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Pracana, Clara, Ed. – Online Submission, 2015
We are delighted to welcome you to the International Psychological Applications Conference and Trends (InPACT) 2015, taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 2 to 4 of May. Psychology, nowadays, offers a large range of scientific fields where it can be applied. The goal of understanding individuals and groups (mental functions and behavioral…
Descriptors: Educational Psychology, Foreign Countries, College Students, Academic Achievement
Buchanan, Saneik – Online Submission, 2015
The purpose of this study is to determine if incentive programs like Renaissance impact high school students and faculty. Incentives can go a long way for students in schools. At Lehigh Senior High School (LSHS), for example, students were introduced to the Renaissance Program this school year, by receiving goodies. Coupons at Dairy Queen,…
Descriptors: High School Students, Secondary School Teachers, Academic Achievement, Incentives
Gaskins, Darlene – Online Submission, 2014
We need to come together as a team and become one system of total quality improvement regarding the education of our nation's children. In order to achieve a gold standard in the education of our nation's children, leadership has to be willing to go against the status quo and build bridges for long-term sustainable change. In order to survive,…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Program Effectiveness, Public Schools, Mathematics Achievement
McDonald, Betty – Online Submission, 2012
Defining self assessment as the involvement of students in identifying standards and/or criteria to apply to their work and making judgements about the extent to which they have met these criteria and standards, this paper seeks to highlight the gestalt effect of self assessment. The total effect of self assessment on the learner is greater than…
Descriptors: Student Evaluation, Evidence, Program Effectiveness, Self Evaluation (Individuals)
Susianna, Nancy – Online Submission, 2011
The objectives of this research were to identify the characteristics and effectiveness of chemistry teaching programs that increase students' entrepreneurial attitudes, chemistry concepts understanding and creativity. The research design application refers to the R & D (Research and Development) Design. Seventy-three senior high school students…
Descriptors: Creativity, Research and Development, Learning Activities, Chemistry
Lefly, Dianne L.; Lovell, Cheryl D.; O'Brien, Jo McF. – Online Submission, 2011
The purpose of this study was to examine postsecondary readiness for 17,499 Colorado students by exploring the congruence between middle school and high school state assessment results (Colorado State Assessment Program) from 2007, ACT results from 2008 and the need for remediation for Colorado students who graduated from high school in the spring…
Descriptors: Postsecondary Education, Remedial Instruction, National Competency Tests, State Government
Williams, Charles, Jr. – Online Submission, 2011
The purpose of this study was to determine the impact block scheduling has on (a) student academic achievement, discipline, and attendance, and (b) administrator, teacher, and student perceptions. The study compared 2005-2010 data from a high school utilizing the A/B block schedule and a high school under a traditional schedule, in one suburban…
Descriptors: Suburban Schools, High Schools, Block Scheduling, School Schedules
Nunnery, John A.; Yen, Cherng-Jyh; Ross, Steven M. – Online Submission, 2011
The National Institute of School Leadership's (NISL's) Executive Development Program (EDP) was established to provide professional development to school leaders to drive their schools to high performance. The program emphasizes the role of principals as strategic thinkers, instructional leaders, and creators of a just, fair, and caring culture in…
Descriptors: Leadership Training, Management Development, Instructional Leadership, Principals
Elbousty, Youness; Bratt, Kirstin – Online Submission, 2010
The term Professional Learning Community is commonplace, and it holds many meanings and suggestions. For the purpose of this essay, however, we discuss a specific Professional Learning Community (PLC) that was established in a high school, fifteen months prior to the application of a survey instrument to evaluate participants' perceptions on the…
Descriptors: Communities of Practice, Teacher Collaboration, Secondary School Teachers, High Schools
Corn, Jenifer; Tingen, Jennifer; Argueta, Rodolfo; Patel, Ruchi; Stanhope, Daniel – Online Submission, 2010
Laptops have been shown to improve 21st century skills such as life and career skills, learning and innovation skills, and group collaboration, but how does this ever-present technology affect the thinking of today's "screenager"? Through an analysis of focus groups and surveys with students in 1:1 initiatives across North Carolina,…
Descriptors: High Schools, Focus Groups, Laptop Computers, Educational Technology
Overbay, Amy; Mollette, Melinda – Online Submission, 2010
IMPACT is a media and technology program designed to support and promote effective instruction through the integration of technology. The model is currently being implemented in 30 K-12 schools throughout North Carolina. This evaluation study investigated the effects of this model on the attitudes, behaviors, and activities of students and…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Technology Integration, Educational Technology, Program Evaluation
O'Brien, Kevin – Online Submission, 2010
South Africa is currently experiencing a crisis in its educational systems that if not addressed, could threaten the stability of the newly established democracy. A lack of access to quality education and severe shortage of skilled trained educators is perpetuating vestiges of the old apartheid state in the nation. Approximately 6,000 students…
Descriptors: Racial Segregation, Democracy, Graduates, Educational Quality
Canto-Herrera, Pedro; Salazar-Carballo, Humberto – Online Submission, 2010
The purpose of this study was to study the relationship between beliefs and teaching styles of teachers of mathematics and their students' academic performance in high schools of Yucatan. For this purpose, a questionnaire was administered to 72 high school mathematics teachers and the student academic achievement score of 1241 were used. A…
Descriptors: Constructivism (Learning), Teaching Styles, Teacher Characteristics, Academic Achievement
Gopalsingh, Bhagyalakshmi – Online Submission, 2010
Low high school graduation rates continue to be a challenge in American public education. The pressure to meet the demands of adequate yearly progress (AYP) under the No Child Left behind Act of 2001 has led to an achievement gap in student performance between science and other core subjects, namely English, math, and social studies, on the…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Educational Indicators, Achievement Gap, Science Achievement
Nunnery, John A.; Ross, Steven M.; Yen, Cherng-jyh – Online Submission, 2010
This study examined the impact of NISL's [National Institute for School Leadership's] Executive Development Program for principals on student achievement in Pennsylvania schools between 2006-2009. Roughly half of the NISL-trained principals started the program during the 2007 school year and completed it in the 2008 school year, whereas the other…
Descriptors: Middle Schools, Elementary Schools, High Schools, Academic Achievement
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