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Jackson, Whitney – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Tomorrow's STEM workforce consists of today's students. While it is imperative for students to gain a wider perspective of STEM careers, there are various ways in which this can be accomplished in the classroom. Classroom STEM exposure, field trip experiences, and opportunities to interview those in STEM occupations have all proven effective but…
Descriptors: STEM Education, Science Careers, Middle School Students, Student Attitudes
Zucker, Lauren – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Adolescents spend a significant portion of the day on digital devices, yet we know very little about their out-of-school reading practices. While screen recording technology allows researchers to record and view videos of digital reading, the majority of studies exploring digital reading limit participants' reading to researcher-selected texts and…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Electronic Publishing, Reading Habits, Interviews
Gillan, Christine B. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Since Delaware Technical Community College opened its doors over five decades ago, over 50,000 people have graduated from the institution. There are currently 15,000 students enrolled at campuses statewide, and since 97% of those students are Delawareans, there is an extremely large untapped group of individuals who could be engaged to become…
Descriptors: Technical Education, Community Colleges, Alumni, Educational Quality
Lim, Taehyeong – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Although blogs have been used in online learning environments with optimistic expectations, the distributed nature of blogs can pose some challenges. Currently, we do not have a robust collection of tested blogging strategies to help students interact more effectively with each other when blogs are used as a primary form of engagement in an online…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Web Sites, Electronic Publishing
Imel, Robert Brooks – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Research on reading from digital devices has generally shown a decline in comprehension performance when reading from a digital screen as opposed to reading from paper, under certain conditions--namely, when texts are both longer and when comprehension is measured as deeper-level understanding of text, relying on higher order reading skills rather…
Descriptors: Reading, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Electronic Publishing
Bugis, Yosra Mohammed – ProQuest LLC, 2018
In this digital age, teachers need to incorporate advanced technology into their classrooms. Digital storytelling (DST) is one such skill that has been shown to be effective for learners. However, not enough teachers have adequate training to implement this strategy and interventions are focused mainly on current teachers. There is a need to train…
Descriptors: Foreign Countries, Preservice Teachers, Student Attitudes, Models
Knowles, Jesse – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Students are using screen-based technologies to read. The research on informative texts is clear--there is very little difference in comprehension between screen-based technologies and paper. Teachers of literature expect students to read for deep understanding: to go beyond the text and deeply analyze the literary concepts, context, and…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Fiction, Novels
Shin, Kyoung Wan Cathy – ProQuest LLC, 2018
LGBTQ representations in media and novels, especially in young adult (YA) literature, have become more recurrent and reliable in recent years. While little research exists on youth and transgender stories, existing LGBTQ texts predominantly deal with men, chiefly White gay men (Cart & Jenkins, 2006; Garcia, 2013). To address this imbalanced…
Descriptors: Homosexuality, Sexual Orientation, Sexual Identity, Social Attitudes
Burnett, Tracy R. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for ELA/Literacy, and the standardized assessments that test students on these standards, focus on students' ability to navigate online text and require students to comprehend, analyze, and make inferences about complex texts in both print and digital format. While the ability to read digital text with a high…
Descriptors: Reading Skills, Reading Comprehension, Electronic Publishing, Teacher Attitudes
West Martin, Amber – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Short-term, faculty-led education abroad programs are steadily becoming the leading experience for students to actively participate in an educational, overseas experience. As the number of these programs increase, so do the concerns for addressing safety within groups in a foreign country. This research identified student development theories…
Descriptors: Study Abroad, College Faculty, College Students, Student Development
Barnawi, Najla A. – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Background: Due to increasing transmigration, care of women with female genital cutting FGC has become a national and global public health and human rights issue. The US is one of the Western countries that have a large number of women who underwent or are at risk to undergo FGC. Based on the US Population Reference Bureau (PRB) (2013), there were…
Descriptors: Females, Human Body, Public Health, Civil Rights
Brazill-Murray, Colleen Marie – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Addictive disorders are a public health crisis that affects our society by draining our workforce, health care, judicial, education, and law enforcement, resources. Adolescents are particularly susceptible to social influence--for better and for worse--and addiction. Through social media, today's youth experience a whole new way of communicating.…
Descriptors: Adolescents, Addictive Behavior, Mixed Methods Research, Attitude Measures
Coleman, John Mark – ProQuest LLC, 2018
As Twitter became a popular platform for social networking, educators began to utilize the platform for professional networking. Educators began to utilize the hashtag #edchat to denote their ongoing and growing conversations on education subjects. Educational institutions began to require teachers to participate in the platform or granted…
Descriptors: Social Media, Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Social Capital
Dennis, Allison Lee – ProQuest LLC, 2018
Shared reading is an engaging activity that can be used to facilitate communication between parents and their children. This is true for children with and without disabilities. The current study describes the communication that mothers used during shared reading with their daughters with Rett syndrome when reading unfamiliar books before and after…
Descriptors: Parent Child Relationship, Reading Aloud to Others, Electronic Publishing, Mothers
Herrmann, Jessica – ProQuest LLC, 2018
This paper investigates the intersection of student First Amendment free speech rights and off-campus electronic speech that targets school employees. Specifically, this study researched case law involving students who were disciplined as a result of off-campus electronic speech that targeted a staff member at their school. Analysis of case law…
Descriptors: Freedom of Speech, Electronic Publishing, School Personnel, Students
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