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Schigur, Timothy J. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
This study examines the relationship between the use of an iPad in one-to-one environments and reading achievement based on standardized test scores in a middle school setting. This study uses cognitive engagement theory to connect iPad engagement with reading achievement. This study involved 253 middle school students from Milton Middle School in…
Descriptors: Learner Engagement, Handheld Devices, Reading Achievement, Middle School Students
Tillman, Thomas C. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
The purpose of this action research study is to identify, implement, and evaluate best practices in reading improvement in third grade at Greenleaf Upper Elementary (pseudonym) in support of a process of continuous improvement. The study followed a mixed methods design. The student participants in this study were 47 third grade students who…
Descriptors: Reading Achievement, Reading Improvement, Teacher Attitudes, Grade 3
Vaughn, Claudette Denean – ProQuest LLC, 2018
In this mixed methods study, the researcher analyzed three school years of third through fifth-grade students' reading scores on the NWEA MAP reading test to determine possible differences in students' reading growth relative to the instructional delivery model used to provide Corrective Reading as supplemental reading intervention. Students…
Descriptors: Elementary School Students, Corrective Reading, Reading Tests, Scores
Olson, Shawn M. – ProQuest LLC, 2016
The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to investigate the impact of one-to-one technology on the reading growth of students. In this study, one-to-one technology is specifically Apple iPads and reading growth was measured by analyzing the Northwest Evaluation Associations (NWEA) standardized test known as MAP (Measures of Academic…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Quasiexperimental Design, Access to Computers
Gilbert, Andrea – ProQuest LLC, 2014
The purpose of this study was to understand the relationship between teacher quality, student characteristics, teacher attributes, and student growth in reading. The legislation requirements enacted with NCLB (2002), WAEA (2013), and Chapter 29 (Wyoming Department of Education, 2010) necessitated that student achievement be a primary consideration…
Descriptors: Teacher Evaluation, Evaluation Methods, Predictor Variables, Academic Achievement
Pilson, Sylvia Yvonne Reddick – ProQuest LLC, 2013
The curriculum for elementary students has undergone a significant change in the past decade. This led to an increased expectation for higher academic performance for fifth grade students in the areas of reading and mathematics. Teachers seek innovative ways to provide instructional practices within their classrooms that will aid success for all…
Descriptors: Single Sex Classes, Elementary School Students, Reading Achievement, Mathematics Achievement
Forney, Melissa – ProQuest LLC, 2013
When it comes to content area material, much of what students read and learn is predicated on information they have read before and are supposed to remember. Teachers often use silent reading and round robin reading as preferred reading methods to help students learn content area material. The objective of this study was to test reader's theater…
Descriptors: Teaching Methods, Theater Arts, Retention (Psychology), Silent Reading
Mackay, Patricia E. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
Although a limited body of research has supported the positive impact of the Tools of the Mind curriculum on the development of self-regulation, research supporting a direct relationship between Tools and academic achievement is extremely limited. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of the Tools of the Mind curriculum…
Descriptors: Scores, Kindergarten, Academic Achievement, Comparative Analysis
Shannon, Rene M. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
Educational leadership appropriates significant amounts of money for technology in school budgets. Teachers must decide how to use technology to maximize student learning and make the most efficient use of instructional minutes. The purpose of this quantitative correlational study was to determine if a relationship existed between the amount of…
Descriptors: Reading Skills, Computer Assisted Instruction, Reading Instruction, Technology Uses in Education
Crittenden, Etta Marie – ProQuest LLC, 2013
The purpose of the study was to evaluate two approaches to teaching spelling and vocabulary to second through fourth graders in two different urban school systems to determine if one program revealed greater growth scores on Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) reading components. Research question1 posited: Does Word Study, a…
Descriptors: Elementary School Students, Urban Education, Grade 2, Grade 3
Piper, Deborah L. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
The purpose of this study was to see if students made gains in reading achievement in the area of reading comprehension by having used a computerized reading instructional program entitled "READ 180RTM." The researcher included a qualitative component to gather teacher and parent perceptions of the use of this program. The theoretical…
Descriptors: Reading Comprehension, Reading Achievement, Computer Assisted Instruction, Reading Instruction
Farmer, Ella – ProQuest LLC, 2013
In the current educational climate, school districts and states are being held accountable for the progress of all students. Students who speak another language at home and have limited English proficiency, known as English Language Learners (ELLs), continue to underperform when compared to English proficient peers. The purpose of the study was to…
Descriptors: Predictive Validity, English Language Learners, Language Proficiency, Hierarchical Linear Modeling
Regelski, Jennifer L. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
This mixed-methods study was designed to compare the achievement in mathematics and reading to that in science since the enactment of No Child Left Behind (NCLB) in 2002. The literature discussed that due to the increased emphasis in mathematics and reading due to NCLB, science education was impacted. Science instruction has endured reduced…
Descriptors: Science Instruction, Mixed Methods Research, Educational Legislation, Federal Legislation
Walton, James P. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
The American public school curriculum has narrowed as a result of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. Music is being eliminated in public schools so more time and resources can be spent on "tested" subjects like reading and math. However, research has shown that both the intrinsic and extrinsic values of music may improve reading…
Descriptors: Early Childhood Education, Elementary School Students, Grade 1, Music Education
Smith, Kelly A. Obrion – ProQuest LLC, 2013
This ex post facto descriptive-comparative quantitative study compared the differences in reading achievement between groups of 6th- through 8th-grade students enrolled in a response to intervention (RtI) classroom against groups of students enrolled in a general education classroom. Students across English language learner and low socioeconomic…
Descriptors: Response to Intervention, Middle School Students, Statistical Analysis, Comparative Analysis
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