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Hoover, Eric; Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2013
Nobody wants to be here. In remedial English, earning no credit, stuck. Now--after months of commas, clauses, and four-paragraph essays--students have one last chance to write their way out. Twenty students sit at computers, poised to start the final in-class essay for English 002 at Montgomery College. Anybody can enroll here, and all kinds do.…
Descriptors: Community Colleges, Clubs, Remedial Instruction, Sentences
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
Efforts to keep higher education affordable for all students and to promote not only access, but success--all in a climate of dwindling state appropriations and lean budgets--made the past year one of reckoning for colleges. Total outstanding student-loan debt hit the $1-trillion mark as federal officials scrambled to ease the burden on borrowers,…
Descriptors: Student Costs, College Students, Student Financial Aid, Student Loan Programs
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
As the economy sputters and outcry over the cost of college continues, more students keep enrolling--even if, in the past year, some have used campuses to protest their debt burden and what they see as other economic injustices. Enrollment has ticked up, but who goes to college and how they do it are changing. Students long dubbed…
Descriptors: College Students, Nontraditional Students, Student Costs, Enrollment
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
When the global financial crisis hit Dubai, many of the Indian expatriate families whose children went to university there sent them back home. But while sons were leaving, daughters were staying. How better to attract the attention of female prospective students than with a young Bollywood actor? Ranbir Kapoor visited University of Wollongong in…
Descriptors: Multicampus Colleges, Student Recruitment, College Programs, Foreign Students
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2011
Students in the University of Rhode Island's GLBT community are fed up with what they describe as their marginalization. They are seeking, among other resources, respectable headquarters, where they can invite professors, hold events, and develop a sense of belonging on the campus. Since a week-long protest this past fall, they are gaining ground.…
Descriptors: Student Attitudes, Higher Education, Campuses, Institutional Research
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Higher education traffics in reputations. To thrive as an institution means keeping up with competitors while setting yourself apart. But as good as colleges have become at building brands, the game is shifting to social media, where there is perpetual motion and little control. Data from the Center for Marketing Research at the University of…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Web Sites, Electronic Publishing, Marketing
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Conduct officers have been moving away from the legalistic disciplinary systems that colleges built in the latter half of the 20th century on the belief that they'd lose lawsuits without them. Confident now that judges won't expect those systems to conform to the rules of criminal procedure, colleges are making hearings less like trials, and more…
Descriptors: Court Litigation, Conflict Resolution, Legal Problems, Legal Responsibility
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Numbers suggest certainty, and when it comes to campus crime, everybody wants answers. Enacted nearly two decades ago, the federal Clery Act requires colleges to send the government detailed reports annually, describing their policies and tallying their total crimes. But even as campus security has become a national concern, some scholars of the…
Descriptors: Crime, School Security, Federal Legislation, Student Behavior
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Colleges have deployed various tactics over the years to deter illegal file sharing, usually of commercial music and movies, by their students. This month, the U.S. Department of Education will begin crafting regulations that specify strategies, a prospect that is making some campus officials wonder if plans they have already invested in will pass…
Descriptors: Music, Industry, Hearings, Copyrights
Carlson, Scott; Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
In today's tough economy, students and parents alike are looking for ways to save on college tuition. With sticker prices well into the tens of thousands per year at any private liberal-arts institution, the prospect of shaving a year off the typical four-year journey is an added attraction at a number of colleges, like Franklin & Marshall,…
Descriptors: Paying for College, Time to Degree, Flexible Progression, Policy Analysis
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Student-conduct administrators around the country are hailing restorative justice as the next big thing. A blend of mediation and restitution, it seeks to resolve a conflict by identifying the harms caused and devising, with suggestions from both victims and offenders, an agreement to repair them. That approach to discipline grabs campus officials…
Descriptors: Sanctions, Discipline Policy, Functional Behavioral Assessment, Higher Education
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Students have cheated for centuries, but the problem is knottier than it used to be. The Internet and its infinite dishonest shortcuts have made many cases more complex, and antiplagiarism software like Turnitin flags more potential offenses than could be caught before. At the same time, professors' and college presidents' run-ins with plagiarism…
Descriptors: Cheating, Integrity, Ethics, College Presidents
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
More than half of students who belong to campus organizations experience hazing, according to a national study. While the practice is most common in fraternities, sororities, and varsity athletics teams, it also happens to half of students in performing-arts organizations and to more than a third of those in academic clubs, according to a report…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Hazing, Student Organizations, Prevention
Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
This article discusses the educational achievements of Benjamin B. Bolger, who, at age 32, just earned his 11th advanced degree, a doctorate in design from Harvard University. Bolger distributed a news release for the occasion, proclaiming himself the most credentialed person in modern history. The release, entitled "The Boy Who Couldn't Read Gets…
Descriptors: Educational Attainment, Educational Experience, Educational Background, Educational Mobility
Kelderman, Eric; Lipka, Sara – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2008
The Supreme Court's landmark ruling overturning Washington, D.C.'s handgun ban could have implications for colleges that prohibit firearms on their campuses. Last month the court declared for the first time that the U.S. Constitution's Second Amendment protects an individual's right to keep a gun, not just the right of states to maintain armed…
Descriptors: Campuses, Weapons, Courts, Court Litigation
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