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Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1920
This bulletin presents the statistics of private high schools and academies from 1917-1918. This bulletin contains the following sections: (1) Schools; (2) Length of course and term; (3) Instructors; (4) Students; (5) Amount of schooling offered; (6) Graduates; (7) Military drill; (8) Property; (9) Income; (10) Four-year high schools; and (11)…
Descriptors: Educational History, Private Schools, School Statistics, National Surveys
Hood, William R., Comp. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1921
The material presented in this compilation constitutes a second supplement to Bulletin, 1915, No. 47, "Digest of Stage Laws Relating to Public Education," the first such supplement having been embodied in Bulletin, 1918, No. 23, "State Laws Relating to Education, Enacted in 1915, 1916, and 1917." The period covered extends from January 1, 1918 to…
Descriptors: Educational History, School Law, State Legislation, State Agencies
Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1927
This bulletin is the second of a cooperative series sponsored by the National Committee on Research in Secondary Education. With the profession of education demanding research as a basis for adaptation of school procedures, research is being undertaken by an increasing number of agencies and is rapidly involving school principals and classroom…
Descriptors: Educational History, Educational Research, Research Methodology, High Schools
Park, Joseph C.; Harlan, Charles L. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1916
The confused and chaotic condition which characterizes vocational and industrial education at the present time is evidence of the fact that certain far-reaching and fundamental adjustments are going on in the educational world. These adjustments involve, on the one hand, the school in all of its aspects and at all of its stages, and, on the other…
Descriptors: Educational History, Urban Schools, Home Economics Education, Vocational Education
Klein, Arthur J. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1929
Anyone who has taken the pains to follow educational direction and administrative action during the past two years will recognize that one of the most important current tendencies in higher education is the desire to obliterate the sharp distinction between college life and life thereafter. The educational program is being directed to service…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Intercollegiate Cooperation, Social Life, College Preparation
Malott, J. O. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1928
There is a growing consciousness of the importance of definite preparation for business occupations. People are realizing more than ever that better preparation for these occupations usually results in greater vocational efficiency and contributes to vocational and social happiness. Business men have recently taken a greater interest in commercial…
Descriptors: Business Education, Business Administration Education, Business, Curriculum Development
Jessen, Carl A. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1929
During the period 1918 to 1926 the total population of the United States increased somewhat less than 15,000,000, not quite a 14 per cent growth, according to estimates of the Bureau of the Census. During this same time the number of high schools increased 5,400, a 33 per cent increase. The teaching force in these schools practically doubled. The…
Descriptors: Articulation (Education), Two Year Colleges, Secondary Education, High Schools
Malott, J. O. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1929
The extremely rapid development of new and diverse industries, the equally rapid modification of older industries and business practices, the reshaping of domestic and foreign business relationships, and recent economic changes indicate emphatically the growing responsibility of education for economic and business leadership. A continuing, capable…
Descriptors: Business Education, Educational Change, Labor Market, Job Skills
Deffenbaugh, W. S. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1923
In the report of the Commissioner of Education for the year 1914 is the statement that so far as the-number of secondary schools is concerned the great majority are undoubtedly continuing traditional activities without consideration of the needs the pupils or the results actually obtained. This same assertion can be made today of many…
Descriptors: Educational Trends, Enrollment Trends, Public Schools, Private Schools
Hood, William R., Comp. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1925
The legislation summarized in this compilation was enacted in the two-year period comprising the calendar years 1922 and 1923, and represents the educational enactments of regular legislative sessions of all the States and of several special or extraordinary sessions. Material is organized in 21 major classification categories, plus additional…
Descriptors: Educational Administration, School Law, Teacher Certification, Contracts
Ferriss, Emery N. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1925
The main purpose of the present study is to make an analysis, largely on the basis of statistical material, of the rural high school as to: (1) its internal organization; (2) its cooperative relationship with the community through community organizations; (3) the nature and extent of its extra-classroom activities; and (4) the nature and variety…
Descriptors: School Administration, School Role, Community Organizations, High Schools
Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1925
This bulletin contains a classified and annotated list of current educational publications received by the library of the Bureau of Education to April 1, 1925. The last preceding list in this series of records was issued as Bulletin, 1924, No. 27 and comprised publications received by the Bureau of Education to June 1, 1924. The listing includes…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Individual Differences, Psychological Testing, Educational Testing
Terry, Paul W.; Marquis, William J. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1924
The development of the junior high school as a distinct and separate unit of the public-school system is one of the most remarkable and striking chapters in the history of public education in the United States. From humble beginnings in a few scattered cities the movement has gathered momentum until hundreds of school systems have been profoundly…
Descriptors: School Law, Educational Legislation, State Legislation, Educational Policy
Phillips, Frank M. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1925
The statistical survey in this bulletin includes a general summary of the statistics showing the enrollment in public and private schools and institutions of various types, the estimated expenditures for those schools in 1921-22, the distribution of teachers among those schools, and certain combined statistics of public and private high schools…
Descriptors: American Indian Education, Schools of Education, Special Education, Special Schools
Foght, H. W. – Bureau of Education, Department of the Interior, 1917
There is considerable difference of opinion among educators in regard to the wisdom of preparing rural teachers in academic institutions of secondary rank. Many fear that this may result in lower standard of academic work, while others insist that such teacher preparation will add dignity and a now sense of responsibility to the tasks of the…
Descriptors: Barriers, Counties, High Schools, Rural Schools
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