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Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2013
Faculty unions outside Michigan have reason to be concerned with its passage of legislation barring unions from collecting fees from workers who do not join them. But the experiences of faculty unions in states that adopted such laws years ago suggest that while the measures can be a major hindrance to their work, they are not a death blow.…
Descriptors: Unions, Collective Bargaining, Labor, College Faculty
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2013
The University of Maryland at College Park is poised to embark on an unprecedented effort to improve the conditions of its faculty members who are off the tenure track. The campus's University Senate, which represents faculty members, administrators, students, and staff members, is scheduled to vote on an internal task-force report that…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Tenure, College Governing Councils, Job Security
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
Can a quality education be provided by any college that relies heavily on adjunct instructors it subjects to lousy working conditions? Some higher-education experts and prominent advocates for adjunct faculty members would like to see accreditors and others who pass judgment on colleges ask questions like that more often. Those concerned about the…
Descriptors: Adjunct Faculty, Educational Quality, Expertise, Accreditation (Institutions)
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
The author reports on the U.S. Supreme Court hearing regarding the Texas admissions case that exposes gaps in the affirmative-action law. As the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a lawsuit challenging race-conscious admissions at the University of Texas at Austin, it became evident that the court's past rulings on such policies have failed to…
Descriptors: Affirmative Action, Minority Groups, Minority Group Students, Race
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
The author reports on the ruling of a divided appellate court that held that the state law unconstitutionally made it harder for minorities to seek preferences than for other groups. The court struck down a voter-passed ban on the use of race-conscious admissions by Michigan's public colleges, holding that the measure had unconstitutionally put…
Descriptors: Court Litigation, Federal Courts, Constitutional Law, State Legislation
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
The Supreme Court's members generally are too decorous to exclaim "I told you so." But U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy stands perched on the edge of an I-told-you-so moment, thanks to the court's decision to take up a challenge to a race-conscious college-admission policy that poses some of the same questions he had accused…
Descriptors: Affirmative Action, Law Schools, Colleges, Higher Education
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
The author reports on a legal battle over oral-history records housed at Boston College that casts light on how little legal weight pledges of confidentiality to research subjects actually have. As a federal court weighs whether to let the federal government seize, and hand over to British authorities, the college's records of confidential…
Descriptors: Academic Freedom, Confidentiality, Court Litigation, Foreign Countries
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2011
In lawsuits pending in federal courts in Boston and Chicago, Americans harmed by terrorist attacks linked to the Islamic Republic of Iran are asserting claim to artifacts they believe belong to that nation, in their quest to win more than $4-billion in damages. The institutions that hold the artifacts, which include Harvard University and the…
Descriptors: Global Education, Terrorism, Universities, Federal Courts
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
The American Association of University Professors and its Canadian counterpart jointly issued a statement last week calling on colleges with campuses abroad to protect the rights of overseas workers and give faculty members more say in planning foreign programs. The statement, adopted by the AAUP's committee on academic freedom and tenure and the…
Descriptors: International Education, Academic Freedom, International Schools, Freedom of Speech
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Colleges have talked for decades about the educational benefits of diversity on their campuses without offering much research to show how students are affected by exposure to members of other racial and ethnic groups. In an effort to fill that gap, James Sidanius, a professor of psychology and of African and African-American studies at Harvard…
Descriptors: Ethnic Groups, Student Diversity, Intergroup Relations, Social Psychology
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Going to law school to get a law degree has become a little like going to an ice-cream parlor for a scoop of vanilla. Plenty of people still do it, but many schools' brochures--like the elaborate flavor-and-topping menus on ice-cream parlor walls--now tempt them with something different, something more. Law students can have their "juris doctor"…
Descriptors: Legal Education (Professions), Law Students, Law Schools, Curriculum Implementation
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
College faculties often use votes of "no confidence" to try to push out the leaders of their institutions. Many do so, however, without giving much thought to what such a vote actually means, whether they are using it appropriately, or how it will affect their campus--and their own future. Mae Kuykendall, a professor of law at Michigan State…
Descriptors: College Faculty, Administrative Change, Dismissal (Personnel), Voting
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
This article highlights the findings from two studies about faculty productivity in the United States that were discussed at the American Educational Research Association's annual conference in San Diego this month. The first paper, titled "International Faculty: Experiences of Academic Life and Productivity in U.S. Universities," found…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, College Faculty, Competition, Productivity
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
The trial in Ward Churchill's lawsuit against the University of Colorado got under way here last week with lawyers for the opposing sides painting starkly different pictures of both the controversial ethnic-studies professor and the circumstances surrounding his dismissal by the university in 2007. In delivering their opening remarks in a crowded…
Descriptors: Court Litigation, Educational Malpractice, Teacher Dismissal, Intellectual Freedom
Schmidt, Peter – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Largely because of their high aspirations for their children, many Chinese immigrants are acutely aware of the University of California's new undergraduate-admissions policy. With the new policy, the Board of Regents hopes to widen the applicant pool and give campuses more flexibility in selecting students. Asian-Americans bitterly oppose it,…
Descriptors: Governing Boards, Chinese Americans, College Admission, Immigrants
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