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Lanford, Michael; Maruco, Tattiya – Phi Delta Kappan, 2019
Career academies -- small learning communities within high schools that introduce students to specific industry sectors -- have become a popular way to expand career education. Yet certain institutional, economic, and social factors can inhibit their viability and scalability. Michael Lanford and Tattiya Maruco conducted a yearlong qualitative…
Descriptors: Career Academies, Career Education, Program Effectiveness, Labor Needs
Mokher, Christine G.; Rosenbaum, James E.; Gable, Alexis; Ahearn, Caitlin; Jacobson, Louis – Phi Delta Kappan, 2019
Florida's College and Career Readiness Initiative (FCCRI) required schools to administer a community college placement test to 11th-grade students and enroll students who did not pass in a college readiness course. Christine Mokher, James Rosenbaum, Alexis Gable, Caitlin Ahearn, and Louis Jacobson surveyed teachers of the course and found that,…
Descriptors: College Readiness, Career Readiness, High School Students, Grade 11
Berry, Robert Q., III; Larson, Matthew R. – Phi Delta Kappan, 2019
Results on the National Assessment for Education Progress and the Program for International Student Assessment show that high school mathematics instruction is past due for a redesign. Despite calls for reform going back at least four decades, the structure of math instruction has remained largely the same. In April 2018, the National Council of…
Descriptors: High School Students, Secondary School Mathematics, Mathematics Curriculum, Curriculum Development
Johansson, Stefan – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
Responding to an earlier "Phi Delta Kappan" article, the author rejects the argument that East Asian students' high scores on international educational assessments come at the expense of learning to be creative and entrepreneurial. According to survey research, people in Japan, Korea, and other East Asian nations perceive themselves to…
Descriptors: International Assessment, High Achievement, Scores, Creativity
Washor, Elliot – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
The Harbor Freight Fellows Initiative gives students who have demonstrated outsized competence in a trade--but who may be struggling in a traditional high school or career and technical education (CTE) program--opportunities to learn a trade with a mentor in a workplace. The author describes how this program requires educators to deepen their…
Descriptors: Trade and Industrial Education, Trade and Industrial Teachers, Mentors, High School Students
Walter, Frank – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
Comal County, Texas, may be rural but its students face many of the same challenges as students in urban districts. Communities In Schools of South Central Texas works with the local school district to identify student needs and provide critical supports to help young people prepare for life after high school.
Descriptors: High School Students, Student Needs, Developmental Studies Programs, Student Development
Kaplowitz, Donna Rich; Lee, Jasmine A.; Seyka, Sheri L. – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
The authors describe a promising approach to engaging high school students in intergroup dialogues, relying on "near peers"--in this case, local college students--to facilitate a series of classroom discussions about racial identity, differences, and opportunities to connect. Early results suggest that the approach had significant…
Descriptors: High School Students, Critical Thinking, Racial Factors, Group Discussion
Crocco, Margaret; Halvorsen, Anne-Lise; Jacobsen, Rebecca; Segall, Avner – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
Today's youth increasingly are being expected to engage in civil deliberation in classrooms while simultaneously living in a society with a high level of political incivility. However, teaching students to argue--particularly in oral form--is enormously complex and challenging work. In this article, the authors report on a study of four high…
Descriptors: Classroom Environment, Interpersonal Relationship, High Schools, High School Students
Schechter, Julia Silverman – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
Students with disabilities, especially those with non-apparent conditions, are entering universities in growing numbers. Yet more and more students are going off to college unprepared to manage their disabilities, in part because their high schools are overburdened, understaffed, and uninformed to identify and support them. A recent survey of…
Descriptors: Student Needs, Undergraduate Students, Special Education, High School Students
Tobin, Elise M.; Colley, Sean – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
The Twilight School at Danbury High School in Connecticut helps students who are in danger of failing their freshman year to get back on track. In its first year, the program offered special credit-bearing after-school courses in biology and English to students who failed those classes in their first semester. The smaller class sizes and informal…
Descriptors: High School Freshmen, Grade 9, Intervention, After School Education
Gibbs, Brian – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
This article describes one secondary social studies teacher's attempts to build a pedagogically democratic classroom. The teacher designs curriculum around large essential questions, connects content to the present lives of students, and creates space for students to make their own decisions and choices. The teacher is convinced that she has…
Descriptors: Democracy, Democratic Values, Social Studies, Classroom Techniques
Sussman, Daniel – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
Educators must prepare students to live with the perpetual discomfort of difference. That includes teaching them how to respectfully listen to others' views, especially when those views are in opposition to their own. Borrowing from protocols used in a professional Critical Friends Group, a teacher at a private Quaker school designed a discussion…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Listening Skills, Dialogs (Language), Discussion (Teaching Technique)
Kolluri, Suneal – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
Recent scholarship on civic education has introduced some useful ways to engage students in learning about controversial topics, debating them, and participating in democratic life. However, while those are valuable tools for active citizenship, they're not sufficient. Democratic education should focus on issues that matter intensely to students'…
Descriptors: Urban Schools, Teaching Methods, Justice, Citizenship
Maranto, Robert; Carroll, Kristen; Cheng, Albert; Teodoro, Manuel P. – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
Even though the teaching profession is dominated by women, men hold more superintendent positions. The authors examine the pipeline that leads to the principalship and the superintendency and how it has evolved over time. They note school boards are more likely to perceive high school principals and athletic coaches as plausible superintendents,…
Descriptors: Superintendents, Gender Differences, Principals, Educational History
Pavlakis, Alyssa; Roegman, Rachel – Phi Delta Kappan, 2018
School dress codes have been making news as students speak out about the ways the standards appear to them to be unfair, particularly to girls and Black males. Girls' clothing choices are singled out for being overly revealing and a distraction to boys, while Black males' choices are perceived as being associated with criminality. The authors…
Descriptors: Dress Codes, Clothing, African Americans, Gender Differences
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