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Li, Chien-Yi – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Understanding vowel production is vital in order to develop a rich choral tone based on unified vowels, appropriate resonance, and freely produced singing. Likewise, correct articulation of consonants produces understandable text. Enunciating the texts of Western choral repertoire is often challenging for Mandarin singers, and learning English…
Descriptors: Music, Singing, Mandarin Chinese, English (Second Language)
Foltz, Karen – ProQuest LLC, 2018
For this dissertation, teacher linguistic awareness (TLingA) involves teacher linguistic knowledge, teacher language awareness (TLA), and teacher cognition for second language (L2) teachers. Teacher linguistic knowledge is an understanding of how language functions and is compiled within the different areas of linguistics. And TLA is the knowledge…
Descriptors: Metalinguistics, Second Language Learning, Second Language Instruction, Language Teachers
Marques, Luciana Ferreira – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Vowel nasality is the most controversial phonological aspect of Brazilian Portuguese. Scholars suggest the oral-nasal vowel distinction may not exist. A consonant-like nasal resonance presence at the vowel's right edge (the nasal appendix) might make nasal vowels the product of a contextual vowel nasalization rule. Others suggest that the appendix…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Portuguese, Vowels, Intonation
Guigelaar, Ellen R. – ProQuest LLC, 2017
Late second language (L2) learners often struggle with L2 prosody, both in perception and production. This may result from first language (L1) interference or some property of how a second language functions in a late learner independent of what their L1 might be. Here we investigate prosody's role in determining information structure through…
Descriptors: English, English (Second Language), Second Language Learning, Mandarin Chinese
Kemp, Renee Lorraine – ProQuest LLC, 2017
Speech production and perception are inextricably linked systems. Speakers modify their speech in response to listener characteristics, such as age, hearing ability, and language background. Listener-oriented modifications in speech production, commonly referred to as clear speech, have also been found to affect speech perception by enhancing…
Descriptors: Speech Communication, Adults, Second Language Learning, Acoustics
Luque, Jenna Silver – ProQuest LLC, 2017
Clear speech is a speaking style that has been shown to improve intelligibility in adverse listening conditions, for various listener and talker populations. Clear-speech phonetic enhancements include a slowed speech rate, expanded vowel space, and expanded pitch range. Although clear-speech phonetic enhancements have been demonstrated across a…
Descriptors: Speech Communication, Hypothesis Testing, Syllables, Listening
Noelliste, Erin – ProQuest LLC, 2017
In this dissertation, I investigate the phonological behavior of Bavarian German liquids, nasals, and vowels. These sounds undergo various changes, depending on the context, and I examine these changes in terms of features, which are determined via a contrastive hierarchy. This dissertation departs from traditional studies on German dialects,…
Descriptors: German, Dialects, Phonology, Vowels
Tanaka, Yu – ProQuest LLC, 2017
Compound surnames in Japanese show complex phonological patterns, which pose challenges to current theories of phonology. This dissertation proposes an account of the segmental and prosodic issues in Japanese surnames and discusses their theoretical implications. Like regular compound words, compound surnames may undergo a sound alternation known…
Descriptors: Japanese, Language Patterns, Phonology, Intonation
Rarrick, Samantha Carol – ProQuest LLC, 2017
While tonal systems have typically been classified as "pitch accent" or "true tonal", there is growing evidence that systems instead have a variety of features which vary across languages, rather than falling into discrete categories. These category labels have been used widely in literature about the languages of New Guinea,…
Descriptors: Grammar, Tone Languages, Foreign Countries, Intonation
Whang, James Doh Yeon – ProQuest LLC, 2017
Recoverability refers to the ease of recovering the underlying form--stored mental representations--given a surface form--actual, variable output signals s (e.g., [Daet^, Daet[superscript h] ] ? /Daet/ "that"). Recovery can be achieved from phonetic cues explicitly present in the acoustic signal or through prediction from the context.…
Descriptors: Predictive Validity, Predictor Variables, Phonology, Phonological Awareness
Huls, Simone – ProQuest LLC, 2017
Nonword repetition (NWR) tasks represent one assessment tool for Specific Language Impairment (SLI). The use of such tasks has been established and verified for monolingual children. However, the diagnostic accuracy of NWR tasks for bilingual children has had variable results and must address several unique characteristics of this population. Gaps…
Descriptors: Bilingualism, Task Analysis, Language Impairments, Accuracy
Easterday, Shelece Michelle – ProQuest LLC, 2017
The syllable is a natural unit of organization in spoken language. Strong cross-linguistic tendencies in syllable size and shape are often explained in terms of a universal preference for the CV structure, a type which is also privileged in abstract models of the syllable. Syllable patterns such as those found in Itelmen "qsa?txt??"…
Descriptors: Syllables, Speech Communication, Language Patterns, Contrastive Linguistics
DiGirolamo, Cara Masten – ProQuest LLC, 2017
This dissertation approaches the idea of lexical types such as word, clitic and affix from an oblique angle. Starting with Cardinaletti & Starke's (1999) diagnostics for the Weak Pronoun, I deconstruct the category of clitic, breaking it down into two binary qualities: the syntactic primitive of being linked to a head of a different basic…
Descriptors: Syntax, Morphology (Languages), Morphemes, Form Classes (Languages)
Yi, Hao – ProQuest LLC, 2017
This dissertation investigates the lexical f[subscript 0] control in Mandarin within the framework of Articulatory Phonology (AP) in two experiments: an imitation study (Experiment 1) and an Electromagnetic Articulography production study (Experiment 2). Empirical results are accounted for by making reference to a gestural model of f[subscript o]…
Descriptors: Mandarin Chinese, Intonation, Tone Languages, Language Patterns
Riestenberg, Katherine J. – ProQuest LLC, 2017
Second language (L2) learners of tone languages do not perceive and produce the different tones of the target language with equal ease. The most common explanation for these asymmetries is that acoustically salient tones are the easiest to learn. An alternative explanation is that tones are easiest to learn when they are highly frequent in the…
Descriptors: Second Language Learning, Intonation, Linguistic Input, Acoustics
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