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Clay, Kim Whitney – ProQuest LLC, 2017
Research tells us that children involved with bullying results in both short and long-term deviant or criminal behavior and mental health issues as posit by the general strain theory. School bullying has become a significant enough concern that schoolteachers and administrators are required to become the first line authorities committed to…
Descriptors: Bullying, Teacher Attitudes, Administrator Attitudes, Elementary School Teachers
Kavel, Rebecca L. – ProQuest LLC, 2017
With substantial demographic shifts in the U.S. student population, today's teachers educate growing numbers of students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (Kena, Aud, & Johnson, 2010). While these students bring an abundance of different cultures and languages from their families and communities, these dynamic shifts add…
Descriptors: Teacher Characteristics, Faculty Development, Culturally Relevant Education, Teaching Methods
Fletcher, Michael Shane – ProQuest LLC, 2016
This narrative inquiry collective case study investigated the experiences of six sixth grade American Indian males of the Lumbee tribe who struggle with reading. Bounded within an asynchronous closed wiki site, students from three sixth grade classes participated in online threaded discussions and created, posted, and viewed multimedia projects…
Descriptors: Elementary School Students, Grade 6, American Indian Students, Males
Douglas, James Roy, II. – ProQuest LLC, 2016
Reading ability is one of the most crucial skills learned in elementary school, a primary focus for students in these years. Around the third grade, though, students start transitioning to a skill they will need the rest of their academic and work career--reading to learn. Students begin demonstrating their learning by taking high-stakes…
Descriptors: Reading Skills, Reading Instruction, Elementary School Students, Achievement Gap
Mays, Jessica E. – ProQuest LLC, 2015
This case study examined the impact of a site-specific intervention for at-risk students in a small rural elementary school in the foothills of North Carolina. The research site uses a small homogenous class setting as a basis for accelerating academic growth for students who are considered at-risk in literacy based on the state-required literacy…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Homogeneous Grouping, Small Classes, Small Group Instruction
Halliburton, Amber – ProQuest LLC, 2015
This dissertation was designed to examine and assess the impact of a Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program on student behaviors, academic environment, and the total school environment. The study examined and assessed the impact of PBIS on student suspensions, student attendance, and student interactions. Additionally, this…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Positive Behavior Supports, Elementary School Students, Program Evaluation
White, Linda Carol Layden – ProQuest LLC, 2015
An increased accountability in literacy performance for third grade students drew statewide attention in North Carolina upon the implementation of the Read to Achieve Law. Elementary educators have worked to implement this mandate by monitoring the state's reading curriculum, instruction, assessments, and approaches to educating students. This…
Descriptors: Literacy, Transitional Programs, Grade 2, Grade 3
Smith, Wynne Randy – ProQuest LLC, 2014
The purpose of this study is to investigate the beliefs and practices teachers regularly employ within their classrooms that could lead to increased placement of minorities into alternative, special education settings. This qualitative study involves two elementary schools within a central North Carolina county, the administrative staff at both…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Teacher Attitudes, Educational Practices, Identification
Cruickshank, Elizabeth – ProQuest LLC, 2013
The purpose of this qualitative case study was to examine principals' perceptions with respect to teacher leadership and the opportunities or barriers to leadership roles that teachers encounter within a school. Understanding the perspectives of principals with respect to teacher leadership and the opportunities or barriers to leadership could…
Descriptors: Qualitative Research, Case Studies, Principals, Administrator Attitudes
Herridge, Robin Lea – ProQuest LLC, 2013
The purpose of this study was to explore the literacy instructional leadership behaviors of principals in two high poverty elementary schools in North Carolina who have experienced success with student growth in reading achievement over a three year period. This was a qualitative exploratory multiple case study. Data was gathered from 21…
Descriptors: Instructional Leadership, Literacy Education, Principals, Poverty
Headen, Monica Dolores – ProQuest LLC, 2013
This qualitative multiple case study examines how principals contribute to the success of exemplar elementary PBIS schools in North Carolina and how their thoughts about PBIS informed their actions. Guided by the literature on principals and change efforts and sensemaking, this study used individual interviews, focus group interviews, field notes,…
Descriptors: Principals, Administrator Role, Program Implementation, Behavior Modification
March, Kendra D. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
Accountability standards challenge schools to provide quality education for all students and to ensure that all students are on grade level by the end of the school year. If schools fall short of this challenge failing to make at least one year of progress, schools are at risk of being identified as low performing. In this age of accountability,…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Mixed Methods Research, Elementary Schools, School Personnel
Heidlebaugh-Buskey, Pamela – ProQuest LLC, 2013
As schools have become increasingly diverse, the teaching force has remained mainly White (Brown, 2004). The disparity between students and teachers is seen in schools across the nation, including small, rural schools. Many teachers are unprepared for the reality that their cultural, racial, ethnic, or linguistic backgrounds will differ from those…
Descriptors: Case Studies, Culturally Relevant Education, Rural Areas, Student Diversity
Maness, Norma Jean H. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
High school dropouts are an ongoing concern in North Carolina. Although improvements have been made in recent years, 13,488 North Carolina students did not complete high school in 2011-2012 (Public Schools of North Carolina Consolidated Report, 2011-2012). This research study seeks to identify common, specific characteristics, strategies, and…
Descriptors: At Risk Students, Dropouts, High School Students, Case Studies
Buckner, Jerry W. – ProQuest LLC, 2013
Conceptually, Response to Intervention (RtI) is a multi-tiered problem solving process rooted in special education yet designed as a framework for early and on-going instructional interventions for students across a continuum of academic need. In recent years, however, RtI has become an increasingly significant part of the discourse on school…
Descriptors: Principals, Elementary Education, Response to Intervention, Administrator Role
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