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Anderson, Charity – ProQuest LLC, 2017
The Bard College Clemente Course in the Humanities (Clemente) has little in common with the market-driven ideology that undergirds most adult learning today. Instead, it is built on the belief that liberal education can offer adult students the possibility of personal change by fostering critical reflection. Across 31 courses in the US and Puerto…
Descriptors: Low Income Students, Adult Students, Humanities Instruction, Student Experience
Lee, Jeongwoo – ProQuest LLC, 2017
The objectives of this dissertation include describing and analyzing the patterns of inequality in ALE participation at both the micro and macro levels. Special attention is paid to social origins of individual adults and their association with two groups of macro-level factors, social inequality (income, education, and skill inequality) and…
Descriptors: Comparative Analysis, Adult Education, Social Differences, Cross Cultural Studies
Grossi, Roberta – ProQuest LLC, 2013
The way training is delivered in a corporate environment has a tremendous effect on its results. This study investigated the role of culture in the learning styles of adult French and American learners working in an international corporate setting. The assumption was that Americans prefer to learn from action-oriented methods and are more…
Descriptors: Cognitive Style, Preferences, Hypothesis Testing, Adult Learning
White Ellis, Carla – ProQuest LLC, 2013
Liberia has survived a fourteen-year civil war. Within this time, many Liberians were forced to flee their countries and seek refuge. The United States and Liberia have held a long-standing friendly relationship; hence, there are thousands of Liberian refugees living within the United States. The educational issues of refugees worldwide is lacking…
Descriptors: Phenomenology, Barriers, Success, Adult Students
Suchorsky, Kathleen A. – ProQuest LLC, 2012
A Leadership Covenant: School Leaders' Promise to the Community They Serve examined the leadership characteristics that are imperative to the development of the school's culture and climate and that ultimately influence students' achievement. This mixed methods study was designed to explore the perceptions of parents, teachers and school leaders…
Descriptors: School Culture, Organizational Climate, Principals, Administrator Characteristics
Wiggins, Andrea – ProQuest LLC, 2012
Citizen science projects involve the public with scientists in collaborative research. Information and communication technologies for citizen science can enable massive virtual collaborations based on voluntary contributions by diverse participants. As the popularity of citizen science increases, scientists need a more thorough understanding of…
Descriptors: Scientific Research, Citizen Participation, Observation, Ecology
Wei, Weiqi – ProQuest LLC, 2012
Subject selection is essential and has become the rate-limiting step for harvesting knowledge to advance healthcare through clinical research. Present manual approaches inhibit researchers from conducting deep and broad studies and drawing confident conclusions. High-throughput clinical phenotyping (HTCP), a recently proposed approach, leverages…
Descriptors: Health Services, Records (Forms), Medical Evaluation, Electronic Publishing
Paquette, Daniel – ProQuest LLC, 2012
The level of success of the Mexican INEA (National Institute for the Education of Adults) academic program implemented in the U.S. has never been examined. INEA developed five goals for its students in the U.S. that supplement the general goals that the program has for all its students in Mexico. The 5 supplementary goals are to provide access to…
Descriptors: Adult Education, Program Implementation, Bilingual Education, Native Language
Orsi, Rebecca – ProQuest LLC, 2011
The purpose of this methodological study is to explore how well a process called "concept mapping" (Trochim, 1989) can articulate the theory which underlies a social program. Articulation of a program's theory is a key step in completing a sound theory based evaluation (Weiss, 1997a). In this study, concept mapping is used to…
Descriptors: Concept Mapping, Articulation (Education), Community Organizations, Program Development
Phillips, Tracey M. – ProQuest LLC, 2011
The purpose of this dissertation was to assess the effectiveness of a faith-based curriculum to promote forgiveness. A psycho-educational curriculum entitled "Making Peace With Your Past: Help for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families" (Sledge, 1992) was offered to a 12-week mixed group in order to promote forgiveness and the desire…
Descriptors: Family Environment, Altruism, Prosocial Behavior, Program Evaluation
Progar, Michelle – ProQuest LLC, 2011
Social competency gained in early childhood influences numerous domains of a child's life throughout the lifespan. Since the preschool years are a time when children begin forming friendships with peers and may be exposed to a classroom setting for the first time, developing social competency is imperative for functioning well with the many people…
Descriptors: Social Development, Early Childhood Education, Parent Education, Early Experience
Xu, Beijie – ProQuest LLC, 2011
This research examined teachers' online behaviors while using a digital library service--the Instructional Architect (IA)--through three consecutive studies. In the first two studies, a statistical model called latent class analysis (LCA) was applied to cluster different groups of IA teachers according to their diverse online behaviors. The third…
Descriptors: Teacher Behavior, Online Searching, Library Services, Electronic Libraries
Cronin, David Patrick – ProQuest LLC, 2011
America's adult populace has failed to keep pace with the rapid inundation of science-centric advancements affecting nearly every facet of personal and public life. With deficiencies in areas of science knowledge, America's adult populace is characterized as civic science illiterate. This research constructed and employed the renewed citizen…
Descriptors: Adults, Low Achievement, Scientific Literacy, Citizenship Responsibility
Coutrier, Karen A. – ProQuest LLC, 2011
Many adult nursing students have lifestyle obligations that require integration with nursing school programs in order to graduate and fulfill their dreams of becoming a nurse. Fourteen participants shared their stories of how they were able to blend their lifestyles commitments with nursing school. Student interaction between lifestyle obligations…
Descriptors: Nursing Students, Adult Students, Family School Relationship, Learning Experience
Warfield, Douglas L. – ProQuest LLC, 2011
The evolution of information technology has included new methodologies that use information technology to control and manage various industries and government activities. Information Technology has also evolved as its own industry with global networks of interconnectivity, such as the Internet, and frameworks, models, and methodologies to control…
Descriptors: Information Technology, Industry, Computer Security, Governance
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