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Newton, Nicki – Eye on Education, 2019
In this book from bestselling author Dr. Nicki Newton, you'll learn how to level math workstations to engage K-2 students in meaningful, purposeful, rigorous practice. We know students don't learn at the same pace, so how do we take into account where they are and differentiate instruction? Dr. Nicki has the answers, showing how leveled…
Descriptors: Mathematics Instruction, Primary Education, Workstations, Individualized Instruction
Zepeda, Sally J. – Eye on Education, 2019
This comprehensive and authoritative book serves as the road map to your school's professional development journey. Written for principals, professional development directors, other district leaders, and teacher leaders, "Professional Development: What Works" shows you how to plan and implement programs that promote teacher growth. Full…
Descriptors: Faculty Development, Coaching (Performance), Program Implementation, Best Practices
Whitaker, Todd – Eye on Education, 2018
Being a cheerleader for innovation or change is great. Implementing specific strategies to increase the likelihood of success is essential. In this key book from bestselling author and speaker Todd Whitaker, you'll discover clear ways to lead and manage school change by setting realistic goals, planning your approach, and tracking your progress.…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Strategic Planning, Educational Innovation, School Restructuring
Connell, Shelley S. – Eye on Education, 2013
At last! A practical, readable guide for teachers, school leaders, and parent/teacher associations that shows how to plan fun, hands-on science nights! Get easy-to-implement, content-rich tips and ideas that will cultivate positive attitudes toward science! Learn how to involve and actively engage families in their children's science education.…
Descriptors: Hands on Science, Teacher Associations, Science Activities, Positive Attitudes
Zepeda, Sally J. – Eye on Education, 2013
In the updated third edition of this highly successful book, leadership expert, Sally Zepeda offers savvy advice to both new and seasoned principals and assistant principals. You get practical tools and strategies, along with real-world examples to help you improve teacher effectiveness and boost student achievement. This edition features valuable…
Descriptors: Teacher Effectiveness, Adult Learning, Professional Development, Assistant Principals
Caposey, PJ – Eye on Education, 2013
Written in a down-to-earth and people-first style, this book is for principals and aspiring school leaders. Caposey shares insightful advice and meaningful examples for building a healthy school culture. Learn the essential strategies that will help you transform and improve your school by embodying a service mindset and focusing on supporting the…
Descriptors: Leadership Training, School Culture, Principals, Administrator Education
Swanson, Kristen – Eye on Education, 2013
Discover how to transform your professional development and become a truly connected educator with user-generated learning! This book shows educators how to enhance their professional learning using practical tools, strategies, and online resources. With beginner-friendly, real-world examples and simple steps to get started, the author shows how…
Descriptors: Lifelong Learning, Novices, Guidelines, Internet
Hall, Pete – Eye on Education, 2012
Every school leader will benefit from this must-have book by award-winning educator Pete Hall. In it he shares his wisdom, insights, and lessons lived and learned with educators at all stages of their careers. His lively, readable style makes it easy to follow his practical tips and strategies for taking action, goal-setting, motivating others,…
Descriptors: Motivation Techniques, Leadership, School Administration, Guides
Whitaker, Beth; Whitaker, Todd – Eye on Education, 2012
Written to accompany the second edition of Todd Whitaker's best-selling title, "What Great Teachers Do Differently," this study guide can be used by facilitators and participants in seminars, book study groups, or other professional development events. The variety of activities and strategies in this book will help teachers engage in critical…
Descriptors: Discussion, Group Activities, Elementary Secondary Education, Study Guides
Stemler, Steven E.; Bebell, Damian J. – Eye on Education, 2012
This is a must-have resource for busy educators involved in creating, improving, or reevaluating their school mission statements. The authors provide numerous examples of mission statements from a diverse range of preK-12 schools, offering readers an extremely valuable resource for developing an understanding of various themes and ideas in…
Descriptors: Institutional Mission, Position Papers, Values, Role of Education
Whitaker, Beth; Whitaker, Todd; Zoul, Jeffrey – Eye on Education, 2012
Designed to be used by facilitators and participants in seminars, book study groups, or other professional development events, this book guides critical thinking, collaboration, and professional growth based on the concepts in Todd Whitaker's best-selling title, "What Great Principals Do Differently" (2nd edition). Each chapter includes: (1) Key…
Descriptors: Group Activities, Study Guides, Principals, Administrator Role
Joseph, Shawn – Eye on Education, 2012
For veteran principals, new principals, and aspiring principals, this book is a valuable resource for building instructional momentum during the beginning of the school year. Educational leadership expert Shawn Joseph guides administrators through five key areas: (1) Vision; (2) Instructional Leadership; (3) Politics; (4) Data; and (5) Planning.
Descriptors: Instructional Leadership, Principals, Administrator Guides, Instructional Effectiveness
Rubin, Renee; Abrego, Michelle H.; Sutterby, John A. – Eye on Education, 2012
Learn how to involve the diverse families of English language learners with the effective, practical approaches in this book. This must-have resource for teachers and school leaders is packed with fresh ideas geared toward building a partnership between school communities and ELL families. The authors begin each chapter with realistic scenarios…
Descriptors: Second Language Learning, Parent School Relationship, English (Second Language), English Language Learners
Hutchins, Darcy J.; Greenfeld, Marsha D.; Epstein, Joyce L.; Sanders, Mavis G.; Galindo, Claudia L. – Eye on Education, 2012
This is a must-have, research-based guide for all schools serving culturally diverse elementary and middle grade students and their communities. It's filled with fun, practical, highly effective strategies for raising awareness and engaging all families in their children's education--a sure path toward increased student success! Get detailed…
Descriptors: Parent Participation, Cultural Differences, Student Diversity, Family Involvement
Jacobs, Jacqueline E.; O'Gorman, Kevin L. – Eye on Education, 2012
With this book, principals, principals-in-training, and other school leaders get practical, easy-to-implement strategies for professional growth, strengthening relationships with faculty and staff, and making the necessary changes to improve K-12 learning environments. Grounded in specific, real-world examples and personal experiences, "The…
Descriptors: Elementary Secondary Education, Educational Change, Principals, Educational Improvement
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