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Wise, Phyllis M.; Martin, Carolyn A.; Kinbrough, Walter M.; Hitt, John C.; Urgo, Joseph R.; Lief, Charles G.; Drake, Michael V.; Hellyer, Brenda; Pepicello, William – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2013
Lately there has been a great deal of discussion about the importance of measuring a college's "return on investment." Is the point of a college education quantifiable results or personal and intellectual growth? In pursuit of answers, "The Chronicle" asked a selection of higher-education leaders. Phyllis M. Wise, Chancellor of…
Descriptors: Higher Education, School Role, Role of Education, Presidents
Gonzalez, Jennifer – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
Community colleges are under pressure these days to produce graduates who can land jobs. But identifying which occupations and skills are in demand is often easier said than done. LaGuardia, a City University of New York campus in Long Island City, is one of 10 community colleges across six states experimenting with software that collects…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Data, Information Utilization, Alignment (Education)
Patton, Stacey – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
A record number of people are depending on federally financed food assistance. Food-stamp use increased from an average monthly caseload of 17 million in 2000 to 44 million people in 2011, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Web site. Last year, one in six people--almost 50 million Americans, or 15 percent of the population--received…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Adjunct Faculty, Welfare Recipients, Welfare Services
Turner, Dan – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
The University of Illinois Global Campus, a multimillion-dollar distance-learning project, is up and running. For its March-April 2009 term, it has enrolled 366 students. Getting to this point, though, has looked a little like the dot-com start-up bubble of the late 1990s. Hundreds of Internet-related companies were launched with overly ambitious…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Outreach Programs, Distance Education, Virtual Universities
Glenn, David – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
At the end of 2005, Robert D. Felner was riding high. A well-paid dean at the University of Louisville, he had just secured a $694,000 earmarked grant from the U.S. Department of Education to create an elaborate research center to help Kentucky's public schools. The grant proposal, which Mr. Felner had labored over for months, made some impressive…
Descriptors: Grants, Educational Malpractice, Audits (Verification), Deception
Glenn, David – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
When Robert D. Felner applied to become dean of education at the University of Louisville in 2003, he carried a genuinely impressive vita. But two of the most recent large grants listed on that vita could not have survived close scrutiny--and it isn't clear that Louisville's search committee scrutinized them at all. First, the impressive part:…
Descriptors: Grants, Profiles, Portfolios (Background Materials), Resumes (Personal)
Fain, Paul; Blumenstyk, Goldie; Sander, Libby – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Tough times are encouraging colleges to share resources in a variety of areas, including campus security, research, and degree programs. Despite its veneer of cooperation, higher education is a competitive industry, where resource sharing is eyed warily. But the recession is chipping away at that reluctance, and institutions are pursuing…
Descriptors: Intercollegiate Cooperation, Shared Resources and Services, Partnerships in Education, Colleges
Glenn, David – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
This article reports on the dispute about the creation of an institute named for the late economist and free-market advocate Milton Friedman at the University of Chicago. Five months after the University of Chicago announced plans to invest $200-million in an economics institute named for the late Milton Friedman, the project is still generating…
Descriptors: Research and Development Centers, Educational Development, Institutional Mission, Economics Education
Alger, Jonathan – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
By the end of June, the U.S. Supreme Court will issue its first decision in many decades on the meaning of the right to keep and bear arms under the Constitution. The ruling could have a significant impact on federal gun-control regulations. The Second Amendment has historically not been held to apply to state regulations, but a decision by the…
Descriptors: Weapons, Court Litigation, Gun Control, Universities
Sander, Libby – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
At even the best-prepared universities, there is no playbook for handling the crush of tough decisions that comes after a mass shooting rocks an otherwise quiet campus. While colleges and universities have always had tragedies, recent occurences like the shootings at Northern Illinois University and Virginia Tech have fundamentally changed the way…
Descriptors: Emergency Programs, Violence, School Safety, School Security
Flynn, Joseph; Kemp, Andrew; Madrid, Samara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
In this article, the authors as assistant professors of teaching and learning at Northern Illinois University react to the campus killings. They share their stories and sentiments regarding the campus killings. They state that their prayers and condolences go out to their campus, to the families of the lost and wounded, and the family of the young…
Descriptors: College Students, College Faculty, School Safety, Violence
Wilson, Robin – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
Wisconsin's stagnating state higher-education budget has forced the university to keep faculty salaries far below average. When professors get feelers from elsewhere, they learn that a move can easily mean a 100-percent salary increase--sometimes more. Budget problems have also depleted money for perks that keep faculty members on board--funds for…
Descriptors: Faculty Mobility, College Faculty, Public Colleges, Private Colleges
Supiano, Beckie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
Harvard University quietly started offering women-only gym hours early this semester. But since the news broke several weeks ago, it has prompted an onslaught of media attention. Harvard's move, however, is not unique. In recent years, women at several colleges across the country have requested women-only workout times. Some of those women have…
Descriptors: Females, College Students, Recreational Facilities, Shared Facilities
Read, Brock – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2007
This article reports on a monitoring project commenced by the campus-network officials at Illinois State University that shows that the campus network is a haven for illegal activity. In an effort to bridge the divide between the university and the entertainment industry, Illinois State designed an unorthodox research program to give a detailed…
Descriptors: Student Attitudes, Copyrights, Popular Culture, Student Surveys
Hoover, Eric; Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2007
At the University of Chicago, the third Monday in November began with an hour of violence. Around 12:30 a.m., an assailant fired a shot at a staff member who was walking on the campus. At 1:15 a group of men robbed two female students on a nearby street. Just before 1:30, Amadou Cisse, a doctoral student, was shot and killed while walking to his…
Descriptors: Electronic Mail, Higher Education, Violence, Telecommunications
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