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Vincent-Lancrin, Stéphan; González-Sancho, Carlos; Bouckaert, Mathias; de Luca, Federico; Fernández-Barrerra, Meritxell; Jacotin, Gwénaël; Urgel, Joaquin; Vidal, Quentin – OECD Publishing, 2019
Creativity and critical thinking are key skills for complex, globalised and increasingly digitalised economies and societies. While teachers and education policy makers consider creativity and critical thinking as important learning goals, it is still unclear to many what it means to develop these skills in a school setting. To make it more…
Descriptors: Creativity, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Creative Development
Echazarra, Alfonso; Radinger, Thomas – OECD Publishing, 2019
Based on a review of previous research, the paper describes the distinctive characteristics of rural areas and communities and the factors typically associated with shaping students' learning experience in rural contexts. Data from the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2015 and the Teaching and Learning International…
Descriptors: Rural Education, Rural Schools, Rural Areas, Outcomes of Education
Mo, Jeffrey – OECD Publishing, 2019
PISA has extensively measured student achievement for over 15 years. But cognitive performance is only one aspect of success at school; another is general well-being. The PISA 2015 questionnaire included a comprehensive section on student well-being designed to understand students' mental health, satisfaction with life, aspirations and…
Descriptors: Achievement Tests, Foreign Countries, Secondary School Students, International Assessment
Mostafa, Tarek – OECD Publishing, 2019
When new PISA data are published, many researchers around the world analyse them with the aim of shedding light on all sorts of questions. One question in search of an answer: why are women under-represented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professions? Using data from the Program for International Student Assessment…
Descriptors: STEM Education, Females, Career Choice, Science Careers
Cerna, Lucie; Andersson, Hanna; Bannon, Meredith; Borgonovi, Francesca – OECD Publishing, 2019
Within OECD countries, Sweden has historically welcomed large numbers of migrants, in particular migrants seeking humanitarian protection. Since 2015, this large influx of new arrivals with multiple disadvantages has put a well-developed integration system under great pressure and highlighted a number of challenges for education policy given…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Student Diversity, Immigrants, Achievement Tests
OECD Publishing, 2019
The rural education landscape once consisted of one-room schools where a single teacher educated, took care of and supervised students of diverse ages. While multi-grade teaching is still common in many schools, particularly in primary education, increased government spending, better transport networks and higher social expectations have given…
Descriptors: Rural Schools, Rural Education, Academic Achievement, Rural Urban Differences
OECD Publishing, 2019
This report presents the conceptual foundations of the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), now in its seventh cycle of comprehensive and rigorous international surveys of student knowledge, skills and well-being. Like previous cycles, the 2018 assessment covered reading, mathematics and science, with the major focus this…
Descriptors: Achievement Tests, International Assessment, Secondary School Students, Foreign Countries
OECD Publishing, 2019
Problems associated with the environment loom large over the future well-being of young generations. A previous issue of PISA in Focus (PISA in Focus 87) shows that in 2015 many 15-year-old students believed that the future -- their future -- was going to be worse, environmentally, than the present. In particular, only a minority of students…
Descriptors: Positive Attitudes, Foreign Countries, Achievement Tests, International Assessment
Lorenceau, Adrien; Marec, Camille; Mostafa, Tarek – OECD Publishing, 2019
This paper explains the rationale for updating the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2021 questionnaire on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and shows how it covers policy topics of current relevance. After presenting key findings based on previous ICT-related PISA data, the paper provides a summary of the…
Descriptors: Questionnaires, Information Technology, Achievement Tests, Secondary School Students
Givord, Pauline – OECD Publishing, 2019
In almost all school systems, students are assigned to public schools based, at least partly, on their home address. Through this policy, students are typically assigned to the school closest to their home. The main objective may be to avoid long and costly commutes to and from school. However, over the past few decades, many countries have…
Descriptors: Secondary School Students, School Choice, Admission Criteria, Foreign Countries
Givord, Pauline – OECD Publishing, 2019
A student's performance in school is influenced by personal characteristics, but also, amongst other influences, by those of his or her schoolmates. Schoolmates can motivate and help each other overcome learning difficulties; but they can also disrupt instruction, require disproportionate attention from teachers, and be a source of anxiety. The…
Descriptors: Equal Education, Outcomes of Education, Diversity (Institutional), Educational Environment