 1975
The purpose of this handbook is to provide some tools for supervision which can help the employer and the employee work out expectations, evaluation, and on-going operations. It is divided into four sections entitled (1) Describing Performance Characteristics, (2) Negotiating Outcomes, (3) Negotiating Procedures, and (4) Recording Performance. The…
Descriptors: Employer Employee Relationship, Guides, Management by Objectives, Organizational Development
Goddu, Roland – 1977
This paper outlines the decision-making processes and procedures that affect curriculum and identifies the leadership role of different school personnel and the steps involved in making decisions. The following areas of curriculum planning are discussed: (1) what is to be taught to different learners and in what order; (2) what textbooks, media,…
Descriptors: Curriculum Development, Decision Making, Educational Objectives, Educational Responsibility
Goddu, Roland; Nicholas, Darryl – 1977
The Board of Directors of the New Brunswick Indian Arts and Crafts Corporation attended a two-day training session in Presque Isle, Maine, to discuss and clarify roles and responsibilities of the various agencies and position holders of the Provincial and Federal Corporations. In addition, an extensive discussion of negotiations procedures took…
Descriptors: Administrator Responsibility, Administrator Role, American Indians, Craft Workers
Goddu, Roland – 1975
This guide to simplified performance management approaches contains five sections. The first section, entitled "Simple Techniques for Managing an Innovation," is written from the viewpoint of a principal as manager. It describes how to manage an innovation, develop an objective, allocate resources for the innovation, keep organized…
Descriptors: Adoption (Ideas), Educational Innovation, Management by Objectives, Management Systems
Goddu, Roland – 1975
This guide to organization and decision making patterns in a Teacher Corps project is in the form of a workbook. It contains several forms and worksheets to be completed. There is a discussion of decision making patterns and a review of decision making skills. It is stated that to make good decisions, one needs skills to (1) identify the persons…
Descriptors: Community Coordination, Coordinators, Decision Making, Decision Making Skills
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Goddu, Roland – 1975
The intent of this document is to provide a frame of reference to help a person in any organization assess where the organization is; what might be happening next to the organization; and in what ways he/she can influence the organization in an effective, useful, timely, and functional manner. The structure of most organizations is the result of a…
Descriptors: Administration, Organization, Organizational Change, Organizational Development
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Goddu, Roland – 1976
Networking is a process for tapping and developing energy to address a need in a more responsive fashion. Most networks are informal and invisible, but they are real nevertheless. A new person or organization changes relationships in the network. Understanding the types of network organization enables one to systematically gain access. There are…
Descriptors: Community Support, Informal Organization, Networks, Organizational Communication
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Goddu, Roland – 1976
This document describes some basic characteristics of decision-making that any formal management system should support: (1) the structure of an organization, (2) the decision patterns of an organization, and (3) the keys to good decisions. (Author)
Descriptors: Decision Making, Elementary Secondary Education, Management Systems, Organization