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Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
Schools and universities have to confront countless problems that threaten to divert them from their primary function: educating children. Insufficient funding, subpar facilities, lack of community support, dissatisfied employees and dysfunctional board members are just some of the obstacles that can prevent an education institution from achieving…
Descriptors: Budgets, Budgeting, Educational Finance, Educational Administration
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
It might be tempting for education administrators, saddled with an accumulation of budget cuts and dwindling resources, to keep their heads down and concern themselves with only the immediate future as they try to overcome a host of obstacles and provide a high-quality education to students. But schools and universities have to pay attention not…
Descriptors: Higher Education, Educational Quality, Educational Finance, Elementary Secondary Education
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
Years ago, as personal computers and other technological advancements began to find their way into classrooms and other educational settings, teachers and administrators sought ways to use new technology to benefit students. The potential for improving education was clear, but the limitations of the available education technology made it difficult…
Descriptors: Technological Advancement, Computers, Educational Technology, Electronic Learning
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2012
The education system has changed dramatically over the years, but the basic process still involves teachers conveying information and insights to students. The tools and strategies that help teachers accomplish this goal have evolved, and schools are continually in search of the piece of equipment that will enable them to educate more students…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Influence of Technology, Educational Change, Internet
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
In this article, the author discusses how social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have become an important tool for schools and universities. Facebook says it has more than 800 million active users worldwide; Twitter says a billion messages--"tweets"--are sent on its site each week. With such a prominent place in today's…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Internet, Social Networks, Computer Uses in Education
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2011
Step into a classroom in the 21st century, and the odds are it won't look all that different from one in the 20th century. One decade into the 2000s, many schools and universities have been frustrated in their efforts to upgrade their facilities and resources because of shrinking budgets. But even with the ailing economy, some education…
Descriptors: Educational Technology, Technology Uses in Education, Educational Facilities, Conservation (Environment)
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
Educators know how hard it can be for students to perform well in school when they come from impoverished and dysfunctional environments. Still, most schools have embraced the philosophy that every student can learn, and they work to enable students to overcome the obstacles in their lives and strive for success. In the same way, schools and…
Descriptors: Distance Education, Educational Quality, Program Implementation, Educational Technology
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
For the generation of people whose classroom memories consist of chalk squeaking on a blackboard, weather-beaten textbooks and a ready supply of sharpened No. 2 pencils, the resources available to students in many 21st-century American schools may seem unfamiliar, even amazing. Computer networks with access to the Internet--wired or wireless--have…
Descriptors: Technology Planning, Textbooks, Teaching Methods, Educational Technology
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2010
Continuing economic difficulties will challenge education institutions in the year ahead. For 2010 and beyond, budget realities may force administrators to close underused campuses, eliminate academic programs, lay off employees, delay or forgo construction and renovation projects, and cram more students into each classroom. At the same time, the…
Descriptors: Budgets, Educational Finance, Educational Administration, Budgeting
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2009
Tax bases eroding. Jobs disappearing. Endowments shrinking. Aid evaporating. That's been the story in 2009 for many schools and universities across the nation. Education institutions have had to cope with the worst economic conditions in generations. Yet the product they provide has never been more critical to a society looking to rebound from…
Descriptors: Strategic Planning, Higher Education, Elementary Secondary Education, Educational Quality
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2008
This article presents 10 areas that education administrators can target as they work to create and maintain facilities that offer a high-quality learning climate. These areas are: budget, forward-thinking, community, health and safety, security, environmental stewardship, maintenance, learning climate, appealing and technology.
Descriptors: Conservation (Environment), Educational Environment, Budgets, Educational Finance
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2008
When students, teachers, administrators and others employed in education arrive at work every day on thousands of campuses across the nation, it should come as no surprise that at every step along the way, technology is there to greet them. Technological advancements in education, as well as in facilities operation and management, are not a…
Descriptors: Technological Advancement, Educational Technology, Computer Uses in Education, Technology Integration
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2007
With classroom Internet access nearly universal in public schools and computers ubiquitous on every school and university campus, classroom furnishings have evolved to accommodate the machines so students can take full advantage of the technology. The desks, tables and other furniture that a school chooses for its computers will depend on the…
Descriptors: Computers, Internet, Computer Uses in Education, Computer Centers
Kennedy, Mike – American School & University, 2002
Examines some key areas that school administrators need to consider when creating new, or updating old, school spaces for students and staff. Design considerations encompass space management, building flexibility, technology integration, school accessibility to the disabled, sensitivity to the environment, and cost effectiveness. (GR)
Descriptors: Accessibility (for Disabled), Educational Facilities Design, Educational Facilities Improvement, Educational Technology