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Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2013
In his first book, "Acts of Faith," Eboo Patel describes his early encounters with interfaith events in the late 1990s. He was not impressed. "They were excruciatingly boring," he writes. Why so much talk and so little action, his restless, twenty-something self had wondered. "And where were the young people?" Fast forward a dozen years. Now 37,…
Descriptors: Religion, Intergroup Relations, National Organizations, Religious Education
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
"Doing well by doing good" is the business mantra of the for-profit-college industry. But one does not have to look far to find people who question the slogan's sincerity or the very legitimacy of that model. And that was even before reports of some companies' abusive student-recruiting practices and questionable educational standards fed a public…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Corporations, Proprietary Schools, Institutional Mission
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
Universities and their inventors earned more than $1.8-billion from commercializing their academic research in the 2011 fiscal year, collecting royalties from new breeds of wheat, from a new drug for the treatment of HIV, and from longstanding arrangements over enduring products like Gatorade. Northwestern University earned the most of any…
Descriptors: Certification, Intellectual Property, Commercialization, Research and Development
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
For-profit colleges are some of the biggest critics of the federal graduation rate, arguing that it gives an inaccurate image of their institutions. They point out that the official calculation doesn't take into account the vast majority of the students who attend their institutions, most of whom are neither "first-time" nor "full-time." So major…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Criticism, Federal Government, Information Dissemination
Fuller, Andrea; Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
Endowment growth in 2011 came in no small part because universities have increasingly invested in private equity--the same private equity that has become a hot-button issue on the 2012 campaign trail, with some candidates and commentators calling into question its social value. Private equity is "of increasing significance" for endowments. It made…
Descriptors: Endowment Funds, Investment, Educational Finance, Colleges
Carlson, Scott; Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
Last year, leading lights in for-profit and nonprofit higher education convened in Washington for a conference on private-sector innovation in the industry. The national conversation about dysfunction and disruption in higher education was just heating up, and panelists from start-ups, banking, government, and education waxed enthusiastic about…
Descriptors: Higher Education, State Aid, Employment Opportunities, College Students
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
Higher education pays off handsomely for society. Yet on a nationwide basis, states' support for higher education per full-time-equivalent student has fallen to just $6,290, the lowest in 15 years. A dedicated source of funds for higher education is problematic. But what if state and federal lawmakers applied the impeccable logic of the gas tax to…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Finance, Taxes, Federal Aid
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
The University of North Texas at Dallas (UNT-Dallas) was conceived 10 years ago as a public institution along tried-and-true lines--a comprehensive metropolitan university meant to serve a diverse student population and to improve the economic outlook of a part of the city that prosperity has left behind. But that was before management consultants…
Descriptors: Urban Universities, Public Colleges, College Administration, Educational Change
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2012
The author reports on how Arizona State University (ASU) pursues transformation on a grand scale while embracing inclusiveness. Michael Crow, Arizona State University's president and idea man, is pushing the institution to innovate and still fulfill its mission to be inclusive. By itself, Arizona State University's transformation over the past…
Descriptors: Student Financial Aid, Grants, Outcomes of Education, Universities
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2011
Not all talk is cheap. Especially not if it comes from the mouths of professors, former corporate executives, or Washington insiders who understand the workings of the $20-billion for-profit higher-education industry and how impending tougher regulations might affect it. Then the talk can be worth hundreds of dollars an hour, thanks to the growing…
Descriptors: Proprietary Schools, Higher Education, Expertise, Investment
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
The end of the fiscal year usually isn't a momentous occasion for colleges. But this June 30 could be a day of reckoning many never expected. Colleges borrowed billions of dollars over the past decade to improve facilities and fulfill their ambitions. Now the consequences may be about to blow up in their finances. The author reports on how…
Descriptors: Educational Finance, Debt (Financial), Loan Repayment, Audits (Verification)
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
The still-unfolding economic crisis is bigger, more fundamental, and for good or ill, transformational for all of society. Yet the reaction in higher education has been, for the most part, strikingly timid. The timidity could be especially harmful considering all the challenges colleges already face, including the coming demographic shifts in the…
Descriptors: Social Change, Economic Change, Economic Climate, Economic Impact
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
An analysis of spending trends that is designed to discourage policy makers' focus on finding new revenue rather than reining in spending suggests that the model for financing colleges has reinforced educational inequities and failed to increase the rate at which students graduate. According to the analysis, "serious fault lines" in the current…
Descriptors: Research Universities, Educational Finance, Financial Support, Higher Education
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Most colleges have steered through the first jolts of the recession without resorting to layoffs, cutting employee benefits, or imposing across-the-board freezes on hiring. But the economic pain is afflicting campuses in many other ways, according to the findings from a new survey of chief business officers conducted last month by "The Chronicle"…
Descriptors: Employees, Colleges, Job Layoff, Educational Finance
Blumenstyk, Goldie – Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009
Drexel University is offering laid-off workers a 50-percent discount on tuition at its new graduate campus in California. Davis & Elkins College reduced its price by nearly $15,000 for residents from its home county and six surrounding ones to match the tuition of the state's flagship West Virginia University. And Southern Illinois University at…
Descriptors: Awards, Scholarships, Tuition, Marketing
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