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Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
Schools and universities have to confront countless problems that threaten to divert them from their primary function: educating children. Insufficient funding, subpar facilities, lack of community support, dissatisfied employees and dysfunctional board members are just some of the obstacles that can prevent an education institution from achieving…
Descriptors: Budgets, Budgeting, Educational Finance, Educational Administration
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
It might be tempting for education administrators, saddled with an accumulation of budget cuts and dwindling resources, to keep their heads down and concern themselves with only the immediate future as they try to overcome a host of obstacles and provide a high-quality education to students. But schools and universities have to pay attention not…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Quality, Educational Finance, Elementary Secondary Education
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
For several years, schools and universities have been battered by a sputtering economy that on many campuses has brought about slashed budgets, curtailed programs, shuttered facilities and terminated employees. But throughout the gloomy financial conditions, one of the bright spots for education institutions is the continued growing embrace of…
Descriptors: School Construction, Energy Conservation, Facility Guidelines, Educational Facilities Design
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
The restroom, and what goes on in there, are subjects that cause many people discomfort or embarrassment. However, washrooms do not always receive the attention they require. Their design may be an afterthought. Cleaning and maintenance schedules may not be sufficient to get rid of grime and unpleasant odors. In schools, where hundreds of students…
Descriptors: Sanitary Facilities, Sanitation, Facilities Management, Maintenance
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
The promise of sustainably designed school facilities is that they will operate more efficiently and last longer than buildings constructed in more traditional ways. But that promise comes with a big if. The payoff is delivered only if the facility managers operate and maintain the buildings in ways that adhere to sustainable strategies called for…
Descriptors: Maintenance, Educational Facilities, Sustainable Development, Educational Facilities Improvement
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
Education officials used to debate whether they could afford to pursue green design and construction. Now the green movement has gained a foothold not just in education, but in society at large, and the prevailing attitude seems to have shifted. Can schools afford "not" to go green? As budgets are slashed repeatedly, education administrators must…
Descriptors: Financial Support, School Buildings, Educational Facilities Design, Energy Conservation
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
Continuing economic difficulties will challenge education institutions in the year ahead. For 2010 and beyond, budget realities may force administrators to close underused campuses, eliminate academic programs, lay off employees, delay or forgo construction and renovation projects, and cram more students into each classroom. At the same time, the…
Descriptors: Budgets, Educational Finance, Educational Administration, Budgeting
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
In recent years, green design has evolved from a cutting-edge idea embraced by ecology-obsessed activists to an idea embraced as a badge of honor by schools and universities across the nation. A consensus has formed among architects, school facility managers and educators that sustainably designed projects are desirable and make sense for the…
Descriptors: Educational Facilities Design, Ecology, Educational Facilities Improvement, Conservation (Environment)
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
Many education institutions have embraced the growing push for sustainable design and have built environmentally friendly facilities that use resources more efficiently. But the plaudits that administrators receive for LEED certification and other recognition of their efforts may be meaningless if the green commitment ends when a building is…
Descriptors: Educational Facilities Design, Sanitation, Sustainable Development, Conservation (Environment)
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2009
This article discusses what lies ahead for education facilities and business in 2009 and beyond. For schools and universities, that's a safe prediction every year, but it's even more likely in 2009. Economic uncertainty is raising anxieties, tax coffers are dwindling, and budgets are collapsing, but the educational needs of students are just as…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Enrollment Projections, Educational Facilities Planning, Economic Impact
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2009
Tax bases eroding. Jobs disappearing. Endowments shrinking. Aid evaporating. That's been the story in 2009 for many schools and universities across the nation. Education institutions have had to cope with the worst economic conditions in generations. Yet the product they provide has never been more critical to a society looking to rebound from…
Descriptors: Strategic Planning, Higher Education, Elementary Secondary Education, Educational Quality
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2008
Each year, the world evolves, but for education institutions, the cyclical nature of the school calendar means administrators come up against the same issues and challenges again and again. In 2008, schools and universities must deal with most of the same facility issues that they have addressed in some fashion before--how to provide safe and…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Elementary Secondary Education, Enrollment Projections, School Construction
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2007
This article discusses education facilities and business in 2007 and beyond. Schools and universities in 2007 are likely to continue to embrace the philosophy of sustainability as they design new facilities, remodel existing space and manage their campus operations. Education funds are subject to year-to-year fluctuations, so budgets are likely to…
Descriptors: Enrollment Trends, Federal Programs, Higher Education, Sustainable Development
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2007
Many environmental advocates say education institutions can do a much better job of conserving resources and using energy more efficiently. Before administrators and facility managers can be convinced that better energy management is beneficial, they have to grasp what energy efficiency entails. This article discusses the benefits that schools can…
Descriptors: Energy Conservation, Energy Management, Educational Facilities Design, Conservation (Environment)
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2007
Times change, and pollution continues to plague cities, energy prices escalate and average temperatures creep higher, the argument that society cannot afford to squander its limited resources has been embraced by more than just environmental activists. More and more education administrators and architects are among those pushing schools and…
Descriptors: Well Being, Educational Facilities Design, Sustainable Development, School Construction
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