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Swanson, Elise – ProQuest LLC, 2019
Postsecondary access and degree completion are increasingly important concerns for individuals and policymakers. This dissertation presents evidence on three distinct strategies for increasing students' level of preparedness for higher education, rates of postsecondary enrollment, and rates of postsecondary degree completion. The first is an…
Descriptors: Postsecondary Education, Higher Education, College Readiness, Enrollment Trends
White, Penny Townsend – ProQuest LLC, 2018
The purpose of this mixed methods case study was threefold: (a) to describe 7th through 12th grade science teachers' efficacy beliefs, perceptions of support, and concerns about using inquiry-based instruction and examine how they are related to one another, (b) to explore how teachers reporting different levels of concerns demonstrate levels of…
Descriptors: Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10
Crawley, Peter – ProQuest LLC, 2018
The traditional sequencing of the ninth- to twelfth-grade math curriculum in the United States has students taking Algebra 1 in the ninth grade, Geometry in the tenth grade, Algebra 2 in the eleventh grade and an optional advanced math course (e.g. pre-calculus, statistics) in the twelfth grade. In this traditional setup, talented math students…
Descriptors: Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics Instruction, Grade 8
Zhou, Nan – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Researchers using VAM (Value-Added Models) methods have found that student achievement is substantially impacted by both schools and teachers. However, most of this work has been conducted within the context of the United States. Information is lacking about the educational system in China. This first study examines methodological concerns…
Descriptors: Value Added Models, Academic Achievement, Teacher Influence, School Policy
Scott, Undray – ProQuest LLC, 2016
This research study attempted to determine if specific variables were related to student performance on the Algebra I subject-area test. This study also sought to determine in which of grades 8, 9, or 10 students performed better on the Algebra I Subject Area Test. This study also investigated the different criteria that are used to schedule…
Descriptors: Algebra, Academic Achievement, Grade 8, Grade 9
Pickens, Tyra W. – ProQuest LLC, 2016
The purpose of the current study was to examine features of adolescent reading comprehension trajectories and make within-person and between-person analyses of growth that occurs during the high school grades. Racial and socioeconomic group differences of the adolescent reading trajectories were also investigated and compared. This examination…
Descriptors: Race, Socioeconomic Status, Reading Comprehension, Adolescents
Taneja, Anju – ProQuest LLC, 2016
Studies have shown an association between argumentative discourse in science class, better understanding of science concepts, and improved academic performance. However, there is lack of research on how argumentation can increase student motivation. This mixed methods concurrent nested study uses Bandura's construct of motivation and concepts of…
Descriptors: Persuasive Discourse, Science Instruction, Scientific Concepts, Student Motivation
Gross, Jennifer – ProQuest LLC, 2016
While many educators viewed transition as a one-time event, it often proved to be more of a process than simply an occasion (Cohen & Smerdon, 2009). The researcher observed through the role as a school counselor that students with high anxiety tended to exhibit low resilience during times of transition. In order to assist students as they…
Descriptors: Mixed Methods Research, Program Implementation, Daily Living Skills, Suburban Schools
Thompson, Stephen A. – ProQuest LLC, 2016
This research examined the extent to which benchmark assessments can be accurate forecasters of student performance on a state assessment in Algebra 1. The study applied correlational analysis, regression analysis, and receiver operator characteristic (ROC) analysis to the benchmark and state assessment results of a rural school district in…
Descriptors: Benchmarking, Predictor Variables, Success, Mathematics Achievement
Morales-Chicas, Jessica – ProQuest LLC, 2016
This dissertation investigated whether math course sequence from 8 th to 9th grade influenced 9th grade math motivation, defined as perceived competence in math, sense of belonging in math, importance of math, and math anxiety. Two competing hypotheses were proposed suggesting that a more accelerated math curriculum (Algebra 1 in 8th grade versus…
Descriptors: Mathematics Instruction, Grade 8, Grade 9, Learning Motivation
Frye, Michael – ProQuest LLC, 2015
The relationships that students have with their parents and peers permeate their lives both inside and outside of the classroom. The purpose of the present exploratory study is to assess (a) the psychometric quality of measures gauging the latent variables of adolescents' perceptions of their relatedness to both parents and peers and (b) the…
Descriptors: Academic Achievement, Competence, Adolescent Attitudes, Parents
Quintana, Elizabeth Ruiz – ProQuest LLC, 2015
This mixed method study explored and analyzed instructional strategies utilized by algebra teachers whose students' coursework culminated in the New York State Regents Examination in Integrated Algebra and for whom 50% of the tested cohort earned mastery level (85 or higher) on the examination. The targeted populations were eighth or ninth grade…
Descriptors: Educational Strategies, Academic Achievement, Suburban Schools, Standardized Tests
Coker, Cindy E. – ProQuest LLC, 2015
The purpose of this exploratory phenomenological narrative qualitative study was to investigate the influence of Facebook on first-generation college students' selection of a college framed within Hossler and Gallagher's (1987) college process model. The three questions which guided this research explored the influence of the social media website…
Descriptors: Social Media, Phenomenology, Qualitative Research, Technology Uses in Education
Lyons, Cheryl – ProQuest LLC, 2014
Reasoning about systems is necessary for understanding many modern issues that face society and is important for future scientists and all citizens. Systems thinking may allow students to make connections and identify common themes between seemingly different situations and phenomena, and is relevant to the focus on cross-cutting concepts in…
Descriptors: Logical Thinking, Systems Approach, Secondary School Science, Grade 8
Spencer, James A., Jr. – ProQuest LLC, 2014
The purpose of this study was to identify the principal behaviors that would define an instructional leader as being a data-driven school administrator and to assess current school administrators' levels of being data-driven. This research attempted to examine the relationship between the degree to which a principal was data-driven and the…
Descriptors: Principals, Instructional Leadership, Educational Practices, Evidence Based Practice
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