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Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
The orders keep piling up. A philosophy student needs a paper on Martin Heidegger. A nursing student needs a paper on dying with dignity. An engineering student needs a paper on electric cars. Screen after screen, assignment after assignment--hundreds at a time, thousands each semester. The students come from all disciplines and all parts of the…
Descriptors: College Students, Internet, Essays, Cheating
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
A furlough is a cross between a vacation and getting fired. College employees have the day off, but they are not getting paid. A few college employees are adhering to the letter of their unpaid furloughs, but most have trouble drawing the line between life and work. In these lousy economic times, a handful of colleges have already instituted…
Descriptors: Employee Attitudes, Economic Impact, Leaves of Absence, Personnel Policy
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Flip through a stack of anonymous student evaluations of professors and the mild comments, even the compliments, tend to blend together. But often, hidden among them, is a dagger. Then there are the out-and-out insults. Students' comments can be more than simply mean. Sometimes student comments aren't cruel, just weird. In this article, some…
Descriptors: Student Attitudes, Faculty Evaluation, Student Evaluation of Teacher Performance, College Faculty
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
When President Obama gave his commencement address at the University of Notre Dame last month, he lightened the mood with a joke about honorary degrees. "So far I'm only one for two as president," Mr. Obama said. "Father Hesburgh is 150 for 150." He was referring to the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh, former Notre Dame president, who just turned 92.…
Descriptors: Academic Degrees, Recognition (Achievement), Honor Societies, Educational Policy
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
In 1974, John G. Sperling left a tenured position at San Jose State University with $26,000 in savings to start an academic program for working adults. In the beginning, he ran the operation out of his house. The program soon outgrew the house, Sperling relocated to Arizona, and the program adopted the name of that state's capital. Now the…
Descriptors: Proprietary Schools, Profiles, Entrepreneurship, Educational Development
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
This article reports on two authors' work that has been recycled by Routledge without giving credit or royalty. When William E. Deal casually flipped through "Theory for Performance Studies: A Student's Guide," published this year by Routledge, he noticed a few familiar sentences. After taking a closer look, Mr. Deal, a professor of religious…
Descriptors: Religion Studies, Religious Education, Plagiarism, Intellectual Property
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
The Reverend Paul Locatelli has been president of Santa Clara University for 20 years. He was recently appointed as Jesuit secretary for higher education throughout the world and will step down as president of the university later this year. In this interview, Locatelli talks about how Pope Benedict, seeing universities as part of the church's…
Descriptors: College Presidents, Religious Education, Higher Education, Interviews
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
Scholars spend years working on a book, toiling in archives, poring over sources, examining and re-examining data, only to discover that they are not alone. Someone else is working on more or less the same book. This article presents vignettes of scholars doing research for their books, thinking they are the first, yet feeling shocked at…
Descriptors: Authors, College Faculty, Scholarship, Competition
Bartlett, Thomas; Wasley, Paula – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
Grade inflation is among the oldest and thorniest problems in higher education. In 1894 a committee at Harvard University reported that A's and B's were awarded "too readily." But after more than a century of fulmination, there is little agreement on the cause or how to fix it. There is even contentious debate about whether the phenomenon of grade…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Grade Inflation, Academic Standards, Change Strategies
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
Every college has a hot-ticket class. It is perhaps the subject matter or a celebrity professor. Whatever it is, everybody wants to get in. Yet, not everybody can. When an academic course is the hottest ticket on campus, students will go to great trouble to get a seat. This article discusses how university officials decide who gets a seat and…
Descriptors: Course Selection (Students), Educational Demand, Student Attitudes, Case Studies
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
This article features Hampden-Sydney College, one of the last male-only colleges in the country. Along with Hampden-Sydney, just three other four-year colleges are still all male: Wabash College, Morehouse College, and Saint John's University in Minnesota. But Hampden-Sydney is, arguably, the manliest of the lot. Students who attend Hampden-Sydney…
Descriptors: Single Sex Colleges, Males, Private Colleges, Student Attitudes
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
This article reports that an essay by a film professor at California State University at Long Beach that questions the credentials of his colleagues is stirring controversy on the campus--and sparking investigations. The essay, written by Brian Alan Lane, an associate professor of film, accuses three of his colleagues in the department of film and…
Descriptors: Credibility, Audits (Verification), Educational Certificates, Portfolios (Background Materials)
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
Lots of colleges treat students like customers. How many have an ice-cream truck? And valet parking? And a concierge desk? And an enormous hot tub in the middle of the campus? Not too many. Actually, only one: High Point University. This once-sleepy institution in the hills of North Carolina has undergone a revival in the last couple of years,…
Descriptors: Private Colleges, Ancillary School Services, College Administration
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2007
Cho Seung-Hui was the 23-year-old English major who calmly and methodically gunned down 32 students and faculty members at Virginia Tech last week before killing himself, leaving the campus and the country stunned and sorrowful. Along with the grief have come questions about what, if anything, could have been done to prevent Cho's rampage. Some…
Descriptors: School Safety, Violence, Student Behavior, Antisocial Behavior
Bartlett, Thomas – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2007
Last year, the University of Idaho dropped its motto "From Here You Can Go Anywhere" for a new marketing theme dubbed "No Fences," with the accompanying tag line "Open Space. Open Minds." The words were intended to evoke both the romantic landscape of Idaho and the boundless intellectual opportunities at the…
Descriptors: Colleges, Public Opinion, Advertising
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