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Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
Schools and universities have to confront countless problems that threaten to divert them from their primary function: educating children. Insufficient funding, subpar facilities, lack of community support, dissatisfied employees and dysfunctional board members are just some of the obstacles that can prevent an education institution from achieving…
Descriptors: Budgets, Budgeting, Educational Finance, Educational Administration
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
Outbreaks of violence at education institutions typically do not rise to the horrific levels of Virginia Tech, Columbine High School, or Oikos University. But incidents that threaten school security--bullying, hazing, online harassment--take place in every month of the year and may occur in any classroom or campus from coast to coast. Schools and…
Descriptors: Prevention, School Security, Violence, Bullying
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
When a catastrophe strikes a community, the response of those affected may vary. But whether it is a hurricane, deadly violence, or killer tornados, the schools have to push forward and transform a traumatic situation into an opportunity for improvements. Schools and universities must move forward to make sure students continue to learn and grow.…
Descriptors: Natural Disasters, Weather, Safety, School Safety
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
More than 3,000 people died in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, but the damage extended far beyond the physical casualties of that horrific day. The shock of the cold-blooded brutality and the devastation that resulted led to a grim realization that everyone was vulnerable to violence and tragedy. Although other…
Descriptors: Terrorism, School Security, Emergency Programs, Violence
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
The restroom, and what goes on in there, are subjects that cause many people discomfort or embarrassment. However, washrooms do not always receive the attention they require. Their design may be an afterthought. Cleaning and maintenance schedules may not be sufficient to get rid of grime and unpleasant odors. In schools, where hundreds of students…
Descriptors: Sanitary Facilities, Sanitation, Facilities Management, Maintenance
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
One doesn't have to search very far to find incidents of life-threatening violence at schools and universities throughout the nation--let alone tragedies away from campuses such as a gunman's January attack outside a Tucson, Arizona, grocery store that left six dead and Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords seriously wounded. These shootings are the…
Descriptors: Violence, Crisis Management, Emergency Programs, Administrative Organization
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
When a new school facility opens, most of the staff and students are eager to get inside quickly and check out the new surroundings and all the cool stuff that will make their days of teaching and learning more comfortable and enjoyable. In their excitement, they are unlikely to pay much attention to what every one of them has to pass through to…
Descriptors: Educational Facilities Planning, School Safety, Structural Elements (Construction), School Security
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
The education headlines have been filled with grim news about facility closings, teacher layoffs and program cutbacks. When the economic climate is gloomy, few areas of schools and universities are spared. In areas outside the classroom, such as safety and security, the cuts may be larger and come more quickly. When money is scarce, education…
Descriptors: School Security, School Safety, Educational Facilities Planning, Economic Climate
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2009
This article discusses what lies ahead for education facilities and business in 2009 and beyond. For schools and universities, that's a safe prediction every year, but it's even more likely in 2009. Economic uncertainty is raising anxieties, tax coffers are dwindling, and budgets are collapsing, but the educational needs of students are just as…
Descriptors: Educational Change, Enrollment Projections, Educational Facilities Planning, Economic Impact
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2008
In hindsight, the warning signs were abundant that Seung-Hui Cho was mentally troubled and potentially dangerous. However, authorities at Virginia Tech did not put together all the pieces until after the 23-year-old student opened fire on the Blacksburg campus on April 16, 2007, and killed 32 people before taking his own life. In the aftermath of…
Descriptors: College Students, School Safety, Violence, Prevention
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2008
This article presents 10 areas that education administrators can target as they work to create and maintain facilities that offer a high-quality learning climate. These areas are: budget, forward-thinking, community, health and safety, security, environmental stewardship, maintenance, learning climate, appealing and technology.
Descriptors: Conservation (Environment), Educational Environment, Budgets, Educational Finance
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2007
With classroom Internet access nearly universal in public schools and computers ubiquitous on every school and university campus, classroom furnishings have evolved to accommodate the machines so students can take full advantage of the technology. The desks, tables and other furniture that a school chooses for its computers will depend on the…
Descriptors: Computers, Internet, Computer Uses in Education, Computer Centers
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2007
In a residence hall on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, two students had been shot to death. A couple of hours later, the tragedy multiplied by horrific proportions as across campus, 30 students and instructors were gunned down in a classroom building. As the details emerged of the worst shooting incident in U.S. history, educators and…
Descriptors: Violence, Universities, School Safety, Emergency Programs
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2006
A good initial step in bolstering school safety is to seek out the help of an ID system. As a method of access control, cards are superior to keys because if they are lost they can be deactivated immediately and replaced promptly. As technology progresses, schools have been able to place more functions onto a card, and many campuses are using…
Descriptors: School Security, School Safety, Information Technology, Technology Integration
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2006
As a school bus comes to a halt on a busy street, the driver swings out the vehicle's stop arm and turns on flashing red lights. Most drivers know what those signals mean--they are required by law to stop their vehicles so that children can safely cross the thoroughfare. However, many drivers simply choose to ignore the law. Thousands of…
Descriptors: Campuses, School Buses, Law Enforcement, Motor Vehicles
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